AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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After six months of confinement, the Maldives government was the first country in the world that announced they had reopened for globally safe and sustainable tourism. As a passionate traveller, I couldn’t wait to set off on another adventure, but the question was did I actually want to go to the Maldives? I mean, as beautiful as it is, I always thought of going there on my honeymoon (that till this day still seems to be a far away dream). White sandy beaches, cocktails, beautiful sunsets, and nothing to see besides the sea? Sounds amazing… but as a solo traveller? Was there anything for me to do there as a party of 1? What if I became confined there with a lock down on an island of isolation surrounded by loved up couples?!

According to various sources, there are some great misconceptions about the Maldives such as... it’s just for honeymooners, it’s only for the rich and famous, and it lacks cultural activities.

I decided to conduct my own market research by interviewing people from various cultures, ages and backgrounds on the streets of my hometown in Antwerp, Belgium. Would the misconceptions be acknowledged? And if they were truly misconceptions, where did they come from? It was time to put on my investigation heels and embark on a real life mission to discover the truth.

Stay tuned to the upcoming episode of Culturosity that answers these questions and more. ∎


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