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July 2012

Council looks to allocate spare cash By Ismail Mulla KIRKLEES council will decide what the money left over from last year will be spent on at a full council meeting this month. report that there is £15.1million left over from this year’s budget, with £9million being reallocated to allow delivery on commitments that haven’t been £6million unallocated. Kirklees Liberal Democrats areas that they would spend £6 million left unspent from last year’s budget. They want to use the money

to protect libraries from closure, provide “pothole hit squads” to improve roads and job clubs in an attempt to tackle unemployment. Kirklees Lib Dem leader, Cllr Kath Pinnock said: “At the present time we know that people are concerned about their jobs, about the continued delivery of local services and the state of the roads. “The £6m underspend provides the council with a to help respond to those concerns.” Cuts to the council’s budget replaced by volunteers – a move that has been met by a lot of resistance not least

from Kirklees Save Our Services (KSOS). Cllr Pinnock acknowledges this saying, “Our work with local communities tells us that they are not happy with the idea of volunteers running local libraries so the Council should certainly use some this money to take that Unemployment will also be a big issue at the meeting as the council looks to allocate the money. “We would like the council to invest what it can in helping people who are out of work, get back to work,” says Cllr Pinnock. The council will debate proposals from all groups at a full council meeting to be Hall on 4 July.

Another EDL demo in Dewsbury Metro bus

-Travel Safely

Readers Views Great to see so many people of all ages and from all walks of life welcoming the Olympic torch through Batley

It’s wonderful to see so many people here today. I wish the GB team all the success and I’m sure we’ll bring a few gold medals this year. Chair of Milen, Aziz Daji Why are people making so many excuses about the England football team! These are players who play against world class player’s week in week out and against European teams in the Champions league. If there not good enough why do they play for their clubs in those competition’s!

THE far-right English Defence League (EDL) will once again descend on Dewsbury, as they plan on holding a demonstration outside the town hall.

A counter demonstration is to be held by Kirklees Unite Against Fascism (UAF). It will take place at Angry Irfaan 11am on the junction of Foundry Street and Market Place. MPs, Great front page and that cot death study is Trade Unionists, campaigners and fascinating, community groups called for the ‘Celebration of Unity’ rally. (last months Awaaz)

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A statement released by Dewsbury Unity said: “The EDL is a racist group dedicated to attacking Asian people and Muslims. Islamophobia – bigotry against Muslims — is as unacceptable as any other form of racism. Its aim is to divide us by making scapegoats of one community, just as the Nazis did with the Jews in the

1930s. “Today the EDL threaten Muslims. Tomorrow it could be Jewish people, Hindus, Sikhs, black people, lesbians and gay men, travellers or East Europeans. There is no place for Nazis, racists or the EDL in Dewsbury’s multiracial, multicultural and multi-faith community.” However Kirklees Faiths Forum is urging people to avoid the town centre if possible. The chair of the Faiths Forum Bishop Tony Robinson said: “We are urging people to stay out of the town on that day, which is not good for traders or people wanting to visit but will be a silent protest at what the EDL are doing. “There will be people looking for trouble and it is sad that people

West Yorkshire's bus companies and transport authority Metro have joined forces with the police in a bid to increase the reporting of hate crime incidents against both drivers and are prepared to come from passengers. outside this area to make protests. Safer Transport West Yorkshire, which of the Christian religion to brings together West Yorkshire Police, support their perspective is a the transport authority Metro and bus blasphemous misinterpretation companies including Arriva and First Buses, have launched a new initiative of the Christian Gospel.” aimed at encouraging people to The last time the EDL held a recognise hate incidents and report demonstration in Cleckheaton them to police. two arrests were made after the group split and some of their Sergeant Rachel Claughton is Safer members went looking for Transport West Yorkshire’s dedicated trouble in Dewsbury. "These type of hate incidents often go The police are aware of the planned demos. A spokesman for silence. The aim of this campaign is to West Yorkshire Police said: “We are educate people that any abuse is working with the organisation unacceptable and needs to be investiand with our partner agencies to gated by the police.” ensure that any demonstration that takes place does so peace- Metro, West Yorkshire Police and the fully and that there is minimum bus operators are dedicated to disruption for the people of making every bus journey as safe as possible Dewsbury.”

IMMIGRATION 100% Compensation No Win, No Fee, No Fuss Home visits arranged Free advice

Marriage Visas Visitors Visas Student Visas Settelment Appeals Continued from Page 1

The list doesn’t end here and the new Immigration Rules will also unify consideration under the rules and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, by

applicants for settlement will require to pass the Life in the UK Test and present an English language speaking and listening

July 2012


should choose as their spouses limit. This is unfair, unjust and unnecessary”, said Keith Vaz, Senior Labour MP.

person can enter or remain in the UK on the basis of their family or private life.

the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages unless they are exempt. Previously only those applying for citizenship had to meet these requirements.

"I am shocked at the Government's new proposal. They will dramati-

Third, immediate settlement will be abolished for migrant spouses and partners where a couple have been living together overseas for at least four years.

settled British Asians, not illegal immigrants, tax payers who contribute to our country. A British Home Secretary has no place dictating who British citizens

Mike Wood MP To contact Mike or for information about advice surgeries: 9 Cross Crown Street, Cleckheaton, BD19 3HW

Tel : 01274 335233

Email :

Batley and Spen MP Mike Wood

Ramadhan Mubarak To all Awaaz readers

Happy one hundred

From Mike Wood MP & Team

Causing a storm By Mohamed ansar A RECENT erection of a wind turbine on the Batley Rugby League Club grounds has caused a stir with neighbouring residents. The residents, in Mount Pleasant, Batley, claim they never saw the planning permission notice placed by the council nor did they receive any correspondence or a consultation prior to its erection. A resident told us the problem is more to do with the turbines spinning action.

Celebrating the centenary: (R-L) Mike Wood MP, Rizwana Ahmed (Deputy Head), Tim Scargill (Head Teacher), Ikram Butt, Starr Zaman with children from the School.

By Mohamed Ansar CARLTON junior and Infant School went all out for an event celebrating one hundred years of the schools contribution to the community.

“As soon as you look out of the window your eyes are immediately drawn to the turbine, we used to have a beautiful view before but now all we see is the turbine.”

The event, titled Unity in the Community, took place on 28 June at the school grounds and included dignitaries Mike Wood MP and former England rugby league star Ikram Butt.

We asked Kirklees Council Planning as to what site notices and correspondence took place prior to planning permission being granted. They told us a site notice was posted on the junction of Heritage Road and Purlwell Hall Road on the 2 November 2009.

A Sore Sight: Residents say the turbine captures there eyes constantly

post at the end of our street, but I don’t remember this sign at all.”

have felt it didn’t apply to them.

Immediately after its installation, residents contacted Kirklees Council complaining about the turbine. The council gave the residents a complaint number and said it would be looked into. When nothing happened the residents contacted the council again and asked for an update at which point the residents were then told to put their complaints in writing.

One resident told us: “I always look at signs for planning and they are usually placed on the

We asked the council if the residents could make a challenge, they told us:

However residents didn’t see this sign. The location of the sign is direction residents don’t normally walk. In fact the sign would not have even been considered by the

“In terms of any challenge to the decision, planning permission has been granted by the Authority. “There is no right of appeal within planning law for residents to challenge the grant of planning permission and time periods for other legal proceedings through judicial review may now have lapsed.” We also asked if letters were sent to the residents and if the council conducted an environmental impact assessment. At the time of this article going to print we had received no answer to these questions.

Ikram told us how he had been invited: “I got a phone call from the deputy head who really went out of her way to contact me and to engage with people who make a positive impact in the community and maybe act as a mentor as well. So I was really delighted. “It’s a good turn out judging by the people who have turned up and more arriving, and despite the weather the school decided to still go ahead which is fantastic.” Batley and Spen MP Mike Wood agreed that the milestone was an important one: “A hundred years is a long time

serving the local community, the schools done it to a high standard for a long time.” The rain didn’t dampen the spirit of the community or the children as the bouncy castle remained active accompanied by a trumpet played by children, rugby league players, stalls and even a Bollywood dance by professional dancers. Deputy Head Rizwana Ahmed told us more about the school and the reason for the event; “I Think it’s the right time given Carlton’s hundred years, it’s the right time to celebrate diversity. “Showing children the very best of their community so that they are exposed to positive role models for a better future, to inspire them to raise their aspirations.” Mrs Ahmed also believes with the innovative leadership of the Head Teacher Mr Scargill and the support of continue to achieve the vision she holds.

Did you know we had...

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Those children who had more than 12 months tuition and over 95% attendance*

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Batley, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike

July 2012


King Eric says no to Israel 2013 By Mohamed Ansar

ISRAELI officials have agreed to release Palestinian Footballer Mahmoud Sarsak just days after a letter co-signed by Eric Cantona was sent to UEFA, protesting against Sarsak’s continued imprisonment without charge. At the time Sarsak was on his 91 day of a hunger strike after spending three years in prison. The letter to UEFA President Michel Platini called for Israel to face the same scrutiny as Euro2012 host Poland and Ukraine and be barred from holding next year’s Under 21’s European Championships: "Why are these same groups silent when Israel is to host the UEFA Under 21s competition in 2013? Racism, human rights abuses and gross violations of international law are daily occurrences in that country," said the letter.

Wishing you all a

Ramadhan Mubarak Poster Power: An image used to protest agains Sarsak’s imprisonment

Palestinian footballer began his mammoth hunger strike in protest against his continued detention without charge, and became the longest such protest by a Palestinian prisoner.

King Eric: The Old Trafford favourite took a stand for his fellow footballer

Sarsak was enroute to a football match in the West Bank in July 2009 when Israeli forces arrested him accusing him of being involved with an activist group called ‘Islamic Jihad’, something the player has always denied and subsequently something Isreali officials had no evidence of. Earlier in March this year the

During his protest, Sarsak lost nearly half his body weight and agreed to milk and vitamins when it became life threatening. His hunger strike was finally ended when Israeli officials agreed to release him on 10 July and moved him to a civilian hospital. The former Manchester United captain gained support from prominent figures in the sporting world as well as writer Noam Chomsky, film director Ken Loach and John Dugard, the former UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine.

In the letter to fellow countryman Platini, Cantona went on to say: "It is time to end Israel's impunity and to insist on the same standards of equality, justice and respect for international law that we demand of other states," In reply Platini said the tournament would be held in Israel “despite a certain amount of pressure being put on us.” Sarsak’s detention has gained a considerable amount of publicity across the world especially through social networking site Twitter, but is only one story of many. It is estimated that Israeli prisons currently hold over 300 Palestinians without charge.

Calling time on Shisha A Shisha bar owner has been ordered to pay over £1300 after being found guilty of allowing smoking in a confided public area. Vajid Karim of Birkby, Huddersfield, was found guilty of the offences in his absence on June 27 at Kirklees Magistrates Court. The offence was committed at the Mirage Shisha Lounge on Queensgate, Huddersfield. The prosecution came about after members of the public complaint that Shisha was being smoked at the premises contrary to the No Smoking legislation. Officers visited the premises on three occasions before charging Karim in March 2011. The no smoking legislation, introduced in July 2007, make’s

Cupping the cure By Mohamed Ansar CUPPING is a method used to remove ‘bad blood’ from the body and has been proved to be a successful method of improving health as well as curing diseases. “Its like an oil change for the body,” Abdul Hafeez Passwala of Alternate Therapy told us, “It removes all the congealed blood running around your system which then makes you a lot more healthier.” Amongst the Muslim community it dates back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It was a practice he often had performed

and encouraged as a remedy to illnesses and just for the betterment of health. Abdul Hafeez, a level 3 sports therapist, recently also received his accreditation from the British Islamic Holistic Medical Council for performing cupping. He told us: “There are two types of cupping, wet and dry. Dry cupping brings the toxins to the top and allows the body to fight it, whilst for wet cupping small incisions are made which drain out the toxin filled blood”. We asked him about some apprehensions people may have regard-

ing the removal of blood and instruments being used, he told us: “People have a phobia of the use of a blade, but the area would be numb before any incision, so the client would feel a slight prick only. The amount of blood removed would be less than a pint which the body is capable of coping with. And as for the instruments, we use disposable, that way it eliminates any chance of cross contamination. It’s really about choosing an accredited person really, that way you know you’re in safe hands.” Cupping can help to cure a vast number of illnesses including diabetes, skin problems, back


Putting you first

Call: 07976 257362

virtually all enclosed public places and workplaces in England smoke free. Shisha lounges that operate within a closed environment and open to the public are not exempt from this legislation. Shisha bars in closed public areas have gained popularity amongst many young people including teenagers and are often questionable as to letting in underage smokers. The question is could this be the beginning of a clampdown on the bars operating out side of the legislation. Karim was fined £700 and ordered to pay £624.25 prosecution costs plus a £15 victim surcharge for the offences.

Should I open this Text? RESEARCHERS at the University of Portsmouth have developed an app that can tell you whether your incoming text, tweet or email contains good, bad or neutral content.

problems, irritable bowl syndrome, sexual problems, gout, back pain and many more. Abdul Hafeez told us different parts of the body relate to different problems and by cupping in that part can lead to the The app works with an algorithm cure. It is also said to be helpful to designed to determine whether a those wanting to quit smoking. message will make you happy, with a message like ‘lets have dinner tonight!' Abdul Hafeez told us: sad, with messages saying 'I am so angry “One client came to me with a at you!', or indifferent with messages like, shoulder problem, he used to play a 'I need you to pick up the kids’. lot of tennis but now could not lift his arm. By the second session he noticed the difference and was able A positive message will light up in green, to move his arm much more freely.” a negeative in red and a neutral…wait for it, in blue. The app is pre-trained but can also be taught to recognise how the user perceives messages.


July 2012


Time for Real Action at the House of Commons

properly access the support that they need to participate fully in their communities. This is particularly important when it comes to children and young adults from BME backgrounds. Changing attitudes towards not just disability but also ethnic background is vital if we are to have a completely inclusive society. The views of organisations like Include Me Too have been invaluable as we work towards a new cross-Government disability strategy which we will be launching shortly.”

By Sana Abubacar THE national launch event of the Action took place in London at the House of Commons on Monday 18th June. The event addressed the needs of BME (Black, Asian and Minorities Ethnic) disabled children, young people and their families. During the event key issues identimendations For Real Action to more responsive support and accountability in regards to BME disabled children, young people and their families. BME families with disabled children and organisations

supporting these families have shared their concerns that without culturally competent processes of engagement and support their needs will continue to be unmet and their voices will remain unheard.

issues that if not addressed will widen the gap of inequalities faced by BME disabled children, young people and their families. “Over the last ten years Include Me TOO with many other organisations has highlighted several of

Underage cig sting A MAN working at a Pound Bargain months conditional discharge for selling cigarettes to a 13 year old test purchaser working for trading standards.

regions attended the event alongside many faith representatives and voluntary and statutory organisations who pledged their support.

paper. It is imperative with all the government changes and future proposals that these issues are addressed as it is not acceptable that so many BME disabled children, young people and their families are still experiencing the

Maria Miller, Minister for disabled people said, “It is vital that we focus on changing society’s attitudes and behavior towards disabled people so that they can

Abdul Rehman was working at the shop in Yeadon when the 13 year old girl entered the shop and asked for the cigarettes. Abdul Rehman asked the girl what her age was, the test purchaser replied ‘13’. he then looked around the shop and repeated ’13?’ before handing her the cigarettes and said ‘put them in your pocket’.

years and their voices remain to be unheard,” said Parmi Dheensa, Include Me TOO’s executive director and founder.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards Service said, “This Service is determined to reduce the number of

BME parents and carers of disabled children and young

underage sales of cigarettes to minors and will continue to take legal action against the minority of traders who run premises where children can purchase cigarettes. This trader clearly made a cigarettes to other customers". Abdul Rehman received his sentence at Leeds Magistrate’s court.


July 2012

Aalamee take to the kitchen By Mohamed Ansar

WE WISH ALL OUR PUPILS AND PARENTS A HAPPY AND PEACEFUL RAMADAN AND EID. Stockhill Street, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire WF13 2JE Tel: 01924 325 223 Fax: 01924 325226

TREASURES REVEALED IN KIRKLEES By Mohamed Ansar Places of worship across Kirklees will be opening their doors for a three-day multi-faith festival from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 July giving residents the opportunity to experience what goes on inside local places of worship, including

Volunteers from Yorkshire and Manchester united together to serve a meal at a homeless centre run by the Salvation Army. The centre in Manchester houses a mixture of refugees from around the world and is seeing a rise in Muslim refugees Members of the Aalamee Foundation in partnership with First Ethical and the Salvation Army, went to the homeless centre in Manchester with halal food, contributed by The Bedmill in Batley, to be served to all the residents. Mohammed Suhail a volunteer from Aalamee told us:

“The Volunteers are Professionals and Students from the Yorkshire and Manchester area, they got involved by responding to Volunteering make Kirklees such a culturally opportunities which we advertised and spiritually rich and diverse in various social media campaigns.”

place to live.

Sikh, and Muslim communities.

A number of places of worship will be opening their doors for visitors to learn about their beliefs and practices. There will be guided tours, music, food and much more for curious local residents to experience.

Treasures Revealed in Kirklees, organised by Kirklees Faiths Forum takes place every year, to encourage understanding and build relationships between the various faith communities that

For full details of places of worship taking part in the festival, pick up a festival guide from participating venues or from your local library. You can also download a guide at

Six volunteers, four from Batley and two from Manchester spent the day serving the rice, chicken curry and naan to the 72 residents, 46 of whom are Muslim refugees. “We were feeding the centres residents who are Male and come

Serving up: Aalamee volunteers serving the halal meal at the homeless centre

from various ethnic communities, cultures, religions, race and for many of the Muslim residents it was one of few Halal meals they have received in a long while at the centre,” said Mohammed Suhail.

grateful.” Mohammed Suhail added: “The residents welcomed us with

One of the residents spoke fondly of the charitable work undertaken by Aalamee:

Aalamee intend to organise regular events to the centre and hope to increase the number of volunteers and donations to expand their good work. Plans are already being made to work with the Salvation Army during the Olympics in London for a ‘Water Drive’.

“I’ve got to say it’s very nice, it’s a nice gesture, it’s nice for people to come to a place like this and helping out. “A lot of people don’t like to get involved with homeless people so its in. Its good for the heart, we’re very

Why not check out our website at:

who appreciated all the help that they could get.”

For further information or to volunteer you can contact the Aalamee Foundation at



July 2012


the Ramadhan

Dilemma By Marya Yasin

Ramadhan Mubarak

Muslim rower for the British Olympic team has vowed to adhere to his faith during the long and hard days of Ramadhan despite competing for the gold medal.

duties, Sbihi sought advice from an Imam, who advised that for every fast he misses he would have to fast for a month. As an athlete, this seemed a mean feat and so Sbihi has taken inspiration from Badou Zaki, the Moroccan goalkeeper, who whilst playing for Real Mallorca would feed thousands in Morocco to compensate for not fasting during Ramadhan.

Saudi Arabian women to compete in London 2012 The Briton, 24, faced a predicament when faced with the prospect of realising his dream as a rower and his religious commitments when he heard the Olympics 2012 were set the fall during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Sbihi, whose father is Moroc

after not attaining the minimum eligibility standards according. The 20 year old, who lives with her family in France, took part in the 2010 Youth Olympics after being invited to compete and won the bronze medal.

‘ can and mother is English, is set to do the same thing by vowing to feed 1800 people. ‘Scripture says you must fast unless you have “due cause”. The way I see it, I have a cause, which is the Olympic Games,’ Moe said. ‘I wanted to pay my dues in full and I’m very fortunate that I can.' He fasted in 2010 whilst training and found that it

I normally weigh about 16½ stone but during fasting I to eat enough to get through the day. By nightfall, I weighed 11lb less than in the morning.’ Around 3,000 Muslim athletes are set to compete in this year’s Olympic games. Provisions have been made to ensure that breakfast is made available before the fast and a meal for the opening of it.

Palestinian’s competing in the Olympics

Malhas had been aiming to achieve

Female athletes form Saudi Arabia will be allowed to compete in the countries history. The decision came after discussions between Saudi Olympic Committee(IOC) regarding the growing pressure to ban the country from the games for not allowing female athletes to compete. "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Olympic Games and the cherished values of excellence, friendship and

01924 422096

respect that they represent," said a statement issued by the Saudi Embassy in London. Speculation had been growing that grounds of gender discrimination prior to the announcement. Saudi Embassy in the statement also said athletes would have to qualify for a place to represent the country at London 2012. However the most likely athlete to feature, show jumper Dalma Malhas has been blocked by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI)

23/25 Branch Road, Batley WF17 5RY

sidelined due to injury meant she missed a months training and consequently did not make the 17 June deadline.

ALTHOUGH Palestine is not recognised as a state by the UN, its representation in sport has been present since the mid nineties, and

“Regretfully, the Saudi Arabian rider Dalma Rushdi Malhas has not attained the minimum eligibility standards and consequently will not be competing at the London 2012 Olympic Games,” FEI Secretary General Ingmar De Vos said in a statement adding however that the IOC has other female athletes from Saudi Arabia being considered.

Palestine in the London games.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei were the only three countries participating in the Olympics that did not have any female representatives. Qatar and Brunei had already announced female athletes would be competing and with the Saudi announcement all the teams in London will have male and female athletes, the objective set out by the IOC.


Warood Sawalha will represent her beloved country in the 800metres. Presently training in Qatar, the 20 year old knows her chances of winning are very slim but the honour of representing her people is great. “I am doing my best to represent Palestine in the most honourable way in the 800-meter race,” she told Al Arabiya News. “I am very happy at the training between training in Qatar and back in the Palestinian territories.” Sawalha competed earlier this year in the World Indoor Championships -

ing a headscarf, long sleeved top and full length trousers makes her stand out from the crowd but she insists it doesn’t hinder her performance and wants to encourage other women:

“Actually my veil is a good chance to show all veiled women that they can still do sports.”

Others include 400 meters runner Bahaa al-Fara, swimmers Sabine Hazboune and Ahmad Jibril and Judo player Maher Abu Ramila . Palestine’s participation in the London Olympics is both symbolic and political, said al-Sayed Dawoud Metwali, member of the Palestinian Olympic Committee. “It enables us to raise the Palestinian event,” he told Al Arabiya. “We want to prove that we are an independent entity and that we are represented in the international scene even if on a small scale.”

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July 2012


Olympic Memories Asian elderly day centre in Batley, Milen care was playing its part in the Olympics by serving free excited spectators watching the Olympic Torch pass by its centre. Hundreds of people both young and old lined up to show their support for the Olympics and the GB Team. Service users at Milen Care showed it support by making a colourful banner which was warmly received by the entourage that followed the Torchbearer.

Running with the torch in Leeds

Schools out: Many schools allowed children to come in late on this occasion

This was the after party at Greenhead Park over 40,000 people ventured to the streets to see the

Thank you!

Credit: Y Kayat

The Awaaz Team would like to thank all our readers for sending in their pictures. Apologies if your picture didn’t make the page but they can all be seen along with video footage on our website and YouTube channel. Visit


July 2012

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Beginning tuition nearer to the child's exam over-burdens your child and they may become stressed. Saying that each year we have turned last minute pupils around. Our point is the us as tutors because we cram in a year or two's exam syllabus over a much shorter time and therefore we are unable to tackle all areas of weaknesses and unable to suggest all the next steps.

This is because it is much more regular tuition over a longer period, say eighteen months or at least a year than to squeeze in last minute tutoring.

Reading has a sociable side By Bill Smith Jr

Kirklees Council Cabinet Member Cllr Shabir Pandor said, "Reading groups are a great way to broaden your reading experience and to try out new books, but they are also a vital part of our community as they provide the opportunity to meet

Watching movies, making friends, and sharing experiences are a few of the things that reading groups promote. They are a springboard for new

At Improve Tuition we have cantly and we have achived 100 % success (for Heckmondwike Grammar) only when children have had more than 12 months of lessons, had 95% tuition attendance and had completed all their lesson homework most of the time. We are unable to YOUR NEW LOCAL DIY STORE FOR ALL PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL help your child receive the best results and reach their full ACCESSORIES INC PIPES, PIPE FITTINGS, WIRES, potential if you do not leave us LIGHT, LED BULBS ETC enough time. Therefore please try and commence your child's GCSE, 11+ and SAT's tuition as early as possible so that we can help


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hobbies and interests providing the opportunity to socialise with people you usually might not talk to and even widening your range of reading and experiences.

Reading groups are a dime a dozen in Kirklees, where they regularly meet everywhere from libraries to community centres even the front room at homes. However they are more than just simply reading.


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more, including how to access the multiple copies of books available for reading groups to share." to supply free books for all book groups in Kirklees. Large print, talking book and multiple copies of the same book can be borrowed completely free of charge. So, if you’re interested in starting up a reading group or joining one, contact your local library or call 01484 226300 for more information.

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‫�� ’� � آپ � � � �ن � دا� �� � � ‬ ‫� �� �ن � �� � �س �� �۔آپ د� � ‬

‫� � �ں ��ك �ا� �زد �� �۔ �ن � ‬

‫� � � �� �۔آ� ا� � اس �ن � � �ر ‬

‫� �ہ � د� � �۔ دل � د� وا� �� �وس � � ‬ ‫�‬ ‫وا� ا� � � � آ� �ں ا�� ا����ء �ے ‬ ‫�� � اور � � ر� ا� �ا �ن � � � �۔‬

‫‪July 2012‬‬ ‫�وع � دى �۔ � از� �ھ � روز � �ٹ � �رڈ ‬ ‫� � � � �� � ا�ا�ت � � � �ا� � ‬

‫� �� � ا� � �۔آ� � �� � � �اں ‬

‫اس � �� اس � �ت � �ے �۔ ��ن � ‬ ‫�‬ ‫ ��س آف �رڈز � ‬ ‫� � �� � اس �� � �‬

‫ا� ��ن �در �ان � � � � � �� � �� � ‬

‫��ے � دوران �� � ‪ 11‬ا�اد � ��ر � �۔ ‬

‫�ل � �م � آ� � � �و� وار� � � � ‬

‫ ��‪ ،‬ا� اس �� � � � � �د� ‬ ‫�� �� �ا �‬

‫��� �ا� �ر� �ر � اور ��ر�ں �� ‬

‫� �ف �ت �ا� � � �۔ وا� ر� � ‬

‫��� � آ� ر�۔ ا�ان ا� � � � � وہ ‬

‫د�ى � � � ��ے �  ‪ � � �400‬ا�اد ‬

‫�و� وار� � �ف �ت � �� � � � �۔ ‬

‫�رڈ � � �س وا� � د� �۔ ڈ�ھ � � ‬

‫� �م � �د� �� �� � � � اس �ا� � ان ‬

‫�و� وار� � �ف ‪�� � 2010‬ن � دورے ‬ ‫� �ا� � � ا� �ت � ر� �‬

‫��� �دات ‪ ،‬وز� د�ع اور �� � � ‬ ‫�ف۔‬

‫��ى �ل �ن � �ن اور �� ا� �� �ن � ‬

‫�وں � ��ف � د� �۔ �� � �� � ‬ ‫� ر� وا� ������را�� � � �� �� �� ‬

‫� اور وز� د�ع � �د � �� وا�ت � �ء � ‬

‫ا�رات ا� � � � � �۔ا�ان ا� � ‬

‫�ن۔ �� �� � ا� ڈ� � � ز� ا�م ‬

‫ا�ن � �� � �� ��۔’اس � ��ں � ‬

‫�� � �� �� �� � �� را�� � ‬

‫��‘۔اس � � �ف �� �ا� � رات � ‬

‫�� �ا� � اس و� � ا�ج �رى ر� � � ‬

‫��ہ � � � � � �� �ر �ن �� � � � � �� ‬

‫�� � �� ادا �� �� �ں۔ � �ر�ل � ‬

‫� اس � اب � اس �ت � � ان � ��� � ‬

‫� �� � � � ا� ��ت � �� �� � �� � ‬

‫اس و� �� اور آ� � � دور � �ر ر� �۔‬

‫�م � �وں � ا�ان ا� � � ��ر ر� ‬

‫�و�د �� �ؤ� ا� ا�ار �� � � �۔‬

‫��ں � �ر �د � � � � � � ‪ 150‬ا�اد ‬

‫�ن‪:‬ا�� اور ��� �م � ��ت � �ل � ��‬

‫�� � �ر � ��ں � � �وع � د� اور ‬

‫�ہ د� � �ر � ر� �۔ ���ى ا�ر � �� � ‬

‫�� � دو �ر�روں � � � � �ى � ‬

‫��ن �ز� �� � � � � � �� ’� � و�ں � ‬

‫�� ‬ ‫�ن � �ا�� � �دى و  ‬

‫�ہ ��ت � رو� �ر � �� � �� ا�اء ‬

‫ا�ر � � � � �� �ر � � ا�ام ا��۔‬

‫� � و�ان �‪� �� ،‬گ ��د � �۔� � ‬

‫ر�ض‪�:‬ادہ �ن � �ا�� � �دى �ب � � و� ‬

‫ا�ں � � �� � ا�ں � اس دن � � � ‬

‫�ن اس � � �دى وز� د�ع � �ے � �� ‬

‫� �ر � د� � �۔ � وى ر�رٹ � �� �ادہ ‬

‫�رے � � ��ت �ڑى � �د �۔ اس � ‬

‫� � �ادہ ا� � �ا�� � وز�  دا� � د� � ‬

‫�ں � � � �رے � � � ر� � � � � وہ �ك � ‬

‫�‪ :‬ا�� �� � �� � ��ت �ہ‬

‫� � � � ا� � ��ں اور را� � �ہ � ‬

‫دو�ے � � آ� � �۔ا�ام �ہ � �� �� ‬

‫�س �رچ � �� �� � �ف �وع �� وا� ‬ ‫ا�ج � اب � � �ار ا�اد �ك � � �۔‬

‫�ہ وار� � �ف �ت �وع ‬

‫�‬ ‫ ��س آف �رڈز � �رڈ � � ا�ا�ت ‬ ‫�ن۔ �‬

‫�ل � �رى �ر� � �� �� اور � � ‬

‫�و� �ہ وار� � �ف �ت �وع � دى �۔ ‬


‫� � �� ا�ر � � �� � �ار� ا��ت ‬ ‫�وا� � � � � � � �� اور ا� � ‬

‫ا�وار �۔�ار� ا��ت � �� � ا�ن �ات ‬

‫� �� � � ا�� � � � � � ا�واروں � ‬

‫� ا�ل ا�ار � � �م � �ر �ر ا�� � �� ‬

‫وز�ا� � � �رہ � ا�ا�ت �� � � � ‬

‫ٹ� �� ‬ ‫رد� � � �� آ� �۔ �� ر�ر  ‬

‫��اہ � �رچ � ‪2013‬ء � �ر� �� � �ز � ‬ ‫�‬ ‫‪� � 495‬رو روك �‬ ‫ د�  � � � � �ى � ‬

‫��ت � �ل � �� � ا�ار �رى �� � ‬

‫�� �ل � � �� �ہ � دوران وز�ا� و� ‬

‫ڈ�ڈ �ون � رو� �ر و�د� �� � �� �ہ ‬

‫�� �ز � ‪� 50‬وڑ �رو � �� �۔ �� ا�ر � ‬

‫ا� ���ى  ا�ر � � � � ا� �را�� �م � ‬

‫�م د� � � � � � ز�دہ �رہ �ر� �� � ‬

‫�ا� �� � ر�� �� � � ��� ان � �ظ ‬

‫اور� � �� � �� اور �� � در�ن ا� ‬

‫را� � � �� �ہ د� � ر�� �� �۔ ا�ر ‬

‫� �� � � ا�� اور ���ى ر� رو� �ر ‬

‫� �� �� � ��ب �� � � وہ �را��� ‬ ‫�� �� � د�دار � ��۔‬

‫�� � �� �� وز� ا� ر� � ا�از � ‬

‫� ‬

‫�ت � و� � �ر� � � � � � �� �ہ ‬

‫�ى � �� � � �رے � � �� � �� ‬ ‫�ر�د� د�� � � � � � �ر� �� � �� ا�ر ‬ ‫� وزراء � ��� ا�س � ���ں ا�� � � � ‬


‫�آن � � �� � �ث ا�روں � �ا � ‬ ‫�رش‬

‫�� � ��ت � �ر �� � � ا� �� و� ‬

‫ا�م آ�د‪� �� :‬رٹ � � � � �� ر� ‬

‫� � ا� �ن � � � � دو�ں ا�واروں � ‬

‫�� ر� �� اس � � � �ر� � �� �� ‬

‫�� �� وا� �ت ا�� ��ں �ف � ‬

‫� ا�� � � ا� � � ان � �ت �ر �ل ا � �ہ ‬

‫�� �� �م � وا� � �ث �� ا�روں �ف ‬ ‫��‬ ‫�رروا� � ر�رٹ ا� � � �� �������ن � �ا� � ‬

‫در�ر �۔�ھ � روز �ار� ا�ب � � ا�� ‬ ‫�� � �� �ر � �� درج �ا� � �۔‬

‫� � � � ان � � � � ا� �� و� ‬

‫�� � �� �� وز�ا� ر� � ا�از � � � ‬

‫ ا�� �� �م � ا��ن � �آن �ك � � ‬

‫ د�ى � ر� � � ‬ ‫�� � وز�ا� ر� � ٰ‬

‫�رروا� � �رش � �۔ ا�� � ر�ں ادارے � ‬

‫ان � ا�ام �� � � � وہ و� �ن � ا� � � ‬ ‫�‬ ‫ ��س آف �رڈز � رات � �� � ‬ ‫�م � دوران �‬ ‫�‬ ‫ا��� �� �� ر� � ا�ں � �ن � �� � ‬ ‫�‬

‫�� اور اس � �� � � �� و� � �ر � ‬ ‫اور � �رك � دور � وز�ا� رہ � ا� � ‬

‫دو �ہ اور دو دن وز�ا� ر�۔‬

‫�د� �� �� � � � ا�ں � � را� و�ں ‬

‫اس دوران ��ہ � �� �ا� � �ب �� � ‬

‫�۔اد� ا�ان ا� � �ار� ا�وار � �� ‬ ‫دو�ں � ا� ا� ��� � � � ا�ن � � �۔‬

‫�م � ان � �ا� �ن � �ا�ں � ��ں � �� ‬

‫�اروں �� �� � �� اور ��دہ �اں �ؤ� ‬

‫�ل ���ن � �و� وار� � اس �� � �ت ‬

‫�� � ��ں ‬ ‫�ؤ� � �� � �ل � � آ�   ‬

‫�� �ن � ادا �۔ �� � �� � اور �رڈ � ‬

‫� ‬

‫� �� ���ں ا�� �۔ ذرا� ا�غ � �� �ر� ‬

‫� ا� دن رہ � � � �� � �ن � اب �� ‬

‫�ا� ادا � � � � �و� �ہ وار� � اس � ‬

‫ا� اور �� � ا�د �۔‬

‫��‪� :‬ر� �� � �� ا�ر � وزراء � � �ى ‬

‫�� � ا�ن �۔ اس � � �� � �� � ‬


‫�� � � �� � اس � ذ� دار د� �د ��ں ‬

‫� � � � ��۔ � ا� � � � � د� وہ دو �ن ‬

‫�� ا�ر � � ‬ ‫ا�ں � ا� �� � �� ا�ر رو  ‬

‫ا�� ‪� ���،‬ر ا�� � �� �د� � ر� ‬

‫�دات �ٹ �ے۔ ان �دات � و� � � � ‬

‫� وا� � � �� � � � ان ��ں � �م د� ‬

‫��وں � �� � ان � � �ون‪ �� ،‬اور ‬

‫�ر� �� � �ى � �� ���ں ا�� � ‬

‫� ر� � � �راك او�� اور ���ى وز�ا� ‬

‫� و�ں � � �� د�ت � �گ � � � اور ‬

‫�� ��۔ � ��� �ن او �رے � � � ‬ ‫� � � � را�� � �ام اور �ن � � ‬

‫�ك اور �د ز� �� � � �ء � ��ں � ‬

‫� �ا� �۔�� � � � �� ا�ام �ہ � ‬

‫�� � �ا� � � � �۔ ا� �� ��ن � ‬

‫� �� � ا�ن � � ��۔�� � � � � ‬

‫� � � �م � �� � �� ا� �� � � ‬ ‫درآ� � � ر� �۔�ب ا�ف � ا������� � �� ‬

‫وا� �ِ �م � ا�ام �را�� � �� � �� � � ‬

‫�ر � �� ۔‬

‫’�� �ؤ� آف دى آر� �ر�‘ � �م �� و ��� ‬

‫در� ا�ء �م � �د �رى � اور ر� �اس � �� ‬

‫�دار � � � �م �� � � د�� � �۔ �� �ن ‬

‫� �ف آواز ا�� � � �ام � �� ا�ا� � ‬

‫آ� زردارى � �۔ � �دارى � �� ا�ان ‬

‫ا� ڈ� � � ��ہ ‪ 11 ،‬ا�اد ��ر ‬

‫��� � �ر �� ��� � ا� �� �� � ‬

‫� � �� �رہ �ك ا�اد � ا�اد � �ورت ‬ ‫�۔ا������� � وا� � �� �� �� ا�ام �ہ � ‬

‫‪TEL: 01924 510512‬‬


‫� �ف ا�ج � ر� �۔ا�ان ا� � �� ‬

‫�� �� �  وز�ا� � ا�از ��ار � � �ر �ل ‬

‫�� ا� � �� �اب � آ�۔ ر�رٹ � �� �م ‬ ‫��‬ ‫� �� �������ن � �رش � � � �آن � � �� ‬

‫�� وز�ا� �و� ا�ف اور ان � ‪ 38‬ر� �� � ‬

‫ا� �ار وا� �ا دى ��۔ وا� ر� � ا�� ‬

‫� �� �۔ وز�ا� اور �� � � �ر ‬

‫� � �ر � � � � اور � �� � � � � � ‬

‫را� �و� ا�ف اور �� � � ا� � ‬

‫� ا�� � � �� و�� وزراء اور �رہ و زرا� ‬

‫�� وا� ��ں � �ف � �رروا� �� �� ‬

‫��ں � رواں �ل �ورى � ا��ن � �آن � ‬ ‫�ے �� � ��وں � � �وع �ا �۔‬

Awaaz July 2012  

The first FREE multi-lingual newspaper in Britain

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