AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition

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Allié: Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, Laura. Your story is one that will support so many who have lived in shame and silence for far too long. With your words and your art, you are doing so much to help others. With regard to words and art, you are perhaps best known for your Monumental Word Sculptures, which have been seen at Burning Man and purchased as permanent installations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, CA, Arlington, TX, Reno, NV, Aspen, CO, Miami, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Hong Kong. What’s the story behind these icon words and the birds?

Laura: I’m dyslexic. I thought it would be funny, you know, if I picked words for my art. Back then, there weren’t any big words but HOLLYWOOD. So, I did MOM at Burning Man. I picked MOM first because I spelled it backwards. The bird image cutouts represented my father…