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JONATHAN GEORGE ON BUILDING AN UNSUGARCOATED PERSONAL BRAND In this episode, Aalia sits down in-studio with Jonathan George to discuss personal branding. Jonathan George is no simple cut-throat ad man, however. His company, Unleash Your Rockstar, focuses on personal branding through personal empowerment and telling your authentic story.

Jonathan discusses when he first came to L.A., trying to build a career in music, only to have producers drop him because of his sexuality (4:30). He remembers hitting his lowest point and having to transform into someone who finds the stories of others and helps them brand them authentically and successfully (9:45). Aalia and Jonathan discuss the philosophy of personal branding. How do you create an impact in the digital age (20:21)? What’s the right way to share what you’ve gone through (24:05)? How do you build the brand of your story (29:30)? Jonathan George doesn’t smooth things over for the sake of a sleek image. He delves into authentic stories and flaws (46:00) and uses those to build personal brands. To learn more about Jonathan George and Unleash Your Rockstar, go to ∎

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Novelist, Speaker, Podcast Host & Social Entrepreneur Aalia Lanius is the Founder and President of UNSUGARCOATED Media, a 501(c)(3) media organization. Dedicated to helping survivors of trauma lead mentally healthier lives, Lanius' focus is creating media and events that empower, educate, heal, and inspire another the way it has for her. Lanius is also a multiple awardwinning American novelist, social entrepreneur, and advocate with over 20 years of sharing her personal experiences with audiences of all age groups and diverse backgrounds. Executive Producer and host of the award-nominated seasonal podcast show, “UNSUGARCOATED with Aalia”, a visual and audio experience that features conversations intended to bring value and amplify voices that create more empathy and understanding of one another.