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“We'd like to thank the following Art Angels for their commitment to advocating for AWA's programs.� Jane Fortune


2019 – 2020

- Victoria Slichter

- Mark Smith

- Nancy Archer

- Sarah C Morrison “After attending an AWAF Sojourn and meeting more of the inspiring, fun, and passionate staff, I am happy to be able to support them and the art at a little higher level -- I know it will be spent well!”

- Beverly A Kissinger “As a teacher and practitioner of art and design I am very familiar with what woman in the arts face, and feel strongly about supporting the efforts of AWA.”

- Dwight E. Keeney - Angela Vinci - Irene A Matson “I am so happy to have learned about the work of AWA, and am pleased to be able to support your work in this way!”

- Millie Schott

- Jan Goodnight Broce - Lisa J Lindsey - Darrell Fishel, Phil Glesing, Joyce Campion and Maj Bilanti “Bill Fortune's (Jane's brother) 70th birthday”

- Seonaid Winram - Elena Macias - Norma Broude - Mary Garrard - Sally Wright - Angela Gavazzi - Elizabeth “Libby” Cameron - Sandra Murray “There is finally a voice and platform for women!”

- Suzie Provo - Donald Michael - Sophie Rockhold - Charlotte Le Bon - Professor Tomi-Ann Roberts and the Colorado College 2019

Gazing in Florence Class - Seena Jacob - Candace Simpson

- Elisabetta Marchi “In my opinion, tour guides like me should feel honoured of providing contributions for a restoration!”

- Lucia Falcone “Art is a gift to our soul.”

- Linda Pompeo


2018 – 2019

- Victoria Slichter

- Nancy Archer - Donna Malin - Karin Urlichs

- Marcia Vose in honor of Alice Vogler - Meg Pekarske - Susan Kong “This contribution is made in memory and in honour of Doctor Jane Fortune. Her life and her work at AWA is truly inspiring. Her legacy will truly enrich the lives of many for generations to come.”

- Will Miller - Donato Massaro

- Ginny and Pete Nicholas “This donation is being made in memory of Jane Fortune.”

- Randall Shepard and Amy MacDonell “Our registration and contribution are in tribute to Jane Fortune.”

- Pamela Moffett

- Dwight Keeney - Dolores Davison - Angela Gavazzi - Tanya Klowden - Amelia Horvath “Art washes away the dust of everyday life.”

- Rita Morgan Richardson “Be good if you can.” -- St. Philip Neri

- Doug Von Qualen - Annette Poiesz “What a great initiative!”

- Francesco Chiaravalli - David Lerner - Katherine Becker “In March of 2018, through the generosity of Linda Falcone, Project Coordinator of AWA and the visit made possible by Private Italy Tours, I had the opportunity to visit the restoration workshop of Pautilla Nelli's The Last Supper. I was so moved by the relationship of the restoration artist to the Renaissance painting that I immediately wanted to become a supporter of Advancing Women Artists. It is an extraordinary opportunity for anyone to contribute to keeping these paintings alive and educating the public about the lives and works of women artists in the Renaissance - history that will enrich the present.”

- Lolita Valderrama Savage “Women are the main source of everything beautiful and artistic.”

- J. Patrick Doust “This is an initiative that the world needs to embrace.”

- Dr Sarah howells - MartaM - Jane Elizabeth Guarducci “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Pablo Picasso thanks AWA for so doing!”

- Wen-Hsin Linda Jen - Barbara Zaragoza - Stanley and Dianna Feldman “In memory of Jane Fortune”

- Julie A Davis “My contribution is in memory of Jane Fortune.”

- Janna Urbahns “My donation is made in honor of the life and gifts of Ms Jane Fortune. I feel blessed to have known her.”

- Katherine Kerr Allen “Talent, creativity, dedication & the love of art know no gender. Let the work of women artists be seen, experienced & appreciated.”

- Moureen Coulter - Maggie Raywood - Lauretta Dimmick - Annamarie Kostura - Madrean M Schober “The concept of Art Angels portrays a message of reaching for heavenly beauty and bringing it to us on this earth.”

- Nancy Dailey - Sarah Lambert - Jennifer Elizabeth Rimmer - Tatjana Zanki “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”

- Stephen Marshall “For my father's love of art and his continuing education on the importance of female artists.”

- Bobby Lee Krajnik - Jo Ann McNaughton-Kade - Ann and Tom Gores - Rita Novak “It’s so rewarding to see these women artists, at long last, being recognized. and to be able to be a a part of getting their work restored. How lucky to be alive to see it happen! Thank you Jane Fortune and friends.”


2017 - 2018

- Donna Malin “I fell in love with Florence at first glance many decades ago. And I have dedicated my professional life to mentoring women. Advancing Women Artists is the perfect combination of my passions.”

- Mark Smith “For centuries, woman have contributed untold masterpieces to the legacy of civilization and art. History is, as the saying goes, written by the winners. AWA corrects history so that those women who have lingered in the shadows can, at long last, stand fully in the light of their accomplishments. This is why supporting it is important to me.”

- Barbara Hollowell - Andrina Lever “The recognition and preservation of art is at the core of any society's history and culture. The recognition and preservation of contributions from women artists is fundamental to remembering who we are and where we came from.”

- Karen Chase - Donata Marcus “The gift of art is the gift of beauty!”

- Victoria Davies - Norma Broude - Mary D. Garrard - Boyd Dallos - Sarah Morrison “It's so wonderful to be able to feel part of AWA's work on a retiree's budget -- thanks!”

- Laurette Lévy

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