AwareNow: Issue 20: The Kind Edition

Page 38

“…my eyesight has come in the form of an amazing human being.”

Wesley yells this word over and over as I maneuver down the track:


I begin running. He says this word faster and faster and faster. Once I get to my last step, he yells one last FLY, kind of like a verbal kick-in-the-pants. From there, I’m off and away I go into the sky.

So, circling back to one of my initial statements, my eyesight has come in the form of an amazing human being. A man who essentially puts his own endeavors on pause to see that I elevate to new heights in sport and in life.

When you find someone like this, you hold on to them because they’re special.

In my book FLY!, there’s a chapter entitled ‘Where’s Your Wesley?’ Your Wesley will come in the form of someone who truly understands you. That one person who is constantly putting your needs above their own. That one person who does absolutely anything to see that you succeed in life. The one who acts as a guide to lead you to the right places in this interesting world that we live in. That’s who Wesley is to me.

Where’s your Wesley?

Look high and low to find your Wesley and when you do, you’ll quickly realize that this person will do absolutely anything in their power to help you ascend toward the sky.

And that is when you’ll really learn what it means to FLY! ∎


5x Paralympic Medalist, 4x World Champion & Keynote Speaker Lex Gillette has quickly become one of the most sought after keynote speakers on the market. Losing his sight at the age of eight was painful to say the least, but life happens. Things don’t always go your way. You can either stay stuck in frustration because the old way doesn’t work anymore, or you can create a new vision for your life, even if you can’t see how it will happen just yet. His sight was lost, but Lex acquired a renewed vision, a vision that has seen him become the best totally blind long and triple jumper Team USA has ever witnessed.