AwareNow: Issue 7: The Return Edition

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“Sometimes it is in loss that we find our strength, our purpose and our passion to do more. It is through loss that Yuri Williams found his inner superhero.” - Allié M. ALLIÉ: Not all heroes wear masks, Yuri, but you do. Tell us the story behind the mask. Why do you do what you do? And why the costume? YURI: I loss my mother to cancer in 2009, and I was in a dark place for 5 years and had to think of a way to get out. That’s when one day I said enough is enough so I decided to uplift people by giving back. I do this to honor my mother and also it is therapeutic for me. It gives me joy and energy to keep doing this everyday. My mom always told me to do something different and I decided to use the costume because it throws you off and gets your mind to wonder like what’s going on and boom I gotcha. JACK: Yuri Williams, also known as ’A Future Superhero’. Why a ‘future’ superhero? We feel you’re a hero, here and now. For those who don’t know about your work, please share what you’ve done and what you are committed to do. YURI: I chose the title because I am trying to inspire other join my mission, when I’m gone another ‘A FUTURE SUPERHERO’ will be born and lead the way. I have traveled 50 states twice helping those in need from hospital/ home visits to feeding the elderly and clothing and also feeding the houseless. My commitment is to live up to the word hero and be there for someone in need. ALLIÉ: The term ‘hero’ has been redefined since COVID hit. During this pandemic, frontline workers in hospitals and essential workers delivering packages and stocking shelves have been recognized for the heroes they are. Before this pandemic, during and surely after, you will continue to be the hero you’ve been for some time, caring for any and all in need. What hurdles have you had to overcome during the pandemic? YURI: The number one hurdle has been human contact, those hugs I once gave to children have been taken away. I have still managed to give those hugs here and there but I have went to using Instagram/twitter/Facebook and doing face timing to those who can’t have physical contact. Another obstacle I face is funding, I haven’t received as many grants this year due to covid but I still do what I can I’m not rich but I’m rich at heart and I still fight everyday to help those in need. JACK: Even superheroes need help. What help do YOU need right now, Yuri? What can people do to support you and your work? YURI:

I am in need of Help with purchasing 2 costumes that kids have asked to see and also I need help with

Hygiene, giftcards, grocery supplies for the houseless community, also donations to provide steam kits to kids and also donations to try and get hot spots for the kids without internet. You can go to our website and see our work and make a small donation or even sign up for our monthly Paetron account. Everything helps.