AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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I belong to the millenary tribes of the heart of the spirit of the world. I believe that our main goal as millenary tribes is to remind and encourage humanity to remember that bond and commitment they have to nature. We’re not here to teach you anything. Rather, we are here to remind you about the logical order that belongs to and is part of this conscious awakening. While we were left in this location called ‘the heart of this period of the world’, for us to be able to fulfill this mission of strengthening the spirit that comes from the physical awakening is now done.

I believe that people are very aware and already know what we must do is come in and organize that information that people already count with. People are already aware of the rivers that are dried up. Snow is running out as well. Forests are dying. That physical action is known already. So, now what do we do to organize that knowledge? How can we support organizing the next actions that are going to be taken from us?

“…what I mean by ‘spiritual’ is not a ceremony, rituals or things of that sort, but rather from spirituality…”

We know that order needs to happen from the spirit, not from a physical realm or a physical aspect, because the world was created from spirit to begin with. Recovering and restoring rivers and forests has to be done from a spiritual aspect. And what I mean by ‘spiritual’ is not a ceremony, rituals or things of that sort, but rather from spirituality… spiritual knowledge that we millenary tribes hold and still keep alive to this day.

Spirituality is not about visiting temples or going to church or doing these actions that you might confuse with spirituality. Rather, spirituality is a lifestyle.

We also must understand that this ‘order’ is given to us through our earth. She is the one that is going to implicate us all. How can we get in touch more with our spirituality? We cannot replace important and sacred spaces that belong to earth and use them for human actions. We have forgotten that she visited these places. We need to give them the acknowledgement they truly deserve. That’s why there’s so much imbalance on earth that we see these days.

The calling we make for an awakening conscious is that we have to already understand that spirituality is more so about a lifestyle, and we have to continue viewing it that way. 43 AWARENOW / THE SOURCE EDITION