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“In a world where you can be anything I'll be kind to you, Coco.”

All the world’s a stage, right? There are many ways and stages we are being asked or have chosen to step into authenticity and to raise our voice. If people leave, unimpressed, bewildered, I am proud. Because my vulnerable warrior heart has struck theirs. For better or worse. A mess. Some stay, some leave. My action, my voice had an impact on them.

I put my heart back on my sleeve and get back in the game. All the world’s a stage.

It’s bloody, merciless and bad, but, hell, that’s me, that’s human.

I sing from the bottom of my heart: In a world where you can be anything I'll be kind to you, Coco.
 You see? You and me? It’s what makes humans. Connection. Meaning. Vulnerability. Authenticity. Awareness. It all ties. Could you be kind to you? It's all I'm asking. Ask yourself out first, it’s the hottest thing——the only partner you got——to wander, explore and leave the stage, the world, better than you found it.

*(I mentioned the first thing in last month’s article debuting the series ‘According to Coco’.) ∎


Actress, Voiceover Artist & Awareness Ties Ambassador for Disability Coco de Bruycker is a German-born, US-trained actress and voiceover artist with the desire to express what we all feel but no one dares to say. As a thespian at heart, took on stage at just seven years old, where she discovered her “eagerness to play” (German: spiel wut) as director Philip Barth put it.