AwareNow: Issue 16: The Mayday Edition

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes and not intended or implied to be a substitute for individual medical advice. You should discuss the Covid-19 vaccine with your own health care provider. Seriously, I don’t even know you. More importantly, you don’t know me – I could be making all this shit up - my name, my credentials, the statistics in paragraph 5… Use some common sense and talk to your own health care provider about these things for crying out loud.

It took an embarrassingly long time for me to figure out a topic to write on for this edition. I don’t really know why – I suppose I’d been in one of those self-consciousness spells where I can’t think of what people would be interested in hearing. I want to discuss something interesting and useful and broadly applicable. But how to find such a topic, unless of course dozens of people were to directly ask me a specific question every single day.. All day. For the last five months. Thus, I found myself stressing at work on the eve of the deadline and unable to concentrate… If only I wasn’t getting distracted by all these damn portal messages and phone calls from patients asking what they should do about the Covid vaccination again.


So. The Covid vaccine. Although I get loads of different questions about it, they all hover around the same central concern: “is it safe for me to take?”

Vaccines have long been vilified as potential causes for a variety of conditions, from inflammatory conditions like MS to complex neurodevelopmental conditions like autism. The Covid-19 vaccine has been especially criticized, at least in part due to the politicization of this pandemic. As a result, the covid anti-vax community continues to grow in number and publicity, while millions around the world harbor crippling vaccine hesitancy.

Put more simply: people are terrified of this vaccine.

It was made too quickly.

They bypassed safety checks.

It will sterilize us.

It will cull the Earth’s population by 90%.

It's bioengineered with nanochips that will allow 5G control over our bodies and enslave humanity.

To combat these pervasive Twitter narratives, there’s been a litany of information campaigns around the world. Government programs, educational resources that link to the science of vaccination, and countless Op-Eds from physicians and scientists around the world (not unlike this one) have tried to hammer home the idea that this vaccine is completely safe. The result? These attempts have been about as useful as the “ay” in “okay”. Up to 39% of US adults polled have stated they do not intend to take the vaccine at this time, and over 20% say they will never take it. People are still terrified, despite the reassurances from folks like me.

Why? Well, in part it’s because they know we are lying.

There are risks to this vaccine. We don’t know what long-term risks are.

It may kill some of us.

And we should all still get it anyway. 109 AWARENOW / THE MAYDAY EDITION