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“We all are leaders in our own lives…”

Allié: If there was just one lesson that you'd like people to take away from your book -- because there are many -from reading the Psychedelic CEO, what would that be? What is that one lesson that you want your words to share?

Murray: That's an excellent question. There's two small parts to that answer. The first one being that you're more than you think you are, but that knowledge comes from within. And exploring the depths of your being will reveal that to you and not the world of outward achievement. That will never make it. And secondly, the idea that a healed leader is a better leader. We all are leaders in our own lives, regardless of where we are and what we're doing, and we all need to be better leaders, I believe, and we can be better leaders, irrespective of title. We could be more conscious, we can be more empathetic and we can be more open. ∎

“I’m impressed (and relieved!) that someone of Murray’s stature in the business world has provoked a profound and revolutionary dialogue about how to not only live but to lead from a place of truly sustainable harmony. He’s explored principles in science, psychology and mysticism to unlock fundamental systems both within and outside of us that have the potential to work in tandem and also compete with one another to produce the most positive outcome for the whole of humanity.”

Paolo Di Florio
 Oscar & Emmy-nominated Filmmaker & Founder of Counterpoint Films