AwareNow: Issue 25: The Light Edition

Page 143

LAURA: (continued) Like at Burning Man, I'm putting up a hundred of my steel trees, and people are going to be sponsoring each tree. Then we're going to plant trees on the earth. On the tree will be a symbol that they have to find on their own if they want to -- if they want to see the tree that they sponsored. It's kind of a scavenger hunt. It's a 'get lost in these hundred trees of light'. They could even get a tree that comes to them afterwards -- the steel trees. And then we're planting trees on earth. It's all inclusive. Everything's becoming all of everything. If it wasn't Burning Man, I probably would've added digital in the middle, but I'm not gonna do that. But my next show would probably be a huge environment. You walk in, and it's an environment. Then you go to another room and get to see things for buying. I'm not very good at figuring out the things that sell. Well, I am very good at it, but I love to make environments. That's my favorite thing.

ALLIÉ: For collectors of art who have no idea where to begin in exploring NFTs, where should they start?

LAURA: OpenSea is the best platform that you can go to. You have to get into the crypto world first. The only way you can buy NFTs is with crypto... You go to OpenSea. You see what you love... you start collecting... If you want to get an NFT first, get into Ethereum or Bitcoin. You use that to buy fine art, and then you can put it on your TV in your house, while your TV's off. Suddenly your TV, while it's black, can become an art piece.

And if you want to get into digital art and learn to create it, get an iPad Pro with a pen. Get Procreate. It's a paint program. It's layers. It's great. And start playing with that. It's really fun. You can bring in everything and create anything. In order to fundraise for my Burning Man project, I'm making a Kimpton coin. It's a new thing that's happening, which is a social coin. It's kinda like trading cards. So, people who donate a thousand dollars to my Dream With Me project (, can sponsor a tree with that thousand dollars, and you'll end up getting a thousand dollars in 'Kimpton Coin’.

It’s a good world we’re coming into. ∎


A Fierce, Feral, Female Focused on Creating Art

that Questions Traditional Views on Social Interaction

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