AwareNow: Issue 19: The Source Edition

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Allié: For anyone who, for everyone, rather for everyone who hears your words, who hears your stories in the situation that you're in, what is it that you want them to know? What is it... what can we do? What do you want people to know? What do you want to say to the world?

Mehr: Thank you, Allié. The very first thing that I want to know for everyone is to believe us. Talibans are not changed. They are completely not changed. But we hear from their leaders... on other countries. And what they tweet on social media is completely different from what we see on the ground and from what we hear and what we see from their fighters here in Afghanistan. They don't even know their leaders. They don't even accept what their leaders say. They are checking for the people's houses.

They're checking. They are going to every part of the Kabul. They are checking the houses to find the people that they are targeted for them... the people who talk against them always, and for the people like me as a female, like me, who is one of the very limited girls in Afghanistan who is, frankly, in this situation is talking about what's really going on in Afghanistan.

“They are not changed.

They are the same people. They’re the same Taliban they were in 1990.”

They are not changed. They are the same people. They are the same Taliban they were in 1990. The situation is getting worse day by day. I believe that after September and after August, when the Americans and the NATA and the other security forces leave Afghanistan, it will be much harder for the Afghan people to live here and much harder because they will show their real face in that time.

Allié: In this darkest of times right now, we have to trust. We have to hope that there is light to be found. As you look around the situation, and at your life, I know there's so much uncertainty. There's nothing but uncertainty. Where do you see any light? Where do you see hope? You have to close your eyes at night and have some hope. Where do you find that?

Mehr: Allié, since the last five and six days, I haven't slept. Trust me. I fully mistrust. I'm very disappointed. I can't sleep. I can't sleep because I'm afraid. What if they come to the place that I am right now for checking? What if they come to see who is there living? What if someone, the people who are living in this area, what if they, they just, someone just noticed that this is me and they say to the Taliban, "Ok. She's living here. What if they come here? I can't sleep. And the only hope, the only hope that I have right now for me and for my colleagues that we are in the same situation is to leave Afghanistan. And we don't know actually how.

We applied for the US Visa. We applied for UK Visa. We applied for the Canada Visa. We applied for... As many emails that we receive that we have been told that they will help you... No one is responding. Trust me. No one is responding. We are not getting any email, any text, any phone call from it. The only thing that we receive is auto message... is the auto message from the emails that we received, your emails. No, nothing more. No one is responding. It's not only about me. From my colleagues who are still in Afghanistan from my colleagues, that especially if I'm the National TV of Afghanistan that we have been banned from the media. We have been banned from our job. We have been banned from being as a fighter for women in Afghanistan. No one of us has received any email or any help still in Afghanistan. 15 AWARENOW / THE SOURCE EDITION