AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition

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Tanith: Eden you’ve been a Global Youth Ambassador for the last four years what have been the highlights for you?

Eden: Being a Global Youth Ambassador the last four years has been beautiful. I remember I was still an undergraduate when I received the congratulatory email as the first RoundTable Global Youth Ambassador in Nigeria. Being a Global Youth Ambassador opened my heart to bigger dreams beyond my immediate environment. It made me know I could stretch my passions and make impacts globally. The platform also helped me build capacity in diverse ways, especially in strengthening my public speaking abilities and leadership skills. As a poet and writer, I always loved to be in the background and hide between my 'pages' of words without being seen. Being a Global Youth Ambassador really pushed me out of that box and made me shine my light more in dark places. Visiting secondary school children to talk about maximizing potentials, living one's dreams and sharing the RoundTable three global goals is most fulfilling. Another major highlight was when our RoundTable Global Co-Founder, Tiffany, and Director of International Development, Tanith visited Nigeria. I cannot forget the impact of the mini leadership training we got during this visit. Finally, being a judge for the Global Youth Awards for close to three years never fails to leave me in excitement and fulfilment. All these are memories (still counting) that would last a lifetime.

Tanith: As a young person dedicated to making a difference, what is the biggest change you would like to see happen within your lifetime?

Eden: The biggest change I would like to see is the establishment and rise of mentally and financially empowered creatives that come together beyond age, gender, religious and racial differences, to build communities where only pure talent is the currency and empathy, kindness are the dialects. I believe we all have an art, because we all have talents.

Tanith: You have recently launched Hello ICON Magazine to empower and connect on a human level -talk us through your ambition for the magazine and for the future?

Eden: Beyond just being a monthly publication, Hello ICON Magazine serves as an umbrella to many dreams and visions. The mission here is boundless, aside creating global connections among people of all backgrounds. As an art magazine, we are redefining art itself and creating spaces for unheard voices to be "seen" by a more International audience. So the dream of Hello ICON Magazine is beyond Nigeria, but the beauty of it is that 95% of the team members are from Africa. The goals of the magazine includes to empower creatives both mentally and financially. Through partnerships and in-house generation of income, our short term goal is to start paying every creative/contributor of the magazine for doing what they love. Our international partners are working on rebranding the magazine starting which will make each edition come with videos and a flip view. These partners are helping distribute the magazine beyond Africa to Europe and America. We look forward to more expansions to other continents. For the mental empowerment goal we want to create both physical and virtual fellowships for creatives, trainings and even organize award events, healthy competitions and many more. These dreams may look bigger than the team members but with a makeup of team members of diverse backgrounds passionate about the same course, it can only get better. Gradually, our dreams are turning reality by God's grace. ∎


Director of International Development, The Legacy Project, RoundTable Global Tanith is leading change management through commitment to the RoundTable Global Three Global Goals of: Educational Reform, Environmental Rejuvenation & Empowerment for All. She delivers innovative and transformational leadership and development programmes in over 30 different countries and is also lead on the international development of philanthropic programmes and projects. This includes working with a growing team of extraordinary Global Change Ambassadors and putting together the Global Youth Awards which celebrate the amazing things our young people are doing to change the world.