AwareNow: Issue 20: The Kind Edition

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FROM THE BEGINNING TO NOW: LESSON 10 I’ve been thinking about kindness…

Most important, to begin with is to be kind to the environment. I might be in just this side of the world, but there is one air, one sun, one world, and one spirit. It's all about us. All over in this world, kindness begins with Creator… God… whatever we call him. God is very kind to all things that he has provided. So, we must be kind to everything that he has provided for us. That includes the spirit of the world. What I mean is the spirit… the spirit of life… The trees that grow look after the oxygen. The flowers grow year after year. The air he gave us to be able to move, able to breathe every day. That is spirit itself.

We must be kind to one another all over the world because we were put here for a reason… No matter where we are. Everything that's surrounding us, we cannot disrespect. We must be kind to it. We must be kind to each other, especially to our mothers, brothers and sisters, grandpas and grandmothers. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be here. As part of that creation, women were given the ability to give us life. This is something that was created by God and no human being can do, only God himself. So we all must be kind to women and to the children, because we were children one time. We were babies, because of our mothers, and so on.

That's gonna go on.

We have made it this far, because we were being kind to everything that God has created. He gave us kindness. This gave us a healthy idea to survive and live in this world, wherever we may be. The world needs us… the same as we need the environment, to take care of us.

“If we don't respect and be kind to that spirit of nature, then nature won't be kind to us.”

We need the environment to respect us and to be kind to us. Think about the floods and tornadoes that happen. The fires that happen and mudslides. If we don't respect and be kind to that spirit of nature, then nature won't be kind to us. Just like with another human being. If we are not trying to be kind to each other, before long somebody's not going to be kind to us in return. We must be kind to each other, not only the physical but the spiritual. The spirit is ourselves. We have a soul. Everybody in this world has a soul. And everybody in this world depends on environment. Everything that we enjoy today comes from the land. It comes from that environment, and like ourselves, life begins with that kindness and it grows with that kindness. Sometimes we need to stop and think for a while… what really gets us to where we are today in creation. It's the spirit. Mothers are next to their Creator, because they can create humans. Humans cannot be made by man… For the Mother Earth…… She's alive… Mother Earth is a mother. She carries us and took care of us. Everything that we needed, including the food. Vegetables grow from the soil, water that comes out from the mountains and glaciers. The air that was provided for us. 91 AWARENOW / THE KIND EDITION