AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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FROM THE BEGINNING TO NOW: LESSON 8 Once again, I’m talking to you from here on what we used to call Kânata, it became Canada. It was one part of this world we call Turtle Island (this includes North America) the Anishinaabe people always maintain the connection to Turtle Island, in spirit. What I mean by that is there are spiritual ties, spiritual connection, in my leadership. People call me Ogimaa (Acha-Kooh-waay)…. which means ‘leader of the sky’. I maintain that, because it has to do with the Spirit. That’s how we had our connection to the beginning of the creation, for this part of the world, Turtle Island.

I am just introducing myself as a hereditary leader. This is how I understand the whole connection to everything. It is about the world, it is about US. There's different countries in this world, and there’s people…. children, women, men, elders, mothers, and grandparents. The world is about people, all one race, all one world. We are all in this world together, which makes us who we are, as humans of this world. Humans were given a responsibility to take care of the world because they are part of the world.

When we talk about safety, it’s not-only about putting a seatbelt on in that vehicle, it is about the whole world, which is why we need to look out, because we're part of the world. It is all about US. We're part of everything. We all need to be safe.

There is drinking water that's not safe. That's not right. This is a safety issue. It's not about putting the seatbelt on, so you're safe in your vehicle. It's about the whole world. Whatever happens in this world is a safety issue, because we're not taking care of the land the way it's supposed to be taken care of. It is scary.

That's what a safety issue is for all of US…

What are we doing to the world?

What are we doing to the water?

What are we doing to future generations?

What are we leaving?

What kind of legacy are we leaving for the future generations?

I know I'm not going to be here forever.

I have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great great grandchildren to come….

Will they be safe with the water?

Are you gonna be safe in this world?

I think we need to look at this to address what has happened, with….COVID-19 and now variants. It used to be smallpox and used to be measles, and whooping cough but it was about US and it is still about US .

We need to take care of the land. It has taken care of us for thousands, if not millions of years. Not only in any one place but everybody around the world even the animals. The animals of the Amazon and the animals here in what is now called Canada….all animals drink water that is probably not safe to drink.

So when we talk about the ‘safety’ we need to talk about the ‘safety of the world’, because it is about US. It is about children. US is about grandchildren, our own grandchildren, our own great grandkids, and those yet to be born.

Look at what happened with Covid. It happened all over the world…. not only some parts of this world. We're still dealing with it today. Today, July 13, 2021, we're still worried about how we're going to be safe.

We tell each other… ”be safe”. 53 AWARENOW / THE OUTSIDE EDITION