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Melissa Rea 8th Feb 2012

Mr C Black 123 Main Street Coatbridge ML5 3LD 24th April 2008 Dear Mr Black To the associates of the Bridge Rugby Club.

This is an agenda for the Annual General Meeting, which is to be held on: Wednesday the 1st of May 2008 at 7.30 in the Club Hall.


 Vote for the Chairman.  Vote for the Secretary.  Presentation of the annual accounts from 2007  Presentation of the budgets for 2008 for approval.

 Election of the board.  Remuneration of the Auditors.  Election the administrator.  Election of the auditor.


Melissa Rea 8th Feb 2012 Annual Accounts Income Membership fees Lottery funding Fund Raising Bar

8000 5000 4500 15000

Expenditur e Equipment Club Bills Buses Bar Coss

1000 9000 1500 12500

Thank you, Mary Peters Nominees for election Chairperson Secretary Administrator Auditor

Nominee Harry McDonald Mary Smith Michelle Markey Brian Innes

Nominee Charles Black Andrew White Aasma Haq Edward McGuiness




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