AwareNow: Issue 16: The Mayday Edition

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TIPS FOR DEALING WITH A NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY WITH ERICA LAUREN In episode 53, Aalia Lanius and guest co-host, Sarah Jayne Johnson, share a deep, emotional, and relevant conversation with trauma recovery coach and narcissistic personality disorder specialist, Erica Lauren— a survivor helping other victims of emotional abuse. Lauren has faced a long journey of trials and tribulations within the entertainment industry and her own life that brought her to a career as a specialty therapist (7:30). Lauren discusses the symptoms of “narcissism” and what it is like to have a friend, family member or partner who is a narcissist (14:30). Aalia and Lauren open up about how relationships like these have impacted not only them, but the children pulled into the narcissist’s toxic orbit (17:30). Trauma bonding— the way abuse survivors are so deeply affected by narcissists— is a large focus of Lauren’s recovery work with survivors (28:00). After narcissism had so greatly impacted her relationships (32:00), Lauren saw quarantine as a time to step up her work and create impact through education (35:00). Through her toolbox for fighting narcissism (43:00), Lauren is helping others escape damaging relationships and recover from trauma. Tune in if you are interested in learning about narcissistic personality disorders and how victims can become survivors while keeping it UNSUGARCOATED. ∎

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Novelist, Speaker, Podcast Host & Social Entrepreneur Aalia Lanius is the Founder and President of UNSUGARCOATED Media, a 501(c)(3) media organization. Dedicated to helping survivors of trauma lead mentally healthier lives, Lanius' focus is creating media and events that empower, educate, heal, and inspire another the way it has for her. Lanius is also a multiple awardwinning American novelist, social entrepreneur, and advocate with over 20 years of sharing her personal experiences with audiences of all age groups and diverse backgrounds. Executive Producer and host of the award-nominated seasonal podcast show, “UNSUGARCOATED with Aalia”, a visual and audio experience that features conversations intended to bring value and amplify voices that create more empathy and understanding of one another.