AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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Exclusive Interview with Mehr Mursal Amiri

“I believe that the only way to solve this problem…is only the media.”

Allié: Yes, please do that. And then also if you would send me... I need people to see you. If you could send any photos, high res photos, anything that you have. I want people to hear you and see you. I need people to hear your voice and your words. And I will do... Jack and I with what we do with our magazine... we will do as much as we can. We will share this with as many as we can. And just know you are not alone. And I know you don't know the answer, we don't either, but we will be there with you to try to find it.

Mehr: Thank you, Allié. Thank you so much. Thank you for your help and for your support. Trust me. We have always believed in media, and we have all we believed in free media and we worked for that. I believe that the only way to solve this problem for the Afghan females and for Afghan journalists is only the media that they can do something for us right now.

Allié: Well, we will certainly, we will certainly do all that we can and ask that others join us in that. So, your story has not fallen on deaf ears. Your story is one that will be told and it will be seen. And please know that I'm only just a message away. Okay?

Mehr: Yeah, sure.

Allié: Hey, I'm gonna... Yeah, if you want to send that over to me... Again, I'm sending so much love and so much light for you. And just know that we're going to do everything that we can to support you and to help you.

Mehr: Thank you, Allié. Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you're doing for me and for the female people and females in Afghanistan and for the people of Afghanistan, actually, for the new generation. Everyone is just lost in their hopes, and everyone feels like this is the end of the story for us, actually.

Allié: You know, here's the thing, the story will go on and it will only go on because of people like you, because of your voice who will continue to tell it and to share it. And for us who will support you in that in amplify, in any and every way that we can. So, thank you and keep faith, keep hope. And again, you are not alone... Thank you so much, sending so much love. Be safe.

Mehr: Thanks so much. Thank you. Have a beautiful day. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. ∎ 19 AWARENOW / THE SOURCE EDITION