AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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Page 72

If I could be but a bird,

Soaring above these lands.

I'll spread my wings,

And travel as far as I can.

Dipping down to touch,

The streaming water below.

Twisting and turning,

Through the canals I'll go.

I'll survey the lush greens,

Looking for my friends.

Exploring the forest,

Below, beneath and within.

I'll perch myself,

Above the mountain top.

Enjoying the view,

As I take my rest stop.

Imagining the colors,

Hidden in plane sight.

I'll see the landscape

As I take flight.

Enjoying Mother Nature's,

Exquisite work of art.

If only I could be,

A bird from the start.

I'll take more care,

Of the place I call home.

In this vast open land,

Where I'm free to roam.

I'll clean up the area,

Where I sleep and eat.

And tidy up where,

My friends and I meet.

Til then I'll stand,

Amazed at this sight.

And rejoice in my adventures,

From morning till night.

Through my exploration,

It fuels my soul.

Reminding me to be thankful

For the life I hold.