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MESSAGE FROM GLITTER The peals of laughter were long and crisp and were not exactly unexpected. Somehow, we knew that we would laugh even before we bowed down to pray that one breezy quiet night three months ago. Then when one of us actually said it out loud for the first time, well, we laughed. I learned two important things then. One, I have more of Sarah in me than I have of Abraham, and that, two, laughter is really a basic need! Frederic Buchner, on Abraham and Sarah going to have a child, said, "They laughed because laughing felt better than crying. They laughed because if by some crazy chance it just happened to come true, they would really have something to laugh about, and in the meanwhile it helped keep them going." The Prayer Hut stands on the land where the Eco School would soon rise. Everyday, the ALDC team regularly gathers and prays inside this prayer hut. “To catch the reader's attention, place an

We are limited creatures and despite our claims that we believe on the God who owns everything and can do anything, there are times that our human finiteness cannot immediately grasp hold of that truth. And hence, to laugh is not necessarily not to believe, but to cope, a stage that one has to go through in stepping out of faith.

interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

At ALDC, there is no question that we are taking a giant leap of faith. We opened the year 2014 by launching a bigger Advocacy Awareness and Fund Raising Campaign called the ‘FLASH THE SEVEN' or FT7. This directly refers to the 7M pesos (US$158,000) that we need as budget to build our Eco-school, and to the hope that we can get more people to know and support the global advocacy for literacy, specifically through a ripple scheme where one ALDC supporter will find seven others more to get involved with our work in any way. In short, the FT7 is both to raise awareness and funds. In the magnitude of these goals, we are grateful for the gift of laughter to sustain our sanity, and more so, for the accessibility of prayer to sustain our faith. Indeed, we have started a whole new commitment to prayer and which we hope that time can mold into a tradition, so that in the future, there will be no doubt that it is through the faith of ordinary people that God has been able to accomplish extraordinary things.

We use a Prayer Logbook to record all our prayer praises and prayer concerns everyday. A prayer logbook also contains the specific date and time of prayer and who prayed.

Please know that to laugh and to pray are becoming easier for us to do as our support network is growing and getting stronger. This is a very good time to thank you all for giving to ALDC, even sometimes sacrificially. May this annual ‘NewsZine’ bring joy and hope to you and strengthen your resolve in making a difference in your corner of the world. We continue to invite you to work with us, laugh with us and pray with us. Together, we can Empower Through Literacy!

Glitter H. Moreño 7 May 2014




Because books bridge... Books will always be an integral part in our advocacy. This box which contains toys, clothes

We are very grateful to all our BOOKDRIVERS this school year! They are Jocelyn Astrom (Sweden), UPV CD Students (Iloilo), Maranatha Christian College (Bacolod), Veronica Illenberger (USA) and Christine Babao (Manila).

and books, is the third package that Veronica Illenberger has donated to us from California, USA, since 2010. Ms Illenberger found out about our work online.

Be An ALDC Bookdriver The books you give to us are either given away to marginalized schools and communities or placed in our own library. Hence, books to us and through us, can make a huge difference in the lives of many. For the last 12 months, under our Reading Awareness and

Book Giving Campaign, we were able to give books to adults and children in the villages of Parola (coastal) and Patol (upland). We also gave books to Caliling Elem School, Candulan Elem School, Pinamay-an Elem School and Caliling High School. Help us sustain this program. Be an ALDC Bookdriver today!

Donation of English books to Florentina Ca単a Recto Memorial High School, Caliling Extension, December 2013.



SPOTLIGHT |Website. We launched our official website in August 2013. Our online space is a very good way to tell people about our work and to update our supporters about our progress. We also actively use Facebok and Twitter for ALDC.| |Bamboo Banks. The ALDC Eco School project is participatory. We do not only encourage the people living in the cities or overseas to help us, but we also empower the families in the ALDC community to take part by saving up coins for the ALDC Eco School using a bamboo bank. |

Flash the 7 in china


The number 7 is a significant number to ALDC. Our ‘FLASH THE 7’ or FT7, is all about the 7. We are raising 7M pesos to build our Eco School, and we hope to encourage each of our supporters to tell 7 other people more about the global crisis of illiteracy and how they could get involved with our work in changing the situation. Beginning this year, 2014, we hope to take FT7 to key cities in the Philippines and overseas, where there are Filipino communities that will be willing to host us. We lobby, primarily, for Filipinos (ALDC Sponsors) to help Filipinos (ALDC) help Filipinos (ALDC beneficiaries). Of course, we hope to receive all the help, too, from our non-Filipino friends, as our need is great, but our primary dream is to mobilize Filipinos to help their country through us.

FT7 at Beijing Normal University

For the whole month of March, ALDC founder, Glitter Moreño, was in China, specifically in Beijing and Shenyang, to give talks to various groups about the FT7. In Beijing, Glitter was able to meet and share FT7 with Ahmed Faqihi and Zafer Alqarni, Arab educators and who previously gave to our SPED program, the core team of the Philippines-China Friendship club, the Filipino Congregation at Beijing International Christian Fellowship, the international academicians and PhD students at Beijing Normal University and more. The China Radio International also guested and interviewed Glitter.

FT7 at Biejing Int’l Christian Fellowship – Filipino Congregation

While, in Shenyang, Glitter gave a talk to a Filipino group and to international students and expats in Shenyang International Christian Fellowship. She also gave a seminar on Community Development and Missions to short-term missionaries. We are grateful to volunteer FT7 coordinators in China, Velessa Dulin (Beijing), Joseph and Lucelle Appleton and Tad and Vickie Natividad. (Shenyang).


Filipinos organized a lunch gathering for FT7 in Shenyang.



Adult Literacy Students Finished Level 1 We are happy to report that our first batch of Adult Literacy Curriculum (ALC) students in the upland village of Patol has finished the Level 1 of learning. Joining our Preschool and SPED students, in our 4th Moving Up Ceremony and Closing Exercises, last 24 March, our ALC students proudly received their certificate of accomplishment, too. The group which was led by our oldest student and former chief of Patol, Cervando Chavez, 64, rendered a song number and recited a poetry on literacy written by their teacher, Ms Amelyn Elladora.

The ALC Batch 1 students of Patol, proudly showed their certificate of accomplishment, with Teacher Amelyn, during our 4th Moving Up Ceremony, 24 March 2014.

This batch is moving up to Level 2 on June this school year. We hope that through them, many will be inspired to enroll in ALC.

Si Marikit, Si Libroster, kag Si Alamwiz This is a story about a girl, Marikit, who lives in a village called, Lawiswis. Marikit does not like to read books. All she wants to do is play and play all day long. Her mother, Celia, buys her books. Her friend, Lourdes, gives her books to read, too. Her father, Dencio, also tells her that reading is learning and when you don’t read, you don’t learn. Marikit, however, ignores their efforts. She does not like books and nothing could ever change her mind. Or so she thought. Living in the deepest of the deepest swamps in the village called Lawiswis, there is a creature that is growing in strength and size as more and more children reject the reading of books. He is Libroster, a monster! His goal is to eliminate all books from the face of the vil-

lage called Lawiswis and rule forever. But then there is Alamwiz, the good wizard that tells Marikit and her friends how to defeat Libroster. The only way is by having a change of heart and to start reading books! Glitter wrote the play Si Marikit, Si Libroster kag (and) Si Alamwiz to be used as the official campaign tool of the ALDC team when visiting schools and communities for its Reading Awareness and Book Giving Campaign. The play has been very effective and is always a crowd attraction. ALDC performed to students from 25 schools during a scout camp (Nov 2013) , and to children and parents in the upland village of Patol (May 2013).




LOVE The “Love Letters� is a newly-launched annual initiative of the ALDC that hopes to bridge love and encouragement between people who support our literacy advocacy and the teachers and elementary graduates in selected mountain schools through letters, every school-year end. The chances are always high for elementary school graduates living in the mountains to not continue on to high school, primarily because of the long distance. We hope that through the Love Letters, we can make a small but good difference in encouraging these students to pursue high school to get closer to their dreams. Similarly, we hope that the Love Letters, will make a big impact, too, on the teachers who will receive them. They risk their lives, traversing dangerous roads, just to teach in mountain schools, every day.

28 students have graduated from Tumalawas Elem. School. Apart from the Love Letter, we also gave each graduate two High School books to encourage them more to pursue High School. Tumalawas is four hours away by foot, one way, from the nearest high school.

The hills are alive with the sound of learning! Our dream is to see these children move on to high school, and later on, to higher education. Presently, we are working to get the class valedictorian to live in the ALDC and make her our high school scholar after we found out that her parents did not intend to enroll her in high school because of the long distance.





LETTERS For our first year, we have identified three school beneficiaries. These were, Patol Elem. School, Candulan Elem. School, and Tumalawas Elem. School.

“Receiving words of encouragement from someone, somewhere, I believe, can lift the spirit up of a hardworking teacher. I am glad to be a part of this project!�

We gave a total of 82 letters to 15 teachers and 67 graduating pupils. Our letters came from different places in the country, as far as Manila, Mindanao and Antique.

Jeanette Madas, Love Letter Writer General Santos, Mindanao

To go down from Candulan Elem. School, the ALDC team had to climb down steep hills and crossed seven rivers, something that the teachers of the school do everyday! The principal and teachers of Patol Elem. School were happy to receive a love letter, a book, and a copy of the Freedom Writers Film!

THANK YOU to all our 82 Love Letter Writers! Be a source of encouragement to a student or a teacher in an upland school. Be an annual ALDC Love Letter Writer!



Computer Donation


August 2013. TV hosts, Christine Babao and Edu Manzano, have generously donated a new computer and printer to our office. We are very grateful to their kindness. Ms Babao, a children's author has also donated her books to ALDC in 2011, the very first Pilipino books in ALDC library.




They came. They saw. They helped. We were greatly encouraged by the visit and help of individuals who supported our advocacy. In July 12, 2013, Zinnia Villarin, a triathlete and fitness coach in Manila came to lead our ‘FIT IS HIT’ Nutrition Day. Our goal was to promote regular fitness and exercise to have a healthy body. Coach Zinnia taught our children and parents Yoga and Zumba. A month later, in August 9, Faith Dumaligan, a landscape architect in Manila came to see how she could help us start the design for our Eco School building. Community Development faculty and students of UP Visayas also visited and helped the ALDC in August 29-31, as their Alternative Learning Event (ALE). The 34member contingent which was comprised by four CD classes, 31 students, and three professors, were divided into three teams. More on page 11.



Our mothers stretching their stress



Our children enjoying yoga.



Arrival of CD faculty and


students from UP.





4th Moving Up Ceremony


event was very special to our children and their families. Dressed in their best, grandparents and parents, proudly walked up the stage to pin ribbons or put medals on their children for their special awards. The ‘Little Dreamers’, an annual number, was also very special. Children painted a Our children in their bright future ‘Little Dreamers’ around by costume during the dressing up in 4th Moving Up. their future dreams.









“Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino” or “The Filipino Heart Cannot Be Moved”, was the graduation theme in every school in the Philippines at the end of the school year 2013-14.

What made this year’s Moving Up Ceremony more special were the accomplishment of our first batch of ALC students, and the confidence in the performance of our SPED children. Indeed, it was one memorable day!

Both our baccalaureate speaker, Mr Ryle Moreño, and graduation speaker, Pastor Nick Balinas, emphasized the importance of Christian education and a personal relationship with God, as ways to Teacher Hazel have a heart that is resolved and cannot with Kent and be moved. We held our 4th Moving Up Ceremony last 24 March. Just like the years before, this

Glitter wrote

the poem

‘Sa Doon’

(0ver There)

and it the

best captures long struggle towards literacy.

Kristian of SPED.

LEAN, AN ALDC SCHOLAR! Lean Magbanua, has completed the three levels of preschool at ALDC through our Scholarship Program, from 2011 until 2014. She graduated as second in her class last 24 March, and will be attending Grade 1 this June in a public school nearby.

In July 2012, Lean got sick and was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome.

This means that Lean’s kidneys were damaged, causing protein, particularly her albumin, to leak from her blood into the urine. The In all her time with us, Lean has served as a good inspiration because illness is cureable for some but for others, it can be a of her courage in facing her illness. life-long condition or worse Lean, 6, is now all set it can lead to kidney failure. to enter Grade 1. More on page 13.



Relief Drive for Carles Shortly after the typhoon Haiyan had devastated the Visayas region in the Philippines, we launched our Relief Drive for Carles in the northernmost part of Iloilo, one of the most affected places.

At the Estancia port. We crossed to Sicogon by renting one of these

We appealed for toys, clothes and funds. Happily, we were able to raise 78,217 pesos ($1,760) and collected a good volume of clothes.

On 13-15 December 2013, the ALDC team went to Sicogon Island, in Carles, to contribute in the relief efforts and deliver help in the area.

dren expressed their fears and their wishes and dreams. Almost all of them asked for the complete restoration of their houses and schools.

There, we conducted a stress debriefing activity to children and teachers in two elementary schools . We sang songs, played games, prayed, and led the children to write letters to God. In the letters, the chil-

Through our relief fund, we were also able to provide housing or/and livelihood assistance to eleven families.

small motored boats.

SPOTLIGHT |The New Internationalist (NI), a prestigious and progressive publication, featured the Adult Literacy Curriculum of the ALDC, two months ago in its Photo Essay section. The NI also asked its readers to donate their NI magazines to the ALDC Library. |

ALDC RELIEF FUND ALDC, Philippines Cornerstone Church, Cambodia Philippine Self-Help Foundation, Philippines Shekinah Glory Baptist Church, Philippines Student group in Beijing Normal University, China William Struse, USA TOTAL

3,730 pesos 6,235 pesos 15,000 pesos 2,025 pesos 7,960 pesos 43,217 pesos 78,217 pesos

We spent 35,000 pesos in December last year for relief in Carles. We discovered the donation from Mr William Struse only a month later and this now makes up the balance of the ALDC Relief

Bensurto Family, relief recipient. Mesalie, 38, ands her son, Arjhan, 11, know well how devastating typhoons can be. They lost Arnel, Mesalie's husband and Arjhan's father in May 11, 2006 when typhoon Caloy hit the seas of Masbate. They never recovered his body. Arjhan was only four years old then. Mesalie was so devastated that she had to go away and find work in Manila to cope with her loss. Lola Trining, Mesalie's mother, was the one who raised Arjhan. She did a very good job as Arjhan turned out to be a respectful, happy and helpful boy. Earlier this year, Mesalie decided to come home to Carles for good. So it was quite a bitter joke to experience the devastation of a super typhoon


Thank you for sending your help!

several months after she came back. It did not only cause a lot damage in the family's house, but it also brought back the painful memories of losing Arnel to a strong typhoon. Mesalie, however, is much stronger now, and she knows that this recent struggle in her familly will also pass. We gave the Bensurto family funds to finish the repairs of their house.




UP Students Reflect of their Visit to ALDC The CD 135 Class comprised the Team Josephine, one of the three teams during the visit of Community Development faculty and students from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas.

fish. I asked him why did he draw a fish and he answered me this “Kay wala pa ako katilaw sang isda.” (I have not eaten fish yet.) I did not know what to feel. “

Team Josephine campaigned for reading in three schools, two of which were located in the mountains.

“I have been through different devastating situations but what I witnessed in this visit has changed my perception about life satisfaction, and left me burdened and motivated. The children of Sitio Looy have opened my eyes to give value of what I have today. “

Here are some bits taken from the insights of some CD 135 students. “We let the children draw their dreams on paper. I was surprised to see some of their drawing. One of them drew a

Brian Rose Iquina

Maris Pylene Espero

“I have seen many documentaries in class that showed how hard it is for people to get education in far flung areas, but witnessing it in reality is different. “ 

Hannah Faith Enriquez

“I kept going, once again focusing my energy into breathing and walking. I was so exhausted when we reached the primary school that I headed straight towards heavenly cold buko juice and a chair. I turned to my right and saw little faces peeping through the classroom windows. After almost two hours, I had the energy to smile...I was also resenting the politicians who steal billions each year to invest on their new houses or wonderful vacations. And I think it’s really stupid to spend billions on this road widening crap while some places don’t even have roads. I hated politicians before, now, after ALDC, I’d gladly shoot them point blank.” 

Joni Mae Berador

They came. They saw. They helped. From page 8. For Day 1, each group had a lowland school to visit and promote reading to, and for Day 2, the groups went up to their designated upland communities. The Natividads and the Appletons.

Please read above the insights of some UP students.

Lastly, we were blessed by the visit of our missionary friends and ALDC supporters, couples Joseph and Lucelle Appleton and Tad and Vicky Natividad, from China, last 26 January.

They brought goodies for the team and craft materials and medicines for our school! Their presence was a great encouragement to us!



Help Us EMPOWER THOUGH LITERACY! There are many ways that you can support the ALDC!

HOST THE FT7 We hope to take FT7 to key cities within and outside the Philippines where there will be people who are willing to give us a platform. In March of this year, we were successful in sharing our literacy advocacy in China because there were a few people there who walked the extra mile to organize meet-ups and events for ALDC, and even took care of our lodging and food. We hope that the FT7 in China will not be our first and last this year. Help us take our advocacy to your area. HOST THE FT7!




Commit to a monthly pledge to ALDC and we will allocate it accordingly. The pledge starts at 1,000 pesos ($145) for a maximum of 12 months or one school year. Alternatively, you can give a one-time donation. We provide a regular and transparent reporting.

You are a bookdriver to ALDC when you donate your own books or when you organize a system to collect books to send to us. The need for books is extremely great in our target schools and communities. Send your donation to our address, located at the back cover.

Tell us your skills and there might just be a scope for you to do at ALDC. Also, please consider visiting us and helping us on site for a short time. If you’re one for adventure then you will love our mountains and our beaches, the additional perks, when you are in our communities.




Our need for prayer partners is as great as our need for financial supporters. When you commit to ‘Pray Daily for ALDC’ you will pray with us and for us. We have a prayer calendar which you can download and print. Whereever you are in the world, you can help us this way.

We cannot reach your family and friends, but you can! Will you take some time to tell them about us? One of them might be willing to support our work. Also you can campaign for us by encouraging people to like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter. We always post new updates.

We always have random projects every now and then. Take our Love Letters Project, for instance, which is only happening once a year. Or our fundraising drive to help a particular family or a calamitystricken community. So please always check our website for the latest.

SEND YOUR GIFT: The ALDC has three official bank accounts. You may transfer your funds to us through any that will be most convenient for you. Please make sure to notify us when you make a deposit. Bank: Name: Account: Branch: Swift Code: Routing No:

   

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Awagoh Learning & Devt Center Inc. 1043-7549-78 0104-Bacolod Main BOPIPHMM CH005873

Banco De Oro (BDO) Glitter H. Moreno 1960-1066-68 196-SM City Bacolod BNORPHMM

China Construction Bank (CCB) Glitter Moreno 6210-8107-3001-2347-424

There is no fee when depositing in BPI anywhere in the Philippines. There is a 50-peso charge when depositing in BDO outside of Negros Occidental, except if you transfer funds online. Our China account is especially for those living in China. Please remember to add 30CNY for withdrawal fee. Our paypal account will be activated within the year for online donation. EDGES



LEAN, AN ALDC SCHOLAR! From page 9. Since her diagnosis, Lean has been under regular medication. Indeed, there were times when her tummy and cheeks bloated and she had to be absent from school for a long time to get better. Her faith in God, however, was remarkable. She would sometimes comfort Leny, her mother, by saying, that she was not afraid to die as she knew that she would go to Jesus in heaven. When she said her little speech during the graduation ceremony, many were moved to tears.

Lean’s triumph was truly a picture of God’s grace, of her own courage and the unity of care and love given to her by the ALDC community. The ALDC has truly provided Lean and her family with a reliable support system. Many thanks, too, to Lean’s sponsors for supporting Lean’s learning at ALDC. Lean is not yet out of the Lean, with mother Leny, woods so please include her brother Leonard, and teacher Hazel, in your prayers. after the graduation ceremony.

Glitter’s Interview in China The China Radio International (CRI) Filipino Service in Beijing, interviewed Glitter in its show ‘Mga Pinoy sa Tsina’ (The Filipinos in China). The interview was a good opportunity for Glitter to talk about the global crisis on illiteracy and what the ALDC is doing to contribute in solving this problem in the central part of the Philippines. The interview was in Pilipino. It was aired in the Philippines on April 2, over DZME 1530. L-R: Jade Xian (station manager), Glitter, Ramon Escanillas, (Filipino broadcaster), and Machelle Ramos (host of the show).

Online, it can still be accessed at:

Our Scholars SY 2014-15


SPONSOR AN ALDC SCHOLAR! Our Scholarship Program has enabled many children to study in ALDC Preschool for the last three years. We have had kind individuals who each sponsored a child for a whole year of studies. This school year, 201415, we are taking things into a whole new level as we expand our Scholarship Program. One, we will start to have SPED, Elementary and High School scholars. We hope to have five SPED scholars, and we are also keen to start helping selected poor Elementary and High School students, including Lean, who are studying in public schools in Cauayan. Moreover, we will open a preschool branch in the upland community of Mayab so that many more children living in the mountains will be able to have a high quality basic education. Would you sponsor an ALDC scholar? Take a look at your left. Contact us for details.




Calaogao, Caliling, Cauayan Negros Occidental 6112 Philippines Website: Phone: +63 917 552 1296 E-mail: Facebook: Twitter: Follow the news and updates of ALDC, and read other equally interesting topics from Glitter’s personal perspective. Visit and subscribe to her blog at

The Awagoh Learning and Development Center, Inc., is a nonprofit organization in the Philippines. It aims to empower communities in Cauayan, in the south of Negros island, in the Visayas region, through literacy. The ALDC hopes to meet its goals, through its Outreach and 5 FOR 5. The ALDC's Outreach includes Adopt-ASchool, Reading Awareness and BookGiving Campaign, and Outdoor Class. The 5 For 5, on the other hand, is a program which entails five literacy services to address the needs of five specific sectors. SEC CN201226479 TIN 006851065000 DepEd R-VI E-345 S. 2014

Ready, lights camera, FLASH THE 7! Hear now! FT7 is the latest trend in town for posing for a photo! Make sure to blend in. And when your friends ask you what the five and two are all about, grab the chance to tell them about the global problem of illiteracy. There are now 7.2 billion people in the world. 16% of this are non-literate. More than half of the 16% are living in South and West Asia. A half of the 16% are women. Tell them, too, about the ALDC. And what we do to contribute to the solution of this global crisis through our efforts in the Philippines.

On the cover is Corazon Pontenegra, a student of ALDC’s Adult Literacy Curriculum (ALC), and one of the Level 1 finishers last March. Corazon is a farmer in the upland village of Patol.

Edges Issue 3. The ALDC Annual Newszine.  

Edges is the annual NewsZine of Awagoh Learning and Development Center. The ALDC is a nonprofit in the Philippines. It aims to empower commu...

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