AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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“…I had to do it to be able to prove it to myself and everyone else.”

Allié: As you work to change the mindset of not just the industry but the world in regard to their outlook on disability. Explain how replacing the reference ‘disabled’ to ‘differently-abled’ can help to shift the narrative.

Adam: That’s something I’ve been very passionate about doing. When I came out of the blind closet, it was a very pivotal time for me personally and professionally because so many people in my life weren’t aware of my condition. I chose to keep my disability a secret because I wasn’t quite sure of what that would mean, if people were going to label me as such. I’ve always been someone who studies language a lot, not only in trying to write stories but in trying to communicate with others. I feel like there are always associations attached to different words. Of course, when you brandish someone ‘disabled’, that has a very dangerous connotation and is potentially harmful to that person’s impression of themselves and the impression society has on that person. It’s all programming at the end of the day. If you start telling everyone that this person is disabled, they are going to subconsciously interpret that as ‘capable of less’ and that they are disadvantaged in a way that they can’t do the work. For myself, I know that I can deliver quality work because I’ve done it, and I had to do it to be able to prove it to myself and everyone else. After I made ‘Lucid’, that’s when I made the decision to open up about my condition and speak publicly so that I could be that reference point for other ‘differently-abled’ artists who have a different process but are still able to deliver at a high level.

Allié: Thank you for your time and this conversation. Thank you for helping us all become a bit more aware now. Thank you, Adam.

Adam: It’s my pleasure and thank you for doing what you do. I’m a big believer in AwareNow and the messages and stories you share. It’s really important. I want to do everything I can to help this community and do whatever I can to inspire people and change the stigma.

Allié: And this is how it begins. One story at a time. Thank you, Adam, for sharing yours. ∎

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