AwareNow: Issue 16: The Mayday Edition

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“Living with Cerebral Palsy, it is such a rarity to see people in movies and TV that “look like me”. It never really happened until I decided to binge breaking bad on Netflix in high school. Watching the pilot, I was happily surprised to see someone that looked liked me, Walter Jr., played by RJ Mitte. I was even more elated when I learned that RJ does have cerebral palsy. He brings authenticity and heart and isn’t afraid to make sure that disability is at the center of the story, as is the case in his latest film, Triumph.

In the film, Mitte plays Mike, a high school wrestler with cerebral palsy who is out to prove to himself,

his father, his coach, and his peers that despite his disability, he can succeed as a high school wrestler.

The grit and tenacity that Mitte brings to the role, as well as taking on the all too familiar struggles of fighting for acceptance at school, making friends, getting a girl to see past the disability, and above all else, fit in, really make this movie hit close to home for me. I’m yearning for more films and television shows with stories centered around people with disabilities, played by actors and actresses with disabilities.”

Matthew Walzer

Awareness Ties Official Ambassador for Disabilities Awareness