AwareNow: Issuu 17: The United Edition

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Tanith: The last year and a half has been strange and many people considering a career in the arts may be concerned about what to do, what advice would you offer them?

Ace: Just because we've had a year out, it doesn't mean the arts have gone away. Creative people will always be in demand, and talent will rise to the top. In some ways creative thinking has to be more prevalent than ever with challenges that face us and may face us again in the future. The world needs music, entertainers, art, creativity and a lust for life. We as humans are always seeking fulfilment and happiness. Some get this through being an observer and others get it through providing it. Learning an instrument or creative skill can forge a lifelong career and also gives you immense satisfaction as a human being to learn, grow and entertain the possibility of creating something new that has not existed before and give it to the planet. Maybe the creative arts is the last spiritual Bastian we have for a fulfilling a unique bespoke career?

Tanith: You have tour dates in the diary with Skunk Anansie and recently created your own line of streetwear on top of the move to ICMP. What can we expect to see on the horizon?

Ace: You can always expect something new from me! One of my great gifts has always been foresight, collaboration and connection (and a mad work ethic). I don't give myself any limitations and surround myself with creative collaborative people. Always share your ideas, and don't be a hoarder and ideas will come back to you in abundance. I'm not afraid to try something that will fail if I have a belief that it could work. I am never discouraged when I fail either, because I always learn something fantastic that I take forward. I also believe that no good work put into something is ever wasted, it always pops up somewhere else as a useful asset. I get excited about trying new projects, and I'm always balancing financial aspects against creative and fulfilling aspects. For example my T-shirt store is about me having the time to draw, design, create and have fulfilment in that area, but using the time in a business sense to create income from it that can then support other ventures or be ploughed back into my children's education.

My philosophy is:

You have your main job, your second job, and your Saturday job… A few quotes I live by:

People will always remember you by the way you make them feel.

Your network is your net worth.

If someone else can do it, you can do it! ∎

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Director of International Development, The Legacy Project, RoundTable Global Tanith is leading change management through commitment to the RoundTable Global Three Global Goals of: Educational Reform, Environmental Rejuvenation & Empowerment for All. She delivers innovative and transformational leadership and development programmes in over 30 different countries and is also lead on the international development of philanthropic programmes and projects. This includes working with a growing team of extraordinary Global Change Ambassadors and putting together the Global Youth Awards which celebrate the amazing things our young people are doing to change the world.