AwareNow: Issue 18: The Outside Edition

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A COMPANY CREATING ECO-FRIENDLY FESTIVAL SOLUTIONS Tim Molony is the Co-Founder of Full Circle, a company on a mission to make festivals cleaner and more sustainable by supplying eco-friendly survival and hygiene kits containing everything you need for a waterless festival camp. All of the products are sustainably sourced, natural, non animal tested and vegan friendly. With festivals firmly back on the cards post Covid-19, Tim takes time out of his busy day to talk to us about the importance of sustainability whilst having fun this summer.

Tanith: We love the Full Circle waterless festival kit! What inspired you to come up with the idea and bring it to life?

Tim: I used to attend a lot of festivals when I was younger and would never take my home toiletries. I’d always buy cheap single-use plastic throw away bits that I’d use and leave at the festival and I would more often than not forget something in the rush which is pretty annoying. So I had the idea to create a pack like ours but never got round to doing it. Fast forward 15 years and the whole eco/sustainability movement really gathered pace, there were those shocking pictures of the carnage left behind at Reading and Leeds festivals, so my wife and I started to do some research into festival hygiene packs and the only ones available were cheap single use plastic which festivals don’t want and are trying to discourage, so Full Circle was born!

The reason we went waterless is so our customers can wash from the comfort of their tent without the need to visit the showers which is something I always hated doing at festivals. Also the reality is with most festivals they are held in fields that most of the year house cows and sheep so all water is transported in and disposed of at huge financial and environmental cost to the festival and surrounding area. With our pack there is no need for water so huge benefits to the festival goer, the festival and the environment.