AwareNow: Issue 28: The Mental Edition

Page 182

“Logan has learned that no matter how different people are there’s always common things that connect us all.” Diving into this world he didn’t know, putting himself into Kaleab’s shoes – a teen emerging from homelessness, English not his first language, not properly documented – Logan realized how much he took for granted.

All of this has led Logan to talk about his relationship with Kaleab with words like deeper, transformative, and revolutionary. He and Kaleab are extraordinarily honest with each other, and no subject is too taboo to talk about. They talk about their shared faith during their many hikes, where they forego technology and live in the moment. Kaleab has even joined Logan on a church retreat. Through this shared experience, Logan has learned that no matter how different people are there's always common things that connect us all.

Asked what advice he has for future mentors, he responds, “When you truly invest time, energy, and transparency into your relationships, you find these amazing commonalities. Never give up, be persistent, be humble, and you will help others grow and be changed yourself.”

Thank you, Logan, for your mentorship. May your friendship continue to grow! ∎

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