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Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY Data Backup and Loss Prevention Rochester NY Aware Bear Computers (585)473-7035 on 5 Monroe Ave Pittsford NY specializes in data backup and loss prevention. We are PC and Mac specialists, and we can help you setup your backup solution properly, giving you peace of mind in case an emergency ever occurs. Everyone has important files and documents saved on computer hard drives. Some of these include wedding photos, baby pictures, graduation snapshots , family home videos; All documents that you may not have a back up of. You might even run a home business and have all your important business documents saved on one machine, and fact is that many people do not make regular backups. Digital photography and digital videos have been around for a little over 10 years; before we had negatives and the movies were saved on magnetic tape. During that time period of human history, there was no need of having an external hard drive in order to back photos and videos up or even thinking of data loss and prevention. Aware Bear Computers in Rochester NY can help you prevent data loss. Many factors can cause your files to vanish a few examples are: viruses, power surges, corrupt operating system, physical damage to the hardware and much more. Hard drive manufactures say a hard drive is good for 3-5 years and after that they should be replaced. Aware Bear Computer technicians always emphasize that “we should always educate people about data backup and loss prevention before it happens; before it costs you thousands of dollars.� At Aware Bear Computers, we believe that it is extremely important that you have some type of backup plan such an external hard drive. Backing up into a cloud online program is also not a bad idea and it will become ever so more popular in the years to come. One would think that a secondary hard drive would be the best option as a backup solution, on the other hand if a power surge occurs and you are not protected with a power surge protector, your files may be at risk. The reason behind this theory is that if the two hard drives are on the same computer, there can be a chance that the two may damage at the same time. The major advantage of having an external hard drive is that the drive can be put away after the backups are done. If they are needed for data backup and loss prevention you can be sure they would work since they are not hooked up to the computer at all times, in case something happens to your PC or Mac. Another and less reliable way to backup would be to partition your primary hard drive and use a backup software program. This may not be a good idea because if you even visit a website, or click on a link you could contract a virus and permanently lose all of your data.

Partitioning your hard drive could help you restore your computer in case of a virus infection; however it could not work in case if the primary hard drive becomes physically damaged since the information is inside of a damaged drive. This method is not recommend by Aware Bear Computers for data backup and loss prevention. Aware Bear Computers has the experience when it comes to data backup. We can help you with expert advice about the data backup solution on your needs, since everyone’s needs are different and we understand that. We can also help you configure your new backup device so it works by itself without you having to worry about weekly or monthly backups. Remember data backup and loss prevention is the only way to keep your important files safe in case of an emergency strikes. Š2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AWAREBEAR, INC ANDRE LEITE ALVES. Aware, Bear, Computers, computer, AwareBear, Pittsford, NY, Rochester, New York, Data, backup, Loss, Prevention, backup, data backup, loss prevention, Pc, Mac, experience,

Aware Bear Computers Pittsford NY Data Backup and Loss Prevention Rochester NY