AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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In ‘The Source Edition’, we dial into the very heart of the matter - the heart of awareness. We explore where it begins and where it takes us, fueled by our need for change, desire to survive, and commitment to grow and get better. Mentally, spiritually and physically, we seek it out on a personal, societal and global scale.

In looking at when and when we began, what have we achieved in four years to this very day? For Awareness Ties and AwareNow Magazine, it is 26 causes, 35 global ambassadors, 33 monthly columnists and over 400 personal stories and exclusive interviews to inform and inspire a global audience of over 16 million readers with our Official Partner, Issuu.

Allié and I founded Awareness Ties at almost the same time we found each other. In an unlikely union four years to this day with vows exchanged in commitment to love and support one another, we married. Crazy to think that prior to the Loving vs. Virginia case only 54 years ago our union would have been illegal, as interracial marriages were banned.

We knew that together we could do and be more to support something bigger than ourselves. With the support of so many, we believe awareness made & actions taken will make sustainable change a reality.

The source of AwareNow resonates in the heart and hopes of so many… in you. Thank you. You matter more than you know.


Editor In Chief & Co-Founder of Awareness Ties

Allié is a Taurus. She started her career in performance poetry, then switched gears to wine where she made a name for herself as an online wine personality and content producer. She then focused on original content production under her own label The Allié Way™ before marrying the love of her life (Jack) and switching gears yet again to a pursue a higher calling to raise awareness and funds for causes with Awareness Ties.


Production Manager & Co-Founder of Awareness Ties

Jack is a Gemini. He got his start in the Navy before his acting and modeling career. Jack then got into hospitality, focusing on excellence in service and efficiency in operations and management. After establishing himself with years of experience in the F&B industry, he sought to establish something different… something that would allow him to serve others in a greater way. With his wife (Allié), Awareness Ties was born.