AwareNow: Issue 20: The Kind Edition

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Tiffany Kelly is the Founder of Beyond Bamboo, Phoenix Rising Global, Co-Founder of RoundTable Global and an author & speaker. She has spent the last 20 years working and living around the world connecting businesses and communities through award winning people and organisational development initiatives. Driven by the RoundTable Three Global Goals of Educational Innovation, Environmental Rejuvenation and Empowerment for all, her latest offering encompasses each component and lends support to people to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Tanith: Tiffany, we have spoken to you before about the companies you have founded above, but where does your passion and drive come from?

Tiffany: I really believe that it is something I was born with. Since the moment I learned how to speak I made it clear to my parents that I was a vegetarian and that I wanted to help to prevent cruelty to animals in any way I could. As a teenager I signed up to be a freelance journalist for our local paper and wrote stories and exposés on the things that I wanted to influence or change. I have always believed in spending my time and energy on the things that I want to create in the world rather than spending time focused on being frustrated that things are not changing. Every big idea that has led to us becoming better and more responsible stewards on this planet has started with one person who really believed they could make a difference. My passion and drive is inspired by this - why can’t that person be me?

Tanith: The 3 offerings are very different in terms of what they deliver. How do they fit together? Why are they needed?

Tiffany: I wish I could say that I sat and strategically planned out the work that I am doing with my businesses but actually they evolved organically based on what I felt was needed to make each of them sustainable. RoundTable and my charity Legacy Project are focused on creating global mindset change towards being more honest, self aware and responsible at the same time as unlocking potential in human kind at every level. As more and more people from 35+ countries embarked on this journey with us I created Phoenix Rising as a platform and community for them to connect, share and collaborate. I was being asked to create a space for this new mindset change to flourish and grow. Being a vegetarian and environmental leader means that I have also always been passionate about ensuring that we go beyond sustainability to restore and rejuvenate our eco-system. This is why I created Beyond Bamboo as a community and marketplace for conscious consumers and environmental projects for change. Beyond Bamboo is all about our habitat and ensuring that our future generations can thrive. So how they fit together is that RoundTable creates transformational mindset change, Phoenix Rising provides the community and network and Beyond Bamboo inspires that community to restore and rejuvenate the planet. The Global Youth Awards which we run every year through Legacy project is a way of raising awareness of and celebrating young people who are delivering our Three Global Goals.

Tanith: You are one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to creating balance and bringing more feminine energy to the world - what does that mean to you and why?

Tiffany: I think that we need to create balance in our leadership and policy decision making. I think we have created a very masculine society based on our individual, company and country requirements for security and financial sustainability, a society which is very much about ‘self’ and not about inclusivity, empowerment and collaboration. I believe that it is time for this to change and that is where the feminine energy comes in. The issue is that people associate feminine with female and think that this a gender gap challenge but we need to change the narrative and educate people that masculine and feminine energies below to all of us and that we need both for balance. The feminine yin energy is about everything external to you. People, community, other species and the planet. If our leaders were more in their feminine they would be making decisions that take into consideration everyone and everything both short and long term. This energy is nurturing, empowering, creative and supportive. It is not about winning so you lose, it is about raising the bar for everyone. 79 AWARENOW / THE KIND EDITION