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FROM THE BEGINNING TO NOW: LESSON 9 Once again, I’m talking to you from here on what we used to call Kânata, it became Canada. It was one part of this world we call Turtle Island (this includes North America) the Anishinaabe people always maintain the connection to Turtle Island, in spirit. What I mean by that is there are spiritual ties, spiritual connection, in my leadership. People call me Ogimaa (Acha-Kooh-waay)…. which means ‘leader of the sky’. I maintain that, because it has to do with the Spirit. That’s how we had our connection to the beginning of the creation, for this part of the world, Turtle Island.

It is time for a reminder… what we do to nature we do to ourselves.

We are part of everything. We must remind ourselves and the people of this world, of the need to pay attention. Creator has put us in this world, and different parts of these islands, but we are one. As humans we are the same (doesn’t matter what the skin color). We are the environment, the children, and the next generations.

God created humans, and Creator gave the responsibility for the women to create a human, all over the world. We're being brought here by the women. We were children, at one point, and we all came to our mothers, and those mothers, created a human being. Same for everybody all over the world. Nobody was created by a machine.

Creator gave us all the responsibilities. And… we’re given everything that we need. If we don't pay attention only to ourselves, we will do really well… we are part of the environment. What we do for the environment, we are doing for ourselves.

“We are part of the land…”

We are spiritual, so is everything in the environment.

We are part of the land… Mother Earth, the whole world… She needs us. Take care of her… the way we used to take care of her, and appreciate the environment that we were given everything that works together as God gave us, so there’s everything that we need. We need the world…

Therefore, all the mothers, all the women, all the children have to be respected, otherwise there would be no life to continue on… if we don't respect this spiritual creation and the creation that the mother is giving us.

Just like the world is in different islands… There are trees growing, actually there's a bunch of trees. There’s grass growing and flowers. Actually, there's all kinds of flowers. And there's people. Actually, there's all kinds of people, millions of people. We depend on the connection… about the spirit. God is intended to be a big part of us… the environment, part of everything, that he has created. 157 AWARENOW / THE SOURCE EDITION