AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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Jack: Being married isn’t easy. Being an artist isn’t easy. Being ‘married artists’ is definitely not easy. What have been the hardest moments? What have been the best?

Cole: To be fair, a lot of the things most worth doing are difficult. In a world with things that aren’t easy being able to do what we love with the person we love is a pretty huge blessing. The main thing we’ve always tried to be throughout any struggle is just grateful. It’s hard and we lose our way a lot but we try to always come to gratitude when the going gets tough. We’re lucky.

“We share in all the ups and downs…"

Shpresa: In terms of what has been hard – it can be hard to “shut it off” sometimes. Like, we don’t have a place we go work or co workers we go work with and then have that as a separate part of our lives where coming home can just be turning it all off and relaxing. We’re always “on the clock” so to speak. So there can be a feeling that we should also be productive even when what we really need is a break simply because we’re always together so it’s always technically possible to be writing or producing or even just answering emails. But we usually wind up finding that balance. And the best thing of course is that we get to be together. We share in all the ups and downs, we’re always on the same team and we always know we have each other’s back.

Allié: Musicians, then spouses, you’ve now become parents, with your beautiful daughter, Rocker Peggy Lleshaj Randall. Shpresa and Cole, as your roles in life evolve, what is the constant for each of you that will never change.

Shpresa: She’s the absolute best. We’re so grateful Rocker came into our lives. Cliché as it might sound, I hope the constant that never changes for us is our love for each other; all three of us. I hope we never lose sight of what really matters. Cole: I agree. And I also hope that our love for music remains a constant. That we always have that shared passion that we can come back to and use that to keep evolving.