AwareNow: Issue 16: The Mayday Edition

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FROM THE BEGINNING TO NOW: LESSON 7 Throughout the world there are honored, preserved and protected, historical and sacred sites. Consider this as you read Chief Ogimaa’s “Mayday Message” for sites on Turtle Island. The whole human family is called to respect and learn from the messages of Creator where ever these may be, for we are one with all creation. People can help with this by bringing pressure to governments and organizations. Creator is calling .

Once again, I’m talking to you from here on what we used to call Kânata, it became Canada. It was one part of this world we call Turtle Island (this includes North America). The Anishinaabe people always maintain the connection to Turtle Island, in spirit. What I mean by that is there are spiritual ties, spiritual connection, in my leadership. People call me Ogimaa (Acha-Kooh-waay)…. which means leader of the sky. I maintain that, because it has to do with the Spirit. That’s how we had our connection to the beginning of the creation, for this part of the world, Turtle Island.

“I'm the last of those keepers of our connection to this land…”

When God created the world, He thought about everything that we need, for identity and to develop ourselves and look after everything that he has put together…. everything, like a puzzle. Think of different parts of this world; the Values God created in this one world that we're all in. There is a spirit…. there's a soul…it is Life. Life is on the land, there's life in the water. Life in the air and that includes everything that flies. Everything in God's creation. We need that spirit, because God created everything that we need. That’s how much he thought about us.

Like I always say, Cypress Hills is a sacred place.

When the creator worked he took this soil from Cypress Hills to create first people in this land. It is part of this one world, and it's part of the land, part of the Turtle Island. That wasn't by coincidence, that people were divided Creator intended it to be like that. People are part of creation, but not all together then…. but from different parts of this world.

However, first people at this part of the world need symbols. God must have known that in a future, someone was going to outlaw his creation… for his people, his land, places that he has created as part of this turtle. He has taken that soil, creating that spirit that became and what we call the Mother Earth today. We are created from this place and this particular location, as the First People of Turtle Island as we called it…. with no States or Canada…. no boundaries.

So, when creator made the world he created different places for humans to be. He created in special places for the first people here, like those other people in different parts of this world…. In Europe, Africa, China. There He created those people from that area. 91 AWARENOW / THE MAYDAY EDITION