AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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Alex: What is a day in the life of a pandemic?

Petrider: My day life in a pandemic has been to the use of virtual spaces and platforms to my work and foster collaboration and partnerships since COVID-19 outbreak majority of young people, girls and women have been highly hit, there is less grassroots advocacy and majority of them do not have access to online platforms. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the world's attention where issues of gender-based violence have been less prioritized, while they are equally important.

Alex: How do you facilitate collaboration among youth?

Petrider: I facilitate collaboration among young people through in-person and virtual engagements forming partnerships and movement of youth initiatives by fostering collaboration towards achieving a common agenda working from grassroots level. I have delivered workshops to over 1000 young people directly since 2014 to date from Tanzania and across the world. ∎

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Founder & President of Artem NexGen Alexander Taylor is the Founder of Artem NextGen, a 2019 Global Citizen Year Senegal Graduate, and a 2019 1M2030 spotlight speaker at the United Nations European Headquarters in Geneva. After spending 7 months overseas in Senegal after High School, he developed Artem NextGen, an strategic advisory group for social entrepreneurs, to empower the rising generation of youth to address UN Sustainable Development Goals. ​He has been featured and quoted on a UN website in honor of his efforts. His story is about to be delved into by a New York Times bestselling author and he has several international summit invitations on his itinerary. Outside of his efforts, Alex enjoys running outdoors during his own time as a rising junior at Morehouse College. He is an avid writer and chess player.