AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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That’s good because it is all about safety. But I wish we could look at everything like that to ‘be safe’… even the water. Animals that are drinking the water out there, is it safe?… The foods I'm going to be eating… are they safe? Even the safety of some of the plants that we use.

As we know, we need to take care of the land.

We need to take care of the environment, and that's about the world… and that's about US.

God, or the Creator, gave US this world to be in, so the environment and the land will take care of US. That it has done, and has taken care of us for hundreds or thousands of years. If you walk in the forest, the food is there whether it is berries or mushrooms, or anything that Creator gives you there….. but it comes from the land. It comes from the world we live in.

The world, the land, has taken care of us for thousands of years.

We must take care of it because it is the safety of the world and those animals can be safe. We can be safe and drink the water from anywhere. We can be safe to eat fish or lobsters from anywhere. Right now, we don't know, while we're drinking water that's been put in treatment plants. Those animals and the fish don't have that luxury to drink from the water treatment plants. They drink some water that’s not safe, and that's in the whole world, not only here in Canada.

You know the world, the land, is alive. That is why the flowers and foods can grow, The food source that God has given us, we must appreciate. The world has a spirit life and a soul. We are alive in the same way.

Everything that we need is here in this in these different islands, that we may be in.

We can come together in parts from this world to provide the things we need because it is for US.

We must appreciate that. We must take care of the environment to work and heal…. because if we don't it means we're not being safe.

We put that seatbelt on so we can be safe. We must think about the spirit. We must think about not only different races. There is only one race, the human race. And we are all humans. And our mothers were given that right, from God Himself to create a human. Every one of us…..we come through our mothers. This is human rights to me. So we have to decide for the future generations. Because it is about US… We must take care of US (all life that we are part of—everything). We must think about the next generations because it is about them to become a part of us. I mean, the whole world. It's about taking care of it. We are here because it took care of us. I don't think anybody can say this world hasn't taken of care of them somewhere in some way or another. We're all being taken care of by this world because it is living. That's why things can grow. Water is life and alive so is all the environment. Just like everything that we see is growing. It is alive.

I mean, it has a spirit… because anything that grows has a spirit.

So, I like to thank all of you for listening or reading this magazine.

“Stay safe…”

Thank you.

Mii’gwetch ∎ (This lesson by Chief Ogimaa was recorded and submitted by Kathy Kiss and edited by Sheena Frencheater.)


Anishinaabe Knowledge Keeper, Chief of Foothills Ojibway on Turtle Island I am Ogimaa (Acha-Kooh-waay), I begin with words from my own language to say hi to everybody. My identity… which is… because God put me in this part of the world is my Annishinaabe language and name. That means “leader” for people and environment here. So I am not saying I am the leader of Turtle Island but that’s what that means. It is an individual’s name, which is a spirit name that we carry on from our traditional culture and lineage in this part of the world. We were put here on this Turtle. This Turtle Island is massive.