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AwareBear Computers in Pittsford New York Rochester NY Customer Testimonials Aware Bear is located on 5 Monroe Avenue Pittsford NY 14534 (585)473-7035 Aware Bear Computers office hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 6pm Saturdays 11am - 3 pm Closed on Sundays Aware Bear also provides fast and affordable onsite or in store computer repair, servers, wired or wireless networks for home or office, virus and spyware removals, data recovery and backup, FREE computer, apple, LCD recycling, business service contracts, custom built computers, servers and gaming machines, We also offer in store or on site hardware and software support for home users and businesses. Aware Bear Computers also has a store front located on 5 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford New York. "We give the costumer the choice of bringing in their computer, laptop or Apple computer to our location or having a tech come out to their home or business. A lot of people will drop off their machines once they go on vacation in order to get it serviced or cleaned. “says owner founder and CEO Andre Leite Alves. . AwareBear Computers testimonials by our many satisfied clients in Pittsford New York a suburb of Rochester NY:

"I live in the Village and before I had to drive all the way to Henrietta to get my computer serviced, it was a long drive and having to deal with traffic was just horrible. Once I saw Aware Bear Computers in the Yellow Pages and saw they were right next door it made my life a lot easier. I love the cute bear and the service is professional and old fashioned. I will bring more ice cream the next time I will come over." Mary G, Pittsford New York. "I have been using Aware Bear Computers for a while now; I run a translation business and had all sorts of issues getting my keyboard to work on foreign languages. Aware Bear Computers helped me solve that problem; they even had a Chinese native speaker that was able to get the Chinese translation package installed on my machine. I also signed up for a service contract in order to have peace of mind. Since then my computers have been running great. Thanks Aware Bear!" Zefir Y, Mendon New York. "I have a HP DV6000 laptop that I was told I would need a motherboard replacement for around $500-$600. I am a senior citizen that is on a fixed income and really don't have the extra cash. Once you get to be my age you will understand what a fixed income is. Anyway I took the HP laptop in to Aware Bear Computers on 5 Monroe Avenue in order to get a third opinion about it. A few hours later I got a call back from them saying that they had good news; the wireless card was faulty and was not allowing the computer to boot up properly. In 2 days and $100 my computer was running like new again. These guys saved me $500 and a lot of frustration. Aware

Bear is the place to bring your HP computer or laptop for service and repair." Bernie A, Fairport New York. "I use my computer at my home office in order to collect all my research data from work that allows me to work at home while taking care of my kids. Every morning when I turned on my computer my internet was down. I called the internet company several times and no one could figure out this problem. I told my brother in law about this problem and he told me he knew a good computer shop and gave me Aware Bear's phone number. Andre came to the house and figured out the problem. My internet modem was over 10 years old and took a while to initialize. My computer since it was newer did load a lot faster than the box and Windows XP did not pick up the signal. Andre went down to the internet company office and swapped out the modem for me. That did the trick and saved me a lot of frustration. I recommend Aware Bear Computers for anyone looking for a good computer service company." Jackie H, East Rochester New York. "I am a repeat costumer of Aware Bear last year I had them rebuild a computer for me that I use to scan old negatives using a SCSI scanner. For me to upgrade the system means I will need to upgrade the scanners as well. I really don't want to do that since it will cost me a lot of money and my current setup works great for the type of work I do. I moved my office from downtown Rochester to Pittsford NY and once the move was done my computer would not load Windows. I kept getting a warning message and could not figure out what was going on. I took the PC down to Aware Bear explained the situation and they told me they will check into it. The next day they call me and my computer is all set. They found out a cable was loose inside from the move, they reattached and did not charge me anything for it. I told them and will say again (that's what I call honest service)." Donna W. , Pittsford New York. "Aware Bear Computer Repair is Professional, prompt and reasonable." David E. , Penfield NY "While traveling to Rochester NY I had issues with my laptop and they were able to provide me with a loaner laptop while my laptop was being repaired. Not many places will do that, recommend to anyone in the Rochester NY area or passing by." Margaret M. , San Francisco California. "I was given Aware Bear Computers name from a DELL technician that came to my home in order to replace my DELL's hard drive under warranty. I was told by him that Aware Bear could retrieve my data from my failing hard drive. I took the drive in and less than a week later all my files were transferred into a CD. All my family pictures and precious memories. Aware Bear also recommended an external hard drive in order for me to backup my data and keep it safe in case another hard drive melt down happens. Thank you again!" Joanne T, Webster NY.

"I had a nasty virus on my HP and DELL laptops; I took them both in for a virus removal. Aware Bear gave me a discount on the price since they were working on 2 laptops at the same time. 3 days later they were ready and virus free. I was given a loaner computer while my PCs were at the shop. I was able to work and check my emails. I already refereed several people to

Aware Bear and keep hearing good things about them. Keep up the good work boys! Thomas Y, Honeyone Falls New York.'

"I went to Aware Bear because I loved their logo, the bear is so cute! I purchased a brand new laptop from them and never been so happy with my computer. I was given expert advice on the different computer brands and they sold me a very solid Sony Vaio. The Intel quad core processor and the Windows 7 make a big difference." Lori M, Pittsford New York

"AwareBear saved the day! I was in Rochester NY for a business trip and ended up catching a virus. My hotel concierge recommended Aware Bear Computers and they cleaned the virus in a few hours. They saved me since I had a very important business presentation to make that day." Laura U, Boston MA

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AwareBear Computers in Pittsford New York Rochester NY Customer Testimonials  

Aware Bear is located on 5 Monroe Avenue Pittsford NY 14534 (585)473-7035 Aware Bear Computers office hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 6pm Saturd...

AwareBear Computers in Pittsford New York Rochester NY Customer Testimonials  

Aware Bear is located on 5 Monroe Avenue Pittsford NY 14534 (585)473-7035 Aware Bear Computers office hours: Monday-Friday 10am - 6pm Saturd...