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October 2012


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Top 20 most left behind books in hotel rooms

Pink Panther actor dies

New Islamic art wing

Framed by cleric

ACTOR Herbert Lom died on September 27, aged 95. The Czech-born actor, best known for playing Inspector Clouseau’s irritable boss, Charles Dreyfus, died peacefully in his sleep. During his 60-year acting career Lom has appeared in more than 100 films, including classics such as El Cid and The Ladykillers.

THE Louvre in Paris unveiled a new Wing of Islamic Art costing 100m euros on September 22, the biggest addition since the iconic glass pyramid in 1989, amid heightened religious tensions. Housing over 18,000 works from the 7th -19th centuries, it is the largest collection of Islamic Art in Europe.

A PAKISTANI cleric has been arrested for stuffing torn pages of the Quran along with burned papers and ash in a shopping carried by a disabled girl. Khaled Chisti was arrested after witnesses claimed that he was responsible, providing another twist to the detention of Rimsha Masih in August.

Islamic protests clear up

Red card for racism

VIOLENT protests against the “Innocence of Muslims” film have been widely reported. But in Pakistan a 23-year-old helped spark a mass clean up after the protests. Using social media Faran Rafi from Islamabad galvanised a group of people to come together and clean up. “The tweet turned into a movement,” Faran Rafi said.

FOOTBALLER John Terry has been found guilty of racially abusing Queen Park Ranger’s Anton Ferdinand by the Football Association’s independent regulatory commission. The 31 year old Chelsea skipper, who announced his retirement from international football days before the decision, has been banned for four matches and fined £220,000.


Extradition for captain hook THE extradition of Babar Ahmad, Abu Hamza and three other major terrorism suspects has been approved by The European Court of Human Rights. They will be extradited from the UK to the US, where they have been accused of planning a terror camp and running a Jihadist website.


New top dog for Yorkshire Shocking speed record hospitals NEMESIS, a Lotus Exige modified by utility JULES PRESTON MBE has been appointed as the new chairman of the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Board. He will take over the position from interim Chair David Stone CBE. Mr Preston said, “I am looking forward to the new challenge. The success of any organisation is based on its people.”

company Ecotricity, smashed the electric car record of 137mph. Driven by Nick Ponting, the battery-powered car reached an average of 151mph at Elvington airfield in North Yorkshire. The car was designed to “smash the boring, Noddy stereotype of the green car”.

Colour me amazed AFTER110 years in a tin, the world’s first moving colour pictures were found last month in the National Media Museum in Bradford.The short films, which are about 5 minutes long, were shot by pioneer Edward Raymond Turnerin 1902, shortly before his death in 1903. Director Michael Scorsese described the film as “very,very special.”

1. Fifty Shades of Grey E.L. James 2. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Stieg Larsson 3. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest Stieg Larsson 4. Fifty Shades Freed E.L. James 5. The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins 6. The Girl Who Played With Fire Stieg Larsson 7. Fifty Shades Darker E.L. James 8. Catching Fire Suzanne Collins 9. Mockingjay Suzanne Collins 10. The Help Kathryn Stockett 11. One Day David Nicholls 12. A Tiny Bit Marvellous Dawn French 13. Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography Steve Jobs 14. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Jeff Kinney 15. The Brightest Star In The Sky Marian Keyes 16. The Fry Chronicles Stephen Fry 17. Room Emma Donoghue 18. StrengthsFinder 2.0 Tom Rath 19. The Confession John Grisham 20. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy John Le Carre

Dare devil councillor jumps for charity By Bilal Saloo COUNCILLOR Mehboob Khan took his efforts to raise money for charity to a new heights, 15,000 feet to be exact. The Kirklees Council Leader told Awaaz that the skydive was "firstly to raise money for local charities, secondly for myself – a physical challenge which is pushing myself to the limit."

Despite his brother breaking his leg whilst skydiving in 1996, Cllr Khan was quite relaxed about the whole situation, claiming he was "not at all frightened." Unlike the five divers with him, he laughed off the "fear in their faces" as well as askinghis instructor for a few somersaults on the way down.

plane though, because "they'd enjoy it too much.” He has £5,500 so far for Kirkwood Hospice and is hoping to reach £6,000. The daredevil councillor said: "To anyone thinking of doing it, I'd recommend it."

Cllr Khan would not push a politician out of a



Dear Editor

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- Book Keeping - Auditing - Business Start-up - VAT & Payroll

For a FREE no obligation consultation telephone

01924 466573

134 Bradford Road, Dewsbury, WF13 2EW

I write as to the closure of A& E and maternity unit at Dewsbury hospital. I am appalled that after all the publicity ( front page of Awaaz September 2012 issue) hardly anyone from the Asian community bothered to attend a the public consultation meeting. There were some fifty people at the

meeting held at Dewsbury town hall of which the Asian numbers not including those attending in professional capacity were three. So much for the shaken coke bottle reaction. The community around Dewsbury hospital need to wake up and take action before it is too late. Name and address supplied.

Tweet us: @Awaazmultimedia

visit our website at

October 2012


Mystery? What mystery? By Ismail Mulla COMMUNITY groups have responded angrily to allegations that they are “mystery” organisations that exist in name only, as part of an alleged “money pit” at the Taleem Community Centre in Savile Town. But Awaaz can reveal that these allegations are unfounded. A lot of the funding listed dates back to the early 2000s and since then the economy has taken a downward turn and funding for a lot of groups has dried up. Awaaz spoke to a representative from the Shawcross Women’s Group, which is one of the existing organisations that was dubbed a “mystery group”. Hafeeza Razzak confirmed that the group was still active although they were struggling to gain funding.

“I’m very disgusted, very angry. Saying that we’re a mystery group we’re not a mystery group we exist.” had only used the Taleem Community Centre years ago are also unfounded. As Hafeeza confirmed that the group last used the

A local newspaper also alleges that the Shawcross Women’s Forum and Westtown Women’s Forum are one and the same. When asked by Awaaz whether this was the case Hafeeza replied, “No, they’re totally different groups.” The basis of this claim according to the paper was the centre manager. But the centre manager, Lubsir Latif said: “I never said that they were of the same group.” Further claims that the women T a l e e m Community Centre in July 2012 for a meeting to decide the future direction of the group. Equally upset is Sofia Sadiq who is a volunteer involved with North Kirklees Volunteer Network and the Savile Town Health Action Group.

Capital Appeal TEXT Campaign Help us care for Kirklees by donating today Text KIRK25 £2/£5/£10 to 70070 to donate now or visit

The groups, clinging on in the face of adverse economic times, are angered by accusations of existing simply to leach the system.

The chairman of TYF Asif Patel said: “The group isn’t dormant but it hasn’t been as proactive as it has been in the early years.”

Hafeeza says, “We’ve done nothing wrong, we publicised our events, we put up posters, we distributed leaflets. There’s no wrongdoing.

He confirmed to Awaaz that the TYF had actually received funding from Kirklees council in 2011 to deliver a play scheme, which they did in April of that year, putting to rest any notion that the group was a phantom group that existed in name only. The insinuation of financial misappropriation is based around the fact that a lot of organisations used the Savile Town Community Centre as an address.

“Our group exists it’s not a mystery group and people are still welcome, any volunteer can come and say that we want to join the group and do activities with us, anyone is welcome.”

But in a statement the Savile Town Community Association said: “These groups are independent from Savile Town Community Centre and Association. They have their own management structure and mandate for operations, we do not have the authority, nor do we want to, inquire about the funding they have raised, that is between the groups and grant making bodies.”

“I’m very disgusted, very angry. Saying that we’re a mystery group we’re not a mystery group we exist,” Hafeeza told Awaaz unequivocally.

Charity of the month

2007 whilst it had disbanded in 2005. But we can confirm this isn’t true. The Taleem Youth Forum still exists today.

Speaking of the North Kirklees Volunteers Group she said: “The group is active, we do get together but because we haven’t got any funding we can’t put any activities on, which involves money.” Sofia also confirmed that Savile Town Health Action Group came together on the 25 March 2012, to finish a project they had started the year before. The existence of the Taleem Youth Forum has also come into question with it being alleged that the group had been awarded £9,892 in

The newspaper’s attacks on the STCA went as far as suggesting a problem with the organisations accounts, pointing to the fact that four years’ worth of accounts had been filed late. Khaled said: “That’s not a big mystery, in a sense of voluntary community organisations. People come and people change. In our own case, the management committee went through a change in terms of the personnel.” A statement provided by the accountants for the organisation said: “Accounts for the Savile Town Community Association (STCA) are prepared from information provided and are public record. “In the last five years STCA have not received any Lottery funding and it is wrong to say otherwise. Income for the Association is earned from room hire at the centre.” As to why groups use the centre, the answer is simple. As Hafeeza from the Shawcross Womens group says, “the Taleem centre is near to our houses, has more facilities and women from our group feel comfortable there”

They do exist Savile Town Health Action Group – Still exist as an organisation. Finished off a project they started in 2011 on 25 March 2012 at the Taleem centre. Westtown Women’s Carers Group- Still exist. Last activity was in 2011. Shawcross Women’s Forum- Exist as an organisation. Last meeting was in July 2012.

Eastborough Youth Forum- Exist. Last activity was run in January 2011 to help young people develop mentoring skills in business and management, �inance and networking.

Dewsbury Drugs Forum- Does exist, and carried out a project than ran through until 2010, doing anti-drugs work – providing information and lea�lets on dangers of drugs etc. Westtown Women’s Forum- Still exist, providing healthy eating and crafts programmes for women. The last activity they ran was in 2009.

North Kirklees Volunteer Network – Still exist as a group. They did one project in 2008 bringing ethnic minority groups together to develop volunteering skills. Last met in February 2012 to decide future direction. Youth Artz – Exist. Did one project which was in 2008, bringing together artistic talent to do arts based activities.

Looking at the lottery award dates and the last time these groups had carried out activities there is a clear correlation between the two – as activities have been carried out after the grants.

Did you know we had...

100% pupil passes


Those children who had more than 12 months tuition and over 95% attendance*

CALL NOW 07951 918 152

Batley, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike


October 2012


HELPING YOU WITH YOUR BUSINESS AMBITIONS direct contact with beneficiaries/stakeholders a recent impact study (Feb 2012) has provided evidence of a project which has creatively and effectively delivered a range of services in one of the most disadvantaged areas in the country and boosted beyond measure the life chances of a significant number of individuals. Through the project to date has been able to deliver a programme of immense value to those who are most disadvantaged and furthest away from the labour market. The February 2012 impact study findings have clearly demonstrated that the project is bringing along with it prosperity, economic activity, accredited training and community engagement to the area. The Home Working project is:

A local project covering the Dewsbury and Batley areas has proved to be such an enormous success, that it is now expanding across the entire Kirklees area. PERS Home Working service, formerly known as the West Yorkshire Homeworking Unit is part of the Pay & Employment Rights Service (Yorkshire) Ltd and works with people who are either doing paid work from home or are looking for such work.It provides intensive one to one support to individuals who are exploring self-employment or want to set up a

business from home. Homeworkers are often isolated and face problems of low pay, lack of employment status and poor or unsafe working conditions.The project aims to tackle these problems, particularly in ways that include homeworkers themselves. It also works to increase public awareness of the nature and extent of homeworking. The project is a superb vehicle of transforming the lives of individuals, their families and ultimately their communities. Through

Beauty Matters Sandra Lachucik

Sandra is very highly qualified in her own profession and in subjects that compliment her work. She has gained qualifications over years, many at degree level. She always continues to carry out training in order to understand the latest styles, fashions, trends, needs and to add on other complimentary treatments. She is presently studying hairdressing.

Sandra Lachucik is a local beauty and holistic therapist. Her small but friendly and well equipped salon is based in Batley. For those who prefer treatments in the comfort of their own homes, Sandra also works mobile. She has flexible hours to suit clients and extremely competitive prices. Sandra previously worked in offices, but had a change of career as she enjoys meeting people and enjoys the company of others. She has clients who always return to her. Because of client loyalty, Sandra operates a loyalty system where a free treatment is given after every five treatments.

Her massage treatments prove very popular. Sandra carries out advanced head, face and body massages. Her massages also include Indian head massages, infra-red massages, aromatherapy massages and hot stones massages. These are extremely beneficial for clients who have aches and pains, arthritis, fibromyalgia, ME or many other muscular problems,. They are also a good way to deal of relaxing and dealing with stress. Sandra’s services include eyebrow/eyelash tinting; tweezing; facials; manicures/pedicures; make-up, hopi ear candling; reflexology, reiki healing and many more. She received the support of PERS Home Working service by way of setting up a business plan, help with promotion of her services at a Home Working community event and she had a health and safety risk assessment carried out at her property. “The advice, guidance and support I received was excellent. The uniqueness of the project is that the development workers come to you and you don’t need to go anywhere. All this support in the comfort of your own home and at no expense to you.”

• Increasing the attainment levels of individuals • Boosting their confidence and self-esteem through training • Creating home working businesses and opportunities for people who are unemployed and/or on low income and who face barriers in accessing employment opportunities • Supporting and creating stronger communities, with individuals and community organisations working together to tackle social and economic problems that they face. • Clearly tackled the issues faced by individuals who are isolated and work in poor, unsafe working conditions by improving the mental and physical wellbeing of these individuals and their families. • Consistently improving the quality of life and standard of living of

individuals and their communities. • Increasing the attainment levels of individuals • Boosting their confidence and self-esteem through training • Creating home working businesses and opportunities for people who are unemployed and/or on low income and who face barriers in accessing employment opportunities • Supporting and creating stronger communities, with individuals and community organisations working together to tackle social and economic problems that they face. • Clearly tackled the issues faced by individuals who are isolated and work in poor, unsafe working conditions by improving the mental and physical wellbeing of these individuals and their families. • Consistently improving the quality of life and standard of living of individuals and their communities. The project has constantly shown that it is having a major, positive and lasting impact on the community and fulfilling the needs and overwhelming demand for home working support by individuals and the community.

Abdul Passwala–Alternate Therapy Abdul is a fully qualified complimentary therapist and he works from home and also offers complimentary therapies in the comfort of your own home.

He developed his business firstly by gaining the relevant qualifications needed to practice complimentary therapy & then started getting a local customer base. PERS Home Working service offered their support by helping with completing a business plan, carrying out a health and safety risk assessment & providing free health and safety equipment to Abdul.

Since working with the team, he has now developed a website ( and has grown his business considerably. Abdul said “The support of PERS Home Working service is invaluable for new home working businesses like mine. I was struggling with advertising and marketing and financial planning. I have now developed a good

If you are thinking of setting up a business from home or would like support in looking for work to do from home or are interested in partnership working with the project please contact the PERS Homeworking Service on 01924 428032 or text on 07970 672264. Visit our website on or email

regular customer base and guarantee 100% satisfaction. I have also added cupping treatments to my range of complimentary therapy.”



Liverbird upon my Kurta By Ismail Mulla HE is one of the world’s biggest Bhangra stars, but Jaswinder Singh Bain better known as Jazzy B revealed his love affair with the beautiful game of football.

first in our house to have his scarf in front of the TV singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ whenever we watch a Liverpool game.”

Liverpool FC fans are known to sing ‘Liverbird upon my chest’, but Jazzy B has shown his love for the Kop by putting a Liverbird on his Kurta(a traditional Indian top). Jazzy B said: “I am a huge LFC supporter and proudly wear my official LFC shirts on stage in India and the Far East. For the UK and North American audiences, I generally wear my customised LFC kurta.” The Kurta has created a lot of interest amongst his fans, with many asking him where they can get hold of their own. But Jazzy B revealed that it was custom made saying, “I designed it myself and got it custom made by my tailor in Punjab.” Jazzy B even wears the top in his new music video Maharajas (Kings). His love affair with the reds started in Canada, “My love for Liverpool Football Club stems from when I was growing up in Vancouver where all the kids watched English football. “I remember players like Kenny Dalglish, John Barnes and Ian Rush. I always wanted to visit Anfield to watch my heroes play. Since moving to England I’ve had the chance to get more involved in football and watch some games live.”

Development Manager Full Time: 37 hours per week Salary: £25,000 to £27,000 per annum Initially 1 year with good potential for renewal The Indian Muslim Welfare Society is one of the largest voluntary community organisation in the Yorkshire and Humberside region. We are seeking to recruit a highly motivated, enthusiastic and committed individual to play a significant role in further developing and marketing the organisation.

The Bhangra superstar is also looking to increase south Asian participation in sport and said that one day he would like to see a south Asian playing in front of the famous Kop. “It would be a dream come true to see a south Asian play at Anfield in front of the Kop. “I’m sure it will happen and hopefully it will be my son Joven. He’s Liverpool mad. He’s the

RED: Jazzy B sporting his LFC Kurta He is working with Inventive Sports and Liverpool Football Club’s supporters committee to increase south Asian participation in football. Fellow Kopite and BBC Asian Network presenter Noreen Khan is also backing Jazzy B’s campaign saying, “Having Jazzy B team up with LFC is brilliant news. He is probably the biggest Bhangra star around and has built up a huge loyal following over the years. “With Jazzy helping to promote this initiative it can only help generate and boost more interest in football amongst young Asians.”

WANTED, crime-�ighters of the future

This is a new post and will provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to work for a very successful voluntary sector organisation. You will need to be highly motivated and be prepared to innovate and develop new projects. You will need to be educated to a high level or equivalent and have at least 2 years experience of managing of projects and staff. The post holder must have excellent written and communication skills and previous experience of fundraising and bid writing to develop the centre to enrich opportunities for local people. For an application form and further details please contact: IMWS Al-Hikmah Centre, 28 Track Road, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 7AA. Tel: (01924) 500555. E-mail: For informal discussion please contact: either Mr. Aziz Daji on 07735626256 or Saied Laher on 07866383821 Closing date for all applications is 5.00pm on Monday 29th October 2012

BUDDING young crime-fighters are being offered the chance to see the inner workings of West Yorkshire Police. Applications for the Explorers Programme has been launched recently and offers 16-18 year-olds an opportunity to gain an insight into the different aspects of policing. The programme will run for a total of 23 weeks beginning in January 2013, with the would be young crime-fighters spending two hours every Wednesday evening at their local police station taking part in interactive exercises. Project Officer, Angela Rushby said: “Many young people at this stage in their life are unsure about what career path they would like to take and the Explorer Programme

offers a unique behind the scenes look into 21st Century policing. “It also offers opportunities to get involved in their communities, and at the same time helps them develop skills they will require in later life.” North West Leeds 2012 Explorer of the Year, Scott Black said: “I would recommend the course to anyone who is interested in the work of the police. It’s a really enjoyable experience." Applications to this year’s programme can be downloaded from The deadline for applications is 31 October.



Far-right cyber threat could turn violent Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) which was launched by Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles, monitored the internet and found thousands of racist, violence inciting messages and tweets. The rise in online threats mirrors a rise in reported hate crime against Muslims. 15% of the 490 hate crimes against Muslims that were reported to MAMA since March occurred in West Yorkshire.

ORGANISED HATE: Far-right groups online By Ismail Mulla said that it has worryingly found an increasing number of far-right call A CAMPAIGN set up to encourage to arms against Muslims, especially people to report hate crimes has in West Yorkshire.

The director of the Tell MAMA campaign Fiyaz Mughal said: “When we started we did not realise the scale of it and the endemic racism and hatred of the far-right – we just cannot keep up. It is very significant and in the thousands of tweets a day.

The organisation has come across eight pictures of pig’s heads being placed outside a Mosque. “What we are seeing is they are acting out the things they discuss and that is scary. “These are groups of really hardened activists and there is money behind them. This is an organised network doing this day in day out. “We are heading towards a situation where we are going to have some sort of united action. I hope I am proved wrong, but clearly we are going in this direction.” The man who led the investigation into the 2005 London bombings Detective Chief Constable John

Parkinson said: “The rise of the far-right is a worry and a direct consequence of events that we have seen. “I don’t think they are any less serious or the implications of their threats any less worrying than those inspired from an Islamic perspective.” He also said that the police knew their material was being distributed via the internet. A Home Office report found that West Yorkshire Police recorded 1,840 hate crimes in 2011/12, the fourth highest figures of all forces.

Mount A crowned Social media smartphone champions “On Facebook we are seeing a lot more pictures being put up of their antics.”

apps stealing contacts

By Mohsin Mulla PLENTY of people have Facebook and Twitter accounts, but not many know that their personal data is being harvested without their knowledge. Facebook and Twitter were both put in the spotlight in February of this year after Pinterest was found harvesting contacts from smartphones without acknowledgement from the user. As a result both giants were then checked to see if they did the same, and they were just as guilty.

policy to reflect this, as well as updating their apps. However, one blogger reported that the Twitter app still uploads every address book contact and stores it for 18 months.

tion the app will use or take. However, this only helps the problem a little, as most people just press continue or agree without actually reading what it says.

Facebook told the BBC that its app will only upload address book information if the user opts to sync their contacts with the website. Though as a Facebook user myself, I have never synced my contacts with the service and found that all my address book contacts, even the most recent ones are being synced to the service.

Currently, we are conducting some tests to see if address book data is still being uploaded with both Facebook and Twitter, by creating new accounts and adding dummy contacts to a smartphone and seeing whether they are uploaded to their ser vers without asking us. Results will b e published in the next 28 Track Road edition of Awaaz and Al Hikmah Centre online when Batley available, as WF17 7AA d a t a requests from both services take a while to be generated.

Social networks have said that data taken from smartphones, which includes names, phone numbers and email addresses is used only to identify friends who used the same service, and notify the user about their presence. Yet sometimes the data appears to be collected without informing the user or indicating how long the information will be saved for.

To find out whether your address book has been uploaded to Facebook, you need to go to Account Settings > Download a copy of your Facebook data > Click on “… expanded archive…” > Enter your password and click continue. Data will take a few days to be generated and you will be e-mailed a download link to the data which can then be extracted and read through a browser.

Twitter did not state on their privacy policy at the time that contacts would be harvested by the use of their mobile apps. They quickly responded by clarifying their privacy

Both Apple and Android have become more stringent on data access by apps on smartphones; with both now requesting developers to explicitly detail what informa-

LEADING THE WAY: Skipper Hassan Jee Patel presented with the Section A trophy by the president of Huddersfield Central League, Jack Carson.


October 2012

Honeymoon over for Galloway as Yaqoob resigns By Ismail Mulla IT seems the honeymoon for George Galloway as the MP for Bradford West is over. After being taken to task by Bradford Muslim Women’s Circle.

one young woman demanded to know. Although the 10,000 majority victory was an astounding political

The Respect party MP has landed himself in hot water over his comments regarding the rape charges against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, when he said that the allegations against Assange didn’t constitute rape "as most people understand it".

upset in March this year, the charismatic Galloway had come under fire for his lack of presence as an MP before being elected. In fact his voting record as MP for B e t h n e l Green from 2005 to 2010 shows that he only turned up to 7.6% of the votes held in Parliament. G a l l o w a y ’s comments regarding rape however have seen popular

That Assange was simply guilty of “bad sexual etiquette” and had been “set-up” by the U.S. After his comments Galloway faced an audience of women from his constituency, Bradford, in Manningham. Here he was confronted by several of his constituents. "Your business is in Bradford West. Why do you feel the need to get involved in controversy? We don't need you to defend others. We need your full attention here in Bradford,"

IN HOT WATER: George Galloway’s Respect party in termoil?

that Galloway’s views didn’t reflect hers the damage had been done.

taking stock," said the mother of three.

Noting all the women that had voted for Galloway in the Bradford by-election Yaqoob said: "That's why it's been deeply disappointing, because I do feel that those women have been let down," and that comments like that "open the door to women being treated in a certain way; you are just dismissed, your views are not taken seriously and a certain reactionary attitude is encouraged rather than challenged."

But just as the Respect party seemed to have gained traction in March, it would seem that there is a possibility of them losing their charismatic ace in the pack. "George is also very keen to be in Labour, and this is the irony – he's always said to me if you have an approach just make sure that I can come back in," said Yaqoob.

Respect party leader Salma Yaqoob step down.

Most worryingly for Respect was Yaqoob’s refusal to quash rumours that the party had been plunged into turmoil following her resignation. Resignations of candidates, talks of crisis meetings in Bradford and rumours of mass resignations from the party have all been doing the rounds.

Yaqoob said that although she released a statement outlining

Yaqoob has been approached by the three major parties. "It's no secret that people have made approaches. Right now, although I'm very flattered and honoured, I'm

Galloway was expelled from the Labour Party over his opposition to the Iraq war. Although Yaqoob does add, "Ironically, that has not been on the cards. I think it's a great sadness to him, understandably, that he was expelled." The future for Yaqoob, Galloway, the Respect party and more importantly the people of Bradford remains unclear, but with Galloway around one thing is for certain and that’s the trail of controversy that follows the Scot.

Protest accross Syria convoy the Muslim world leaves from Batley

By Rukiya Dadhiwala THE last month has seen protests across the Muslim world against a film produced in the US about the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). “Innocence of Muslims” smears the Prophet, with false claims about his choice of lifestyle. As a result millions of Muslims across the world have protested against it, with Pakistan officially declaring September 22 as a national holiday to ‘Celebrate your love for the Prophet.’ Initial reports claimed that the film was made by an Israeli citizen, Sam Bacile; however, Israel had no details of a citizen by that name. Shortly after the release of the film, ABC confirmed that it was made by American citizen, Nakoula Bassey Nakoula, an Egyptian Coptic Christian. The 55-year-old had previously been convicted of producing methamphetamine and imprisoned on bank fraud charges. One Minister in Pakistan has even placed a $100,000 bounty on the film-maker. Politicians all across the

Western world condemned the protests, but not the film. Muslims have a right to be appalled and to display their disgust. However, behaving in this way has achieved nothing but ‘bad publicity’. Instead the protests have provided free publicity for the film, no amounts of PR money could’ve achieved, with over 13 million views on YouTube on one clip alone. It is claimed that Nakoula started making the film two months after being released from prison. All 80 actors have disassociated themselves from the film, claiming that they were under false impressions of the purpose of the film, and that all religious speech was later dubbed. One actor is also suing the film-maker. The reaction by Muslims to the film is sure to provide ammunition to the far-right and its Islamophobic agenda. September 2012 will be remembered not for the film but the protests. Is behaving and reacting in this manner really following the Prophet’s example, which all Muslims strive to do? Throughout his life the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions were

ridiculed, abused and insulted, yet never reacted with violence, instead choosing to react with peace and love. Consider these two stories about the prophet. The first is about a Jewish lady who threw rubbish and dirty water at the Prophet as he walked past her house. One day she didn’t, so the Prophet knocked on her door and enquired after her. The lady was surprised that despite her behaviour the Prophet was interested in her well being. She converted to Islam. In another story the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was walking along and saw an elderly lady. As she was struggling with her bags he offered his help and she accepted. Throughout the journey she criticized the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) for bringing Islam to the people and for the way it has divided their community. The Prophet silently listened and walked on. Towards the end of the journey the elderly lady asked for his name, when he told her who he was, her reaction was one of shock. The elderly lady was so impressed with his mannerism towards her despite her criticising him, she accepted Islam.

By Ismail Mulla A CONVOY carrying medical supplies to take to those that have been hurt by the current on-going conflict in Syria set off from Batley.

The people involved in this convoy have done charity work previously; most notably they were part of Viva Palestina.

“What this hemostatic trauma gauze will do, will clot the blood up within two minutes even major bleeding so therefore they’ve got a good chance of making it to the hospital.”

The convoy from Batley will also be driving an ambulance full of medical equipment down to Syria and will be leaving it behind for it to be put to good use. The United Nations puts the death toll at 20,000 but certain activists claim that the figure is much higher than that at 26,000. Owner of Steak N Shake, MaqsoodMotala from Batley is one of those heading to Syria as part of the convoy. On what he fears most of going out there the 28-yearold takes a long pause before saying, “Don’t know to be honest, there is no fear.” Mohammed Amin Karolia who has been involved in the organisation said: “There’s a danger to be honest if your life’s going to go it’s going to go anyway. “There’s not much of a danger element because of the organisation we’re going with, we’re working with Red Crescent which is a very reputable organisation in the Middle East it’s the equivalent version of the Red Cross.”

trauma gauze, which clots the blood up slowing down bleeding suffered from shrapnel and gunshot wounds.

“Through the generosity of the locals we managed to collect a large substantial amount of money which half of it we’ve already distributed,” says Mohammed. Mohammed describes the atrocities in Syria as “drastic” and “horrible”. One of the reasons for their trip is also to gain a first-hand account of the situation there says Mohammed.

Maqsood said: “Special thanks to Aidconvoy2syria for the ambulance, Akhtur Ali, Qamal Ahmed, Ashraf Patel, Umar Farook, Talha, Al Mubarak radio, Gulambhai and finally all the local community for their part.


Double fronted shop located on a busy main road.

The convoy will be working injunction with Syria Relief, Libyan Red Crescent, IHH and Doctors Without Borders.

Also to let 2bed flat with or without shop may also be available

One of the key pieces of medical equipment the convoy will be carrying is the hemostatic

For more info Tel: 07967 117 515

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Heroine - A case of clichés and repetition

HEROINE features a cast including Kareena Kapoor as the lead and Arjun Rampal, Randeep Hooda, Divya Dutta in supporting roles, Madhur Bhandakar takes charge behind the camera. Heronine is standard Madhur fare, featuring a strong female character, who manages to defy the odds and keep her head above the water.

maybe if you have never seen a Madhur Bhandakar ‘expose all the secrets of the profession’ film you might find it enjoyable. Looks like Aishwariya didn’t lose out after all.

He bases his story on clichés about the Bollywood film industry (similar to what he did in Fashion). Kareena plays Mahi Arora, an A-list actress in her golden period and the film follows her downfall. There are a few hints as to why Mahi is somewhat self-destructive and overreacts all the time. But the reason behind her mental insecurity isn’t really explained and some parts don’t add up.

A PICTURE of Aradhya Bachan the child of stars Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai Bachan has been seen in public for the first time. The picture that is all over the internet shows mummy trying to cover the tot’s face, who will be celebrating his first birthday on November 16. The family have tried hard to maintain their privacy since the birth of the child. Aishwarya’s baby weight has been greatly criticised however she looked stunning in all black. The duo are set to join papa Abhishek in Chicago where he is filming for the upcoming Dhoom 3.

Mahi falls for a married actor, Aryan Khanna played by Rampal. Her main aim is to settle down with Aryan when she should be concentrating on her career. When they break up, she’s naturally devastated. She decided to fight back and save what truly matters-her career. But that ship has already sailed so she resorts to a dirty publicity stunt to save what’s left of the glory days. The movie focuses on the fake smiles and cheap politics within the Indian film industry and the lonely depth of failing in Bollywood, which we have seen before in ‘Fashion’. Even her publicist drops her (isn’t that what Meghna had to go through in Fashion?). Randeep Hooda plays a cricketer who helps change Mahi’s perspective of love and life.

Baby Bachan

The performances in the film are average. Kareena has acted better before and Madhur has directed better. The repetition makes the film feel too long.

Going for gold?

The story and the editing are really not the film’s strongest points. Kareena Kapoor looks great and

ANURAG BASU’S Barfi has been selected to be India’s entry for the international film category at the prestigious academy awards this year. The film is yet to be selected for the main entry which are decided by a jury however, Ranbir Kapoor has said that if the entry does go through then they will ask Amir Khan for advice, whose film Lagaan was nominated for an Oscar as well.

Wedding bells OFTEN dubbed the ‘Brangelina’ of Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan ‘Saifeena’ were recently congratulated by Brad Pitt himself. Even though both the stars and their families remain tight lipped about the ceremony this October latest news suggest that she will be

wearing a red Saree designed by one of her favourite Indian designers Manish Malhotra. The man in question has confirmed the rumours. The wedding reception is set to be on October 18 in a ‘low-key’ function in Delhi.

Rose Video

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Latest Audio-Visual Technology employed for making video films Best HD Camera is used to capture real scenery Existing films are modernised with sophisticated computer technology for longer lasting durability Audio and Video dubbing facilities also available Cameraman : Digital still photography available

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‫‪October 2012‬‬

‫��� � � �ف ا�� ��ہ‬

‫�� � � � ا�� � � وا� ��� � � ‬

‫‪‬‬ ‫�ا �� � �� �زش � � اور اس �م � ‬

‫�ر�ل � وا� ذ� دار �� ا�� � �ار د� �‬

‫�ف �� روز � �� � � �ں ا��وں ‬

‫�روے ‪� ��� :‬ا  د� ��ن وز� �� �ر‬

‫��ہ � اور �� ا�� � �� � � ا�� ‬

‫ا� �� � رد و�ل � � اور � �را� �  �‬

‫اور د� �ا� � � ر� وا�ں � ا� ا�� ‬

‫او�‪� :‬روے � وز� ا� � ا�� �گ � اس ‬

‫�� �� اور  � �ب � ��� � � �رى �ر� ‬

‫��ن � وزارت �� � � دان �� �۔ �روے � ‬

‫اور � �رروا� �ے اور د� � � � وا� ا� ‬

‫�اد �۔ وہ ا�ے �� � � �ر� � �� � ‬

‫�� � ا�ام �ے۔ ��ے � ا�م � �ر� وا�ڈ ‬

‫�د� �� دو �ار � � �م ا��ت � �اں  �۔‬

‫�� اور�ت ا� � �� وا�ں �ف �رى ‬

‫� � زا� ��ں � ا��ت ��ت اور د� ‬

‫وز� �� �ر �� وا� ا� �� �د� �� ��� ‬ ‫�� �� وا� � � ��ن اور � � � � وز� ‬

‫� � �� �ان ��رى �ا� �‪ ،‬وا�ڈ � ‬

‫� �ر� � � � ر� �ر�ن � �� �۔ ان ‬

‫��ے � ��ن ‪ �،‬د� اور�ب �� � ‬

‫�� � ا�ر � �۔‬

‫�� �رم اور � د� �� � ��ا�ں � � � �۔ ‬

‫�ا� ‪ �،‬اور ��ا�ں � �وہ � �� � � ‬

‫ر� وا� � � اور �ا� � � �� وا� �گ � ‬ ‫�� �‪� ،‬ں � �� �� � وا� اور ��ر ‬

‫�� �� �� � � � � � � �� � � � ‬

‫وہ � � �� � �ے � �� �ے اور �وڑوں ‬

‫ا��ں � د� ��۔ ��� � �ب �� �� ‬ ‫�‬ ‫�رج �ے � �� ر������ �ر� � ا� ا�� ‬ ‫��ے � ا� �� � � � ا�� د� � � �� ‬

‫�� � � وہ �� اور �ا �� ر� � � � ‬

‫� � � ا�� � ا�م اور د� �ا� � ا� ��م ‬

‫�� � ا�ل �� � اور ا� � ا�� �� ‬

‫اور �ا � � �ف �� � � � �ا� � �� اور ‬

‫�� � �ف � � �� �م � ا�� �۔ ‬

‫ا�ں � � � وہ �د �� ��ت � �� � اور �م ‬ ‫�ا� � �ں اور �وى ا�ام �� � � ا� ‬

‫��ں � � � �رے � �� آ� � اور ا�م ‬ ‫� �اق اڑ� � ��ى اور� �رت � � �ف د� ‬

‫� � � وہ ا� �م �و�ت �ڑ � ��ے � ‬ ‫آ� �۔ ا�ں � � � ��ں � �� � اب وہ ‬

‫ا�� � � � � � ا� � ر� اور �رى د� � ‬

‫�ن � اور ا� �� اور �رى د� � آزدى � ‪ ،‬‬

‫�رى اور �� � ا�ام � �� � �ا �� � ‬

‫�ف �و� ��۔ ا�ں � � � ا�� � � � ‬

‫�� � � � وہ ا� �� اور�ت � زور � د� � ‬

‫�� اور �ور ا�ام � ا� �م �� � �� ‬

‫�ے۔ا�ں � �� ا� ا�� � ��ں � ‬ ‫�� � � ��ردى � �� � ا�� �م �رى �ر � اس ‬ ‫� � �� وا�ں � �ف ا�ام �� اور �� اور � ‬

‫�ب � اس � � ا� �د� � ا�� �� � ‬

‫� � �� آج �ن �ں � � �� � �� ‬

‫� اور � ��ں � �ں � �‪�� ،‬ت اور �ل و ‬ ‫�‬ ‫دو� �ٹ ر� �‪ ،‬اس � �ان اس � �� � � ‬ ‫� � � ��۔ ا�ں � � � � �� � ‬

‫�ام اور �م �ا� � �� � ��رہ � � ا� �‪ ،‬‬

‫�� آ�‪ ،‬ا��ں � در�ن �ت‪ � ،‬ا�دى اور �د ‬

‫� وز� �� � �� � �روے � � �� � ‬

‫���ى �ر� � ‪ 60‬ارا� آزا  د� � ‬ ‫��‬

‫�ن‪��� :‬ى �ر� � ‪ 60‬ارا� � � � ‬

‫�� � ا�ام �ہ � � � آزاد � � �� ‬

‫� در�ا� � �� � �۔ �� �ر�ں ادارے ‬

‫� �� � ا�ر� � ��اہ �د �س � �� ‬ ‫� ا�ام �ہ � �ل ا� � � � آزاد � ‬

‫�� �ت ‬ ‫� �� � در�ا� � �� � ��  ‬

‫�� ��ں � ‪ 60‬ار�ن �ر� � �� � �� ‬ ‫�� �� ‬ ‫� � آزاد � ر�� � � � �  ‬

‫� �رو� �ر� �� �ر�‪� � ،‬ر� � �ت �� ‬

‫�� د� � �۔ ��ں � ار�ن � � ��‬

‫� � ��ت � �� � �ف �� ‬


‫��� � �اروں ا�اد � �� �ان � �� � � ‬ ‫��ت � �� اور �ل �� �ن � �د�ت اور ‬

‫�� � � ‪� 4‬ا� � �� � �� � � ‬

‫�ف �� ا�ج � �۔ ��� �ں � ��ں ‬

‫� � �رڈز اور �ز ا� ر� � �ن  � �� ‬ ‫�‬ ‫��� �ل � ا� � �رچ �۔ ��� � �� ‬ ‫�‬ ‫� �� � � وہ ا�  � � ��� �ے اور ‬

‫��ں اور د� � �ا� � � � �ے۔ ��ے ‬

‫� ��ء � ڈا�وں‪�� ،‬ز ار�ن �ر� � ‬ ‫د� �ر� � �ب �‬

‫�� � ر� � اور ا� �� � � � � ‬

‫ا�ان � � � �رت ��ى �ر �� � �� ‬

‫د� �� اور � � � � � ا�ان � ��ى ‬

‫�و�ام ا�� اورا�ا� دو�ں � � �ہ � �� ‬ ‫�‬ ‫ د�� �ل � ‬ ‫ا�ان �ف ڈ� �� � �ا� � �� �‬ ‫� �� � �� �� �� � � �ں � ا�ر ‬ ‫�‬ ‫ د�� � ‬ ‫�ف ا�� �ام � � اور اس �ا� � � �‬ ‫آ� �� � �ل � � �� �۔ دو�ى �� �ر ‬

‫او�� � آ�ہ �ار� ا��ت � رى � �� ‬

‫�� �� �� ‬ ‫� رو� � ا�ا� � � ا�از �  ‬

‫� �� � �� �� � � ا�ا� ا�� � ا� ا� ‬ ‫ا�دى � اور �ر او�� � ا�ا� � �� رو� � ‬

‫� �رت در� � �۔‬

‫�م‪� � :‬روں � � � �رى‬

‫�� �� ا�� �ق � �ر�ں � � � � ‬

‫��رى �� �م � دو�ے �ے � � � � ‬ ‫�روں � �رى � ر� �۔‬

‫ا��ت � �� � � �� �دى � ا� �ا� ‬

‫� � ا� � ��ان � � �ں � آ� ا�اد ‬

‫�رے �۔� � � ��ں � ��رى ��ں اور ‬

‫��ں � در�ن �� �رى �۔ا� دوران �م � ‬

‫� ِ‬ ‫ ا�ام �ہ اور �ب � � �� ا� ا� ‬

‫ا�ا� � �ر �ر ا�� � ��ت � � ِ‬ ‫ ا�ام �ہ ‬

‫� �� �� � � ا� ر�رٹ �ر � �۔‬

‫ِ‬ ‫ا�ام �ہ � � � � �رچ دو �ار �رہ � �� ‬

‫�� ��ے �وع �� � � � اب � � ‬ ‫�ار � ز�دہ ا�اد �ك � � � � � �� ‬

‫�� �ر�ں � �� �ك �� وا�ں � �اد ‬

‫� �ار � �� �۔� � روز �� را� � �� ‬

‫‪Awaaz Urdu Section‬‬ ‫� �ر �ر ا�� � �� � �ا� ا�م � �� ‬

‫�۔ �� � اس ��� � ا�زت دى �۔‬

‫�� ��� ��� � ا� � ر� ا� � ’�رى ‬ ‫� �ى‪ ،‬و�� �رى � ا�م اور �رى ا� ‬

‫��ے‘ � �� �۔ ا�ں � � � ا� ��ے ‬

‫� ’�� � � را� � �� � ۔۔۔ � � �دى ‬

‫�� ��‪�� ،‬دہ �� � �� اور �ہ ‬

‫�ر� � راہ �ار �� �۔�� � �ى �� ‬

‫آر� � اس �� � �د �� �� � � � ا�س ‬

‫’ا� ا�� �� � � � � � ا��ا� �ادرى � ‬ ‫‘�اہ �� � � )�م �( �ت � � ر� �۔‬

‫�ب � �ر � �ك‪�� �� �� ،‬‬

‫��ن � �ر� آ�ت � � وا� ادارے ا� ڈى ‬ ‫ا� اے � � � � �� �ب � � � � �ر � ‬

‫� � � ا�اد �ك � � �� �� �� ا�اد ‬

‫�� �� �۔�ر� آ�ت � � وا� ادارے ا� ‬

‫ڈى ا� اے � �� �� �ب � � � ز�دہ �� ‬

‫�� وا� ��ں � �ھ‪� ،‬ب اور ��ن �۔‬ ‫ا� ڈى ا� اے � �ف � �رى �� وا� �ت ‬

‫� �� �� �ب � و� � � � � � � ‬

‫�ر � ا�اد �ك �� � � ا� �ار � ز�دہ �گ ‬

‫ز� �� �۔� � � ز�دہ �� �ن �ھ � ‬ ‫�ا �ں �ك �� وا�ں � �اد �� دو � �� �� ‬

‫�۔ا� ڈى ا� اے � �� ��ن � � ��ں ‬ ‫��‬ ‫ �� �� ا�اد ‬ ‫�ھ‪�� ،‬ن اور �ب � �� � �‬

‫�� �� � � � � � � ز�دہ �� �ھ � ‬ ‫� �ں ان � �اد ا�� �� � ز�دہ �۔�ر� ‬

‫آ�ت � � وا� ادارے � �� �ب � � ‬

‫� ��ن � � �� � �� ��ت �ہ �� � ا� ‬

‫ا� �� �� � � ا�ع دى � ��ں � � ‬

‫�ن � � � � � � دو �� �� �ھ � ‬

‫� �رے �۔� � �� �دى � ��رى � ‬

‫� �� �ڑ� �ہ �ار د�ت �� �� � � ‬

‫از � �� ا�اد �رے � � � � � �رہ � ‬

‫�روں � دو �ر�ں � � ��� اور اب � � � ‬

‫� از � آ� �� �آ� � � � �۔ا�� � �� ‬

‫�� وا� ا� و�� � ��ں � � �� �� د�� � ‬

‫�۔اس � �وہ � � دو�ے ��ں � � ‬

‫��ں � �� � �۔د� � �� اور �� ��ں ‬ ‫� � �� �ج اور ��ں � در�ن ��ں � ‬

‫�۔ا� ڈى ا� اے � �� ��ن‪� ،‬ھ اور �ب ‬ ‫ت� �اد �رہ ‬ ‫� � �ھ � �� �� وا� د�  ‬

‫�ار � ز�دہ �۔اس ادارے � �� ان �ں ‬

‫��ں � �� �ڑ� �ت �� ا� ر� � �ى ‬

‫�ں � �ن � � � � �ف �ب � � �� ‬ ‫�� ا� ر� � � �� ��۔�م � � � � ان ‬ ‫��ں � � � آ� �ار �� �ك ��۔‬

‫ا�ا ن �� ‪ ،‬او�� ا�اء� وز� ا� � �س ‬

‫ا��ت � �۔ ِ‬ ‫ا�ام �ہ � ا� ا� �ا� � � ‬

‫�ں � ا�� ‪� � �� ����� � :‬ر‬

‫وا�‪ :‬ا�� �ر � ا�ان �ف ڈ� �� � ‬

‫�� � ا�ا� وز�ا� � �ڑ �� �� � � ‬ ‫�‬ ‫� � �� � �ا� � �� � � � � د��� � ‬

‫�ل ��ى �ن � �ن � �د� �ل �۔دو�ں � ‬

‫�ں � ا�� � �� ا� �� �� �ا� �� ‬

‫اور �� � �� �ہ �� �۔ا�ں � � � � � ‬

‫��� �ار� ا�وار � رو� � � � �  ‬

‫ر�ؤں � ا�ع � و� � �م � ا�� �ان � ‬

‫ا�غ � � �� �� ڈ��� �ر� � ��اہ ‬ ‫� ����� � � � � اداروں � � � ��� �رى ‬

‫� � � �� �� �� � �� � �۔‬

‫�� � �ر � � � � �س � ر� � � � ‬

‫ �ب �� � � ��ں � ��وں ‬ ‫� � روز ِ‬

‫�رى �� � دل � �ام � �� � �ر � ان ‬

‫� � � � � �  ا��ت � �م � و�ہ � � � ‬


‫� �ف ا�� �ام � �ا�ت � �� � ان � ‬

‫ا�د�ں � �� اس �ح � رو� � � �رت ‬

‫در� �� �ر � �۔ � � � ر�ں ادارے � ‬ ‫�‬ ‫�� �ر �اك او�� � ا� ا�� � وى � �‬ ‫ د� ‬

‫� ا�و� � � � وہ ا�ا� وز�ا� � اس ‬

‫� روز �م � �ز� � �رے � ِ‬ ‫ ا�ام �ہ � ‬

‫اس �ت � ا�ق � � اس � � و� � ’� � ا� ‬

‫ا س  � ِ‬ ‫ ا�ام �ہ � �ل ا� � ا�س � �� ‬

‫� د� � ا� ��� � �� � � � ا�ں ‬

‫��� � �� وز�ا� � ����� � ��ر�ں � ‬

‫�� � � �م � �� �� � ۔ �� روز ذرا� ‬

‫� اداروں � �� �ں � � � ا�� � �� ‬

‫د� � � �را � �� � � � ا�س �۔ ‬

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Awaaz Gujarati Section

úv¿ t# úv¿ sclÈ, kdh[ul s~f iclÈ nn\ez[ :nm s; h]alÈ, úv¿ t# úv¿ sclÈ :a‹7ff; u=ns; vf[ s=ul:mitdLy; V7sjl /RVtl u[zslf}f; /:du‹F7±k

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5#Q7dlKtzf[ v[j#9\ k[:jm 7lpf 5#Q7dlKtz vf[ 9i]haz; klpy slp:Fkmz g. vAn]m 57[mf[ t[df; Ô;k jq\f; v[swlz; s#Di]:f7; k[jlv# anm 5#Q7 v#:ok kòjk ãlzl v[s 7`#o; v[flit szjldL vlj; ct;. t[d6[ vl 5#Q7 v#:ok Ô6 nlislv# 5}j¹ bz;n; ct; vf[ kdu‹ i#s\xlizfl t[v# 5‹yd v[:xif 5#Q7dlKtz ctl. Tilzy; vlg5i|t t[d6[ 5#tlfl u‹lcs#f[ v[swlz; k]=nz 5#Q7m k[jlv#

5‹nlf sz; º ‘vljlh’ vljl k[jlelj; 5#Q7dlKtzf[ wFijln 5[x sztL vlf=n vf]ej[ º d[m[:zil kld[ m9t dRVz#fl sz9jly; o[mlt; îjm[6 a;dlz;v#dL d[m[:zilf]= fld k~y; d#bz[ Ã g[f[ slz6[ vl:Osl vf[ n:16 v[:xilfl n[x#dL nz jq¹ mlb# m#s#fL d#t yli º v#K7`[:milfl j{2l:fs#v[ d[m[:zilf# kldf# szjldL k1d v[F7;a#9;h :jx[ ú6slz;

October 2012

vldLfl s[7mls t# sc[jltl v[gF7#f[ 5#tlf; 3zjbz; s[ gd;f j[r; vyjl t# a¿s# 5lk[y; m#f m/ ÜÁ¼,¼¼¼ g[j; dltaz zsd r}sj;f[ a[ctz îjff; mlmrdL t[dfl g[jl g a;ú nkalz m#s# kly[ mlÇz;f; 5lV4 V}5l/f[ vc 3}Kil ctl. t[df[ g[f]= jrf vl5jldL vlJi]= ct]= t[dLf]= vc sx]= g fy;. sld fy;, vf[ u[zslf}f; c#jly; kzslzf; 56 s#/ dnn d4t; fy;. vljl m#s#v[ xzdfl dlil\ 5#tlfl s]7]=a;v# kly[y; k=5s\ 56 u]dlj; n;w# à s[ds[ t[dfl dl7[ 5lVl gj]= v[ s}jldL 9}a;f[ dz; gjl g[j]= º a[slz, :bKkldL 5[f; 56 fc vf[ 3zy; ¢,¼¼¼ dl/m n}z vljl dga}z af[ml s[7mls m#s#v[ :95#7¹xf dl7[ 5#tlf; útf[ clgz sz; vl5; º V[MmL V jzkdL vljl Kj[RVlv[ :95#7\ yjl dLutl m#s#f; k=BildL p‡z#‡z jwlz# yjl 5lDi# à g[ k=Bil c#d v#:okfl vLs9l nxl\j[ à t[ d]ga ª¼¼ÓdL ƒƒÓf; ct; t[ jw;f[ ª¼Á¼dL ÁÓ,Óƒ‰ vf[ ª¼ÁªdL Áª,¥‰» g[7m; y/ u/ º vljl m#s#dL d#7l elufl klpyc#mdL jktl /:F9ily; vlj[ml 5=úa;v# Ã. sld d4t]= ct]= Tilz[ g[v# v8jl:9ilfl ܪ¼¼ s[ ܃¼¼ sdl/ m[tl ctl t[df[ vTilz[ sldf; elz[ vVtf[ m;w[ zc[jlf]= el9]= ez; xsli v[7m]= 56 sld d4t]= fy;. vljl m#s# smlsfl ܪ m[b[ Á¼-Áª smlsf; dg}z; szjl t{ilz c#i º sld dl7[ 59l59; yli º 3z#f; 5lV4 jl9ldL aflj[m; h}=59;v#dL 5Lr nk e[ul d4;f[ zc[ à vf[ d:cflf]= Ü¥¼¼ g[7m]= el9]= elu;nlz;dL dslfdl:msf[ r}sj[ º u=nl d[7`[k 5z rlnzf[ anm[ %ml:K7s g[j]= 5lyz;f[ k}j[ º 8=9; c#i t# :c7Âufl velj[ yzyz[ º 36;jlz bljlfl 56 5{kl f c#i t# s[7m;s wdl\nl k=Kylv# tzoy; d4t]= bljlf]= m/f[ 5[7 ez; m[ º vljl m#s# dl7[ vcÂf]= îjf fs\ g[j]= af; ui]= º t[df[ t[dfl 5#tlfl g m#s# V[tz[, r}k[ vf[ t[df; dga}z;f# mle p8lj[ v[f[ slz6[ t[v# df#df u]Kk# vf]ej[ º a[slz vf[ a[3zÚ vljl s[7mli[ m#s# V[j7[ nlZ vf[ 9`ufl Jikf[ r0; úi º n]slf# vf[ K7#k\dL r#z; szjl dga}z af[ º 5s9li úi º g[mdL úi º n[x 5lVl ozjl dLu[ º 56 elzt;i cl/ s:dxf tzoy; g[d t[d 7`lj[m 9#si]d[F7±k d4tL fy;. t[ d[4jjldL d:cflv# fc jzk# mlu[ à vf[ nz:dilfdL vljl m#s#f; clmt an y; antz yt; úi º vcÂf]= u+c blt]= t[df[ 7`lj[m 9#si]d[F7±kfl velj[ :95#7\ sz; xst]= fy;. p5z vle, f;r[ wzt;, vlk5lk u=njl9 vf[ elz[ dga}z;, elz[ :jdlk6Ú :a‹7ff]= Kj%f rsflr}z y/ ui]= Ã. va úv¿ t# úv¿[ sclÈÚÚÚ

d[4jjldL ko4tl d[4j; c#jlf# vf[ g[ zk; :jskljjldL vlj; à t[fly; d[m[:zilf[ n}z zlbjldL ko4tl d4x[ v[j# nlj# sil¹ Ã. The Wall of China sc[jli à s[ V[MmL ¤¼ jq\f# z[s#9\ t#9flz rlm] jq\fl elz[ jzklnfl slz6[ r;ff; 5‹Bilt n;jlmf# v[s elu wzlxi; y/ ui# º vl n;jlmf]= kdlzsld xZ sz; n[jldL vlJi]= º

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z#u5‹:tslzs x:å 56 jw] vf[ 5lrfx:å d=n t# z#u5‹:tslzs x:å v#V;. vli]j¹ndL xz;zf[ t=n]zKt afljjl Ô6 alat# 5z Wilf v5li]= º k~y; 5c[m# vlclz e#gfâ, 5V; :jclz áczj]=ozj]=â vf[ k~y; V[Mm[ «Ji ánjlv#â vlj[ º td[ g[j# vlclz m# t[jl ylj. c4nz, dw vf[ mk6 56 z#u5‹:tslzs x:åf[ jwlzjldL rdTslz; kl:at yiL º O;gdL k=3z; zlb[m# s[ 5‹#k[k sz[m# b#zls bljlf[ anm[ c=d[xL tlú[ g b#zls bljlf]= zlbj]= ú[/v[.

À ‘d=hz’ fjklzj; 5l5 Gilz[ e}my; ñgnu;ez dlfj;

y/ úi 5Ktli

à Ã

s#/ j[4l v[j]= 56 y/ úi à s#6 ú6[ dfdL x]= x]= yli à zlcazf[ siL slom# zKtl

59; p5z

à dlu\dL m]=7li Ã

8#sz# jlu[ à Gilz[ dlu\dL t# g d=:hmf; :nxl n[bli à 5‹[df; v#4b à ‘d=hz’ v[7m; :nmf; jlt# vLby; kdúi à s:jfl ‘waslz’ uhmk=u‹cdLy; klelz

Awaaz October 2012  
Awaaz October 2012  

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