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Studio Brief 2 - Contact Report LAUIL502 Abigail Woolley

Who are DR.ME? DR.ME are a two person Machester-based design studio - Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards. They met on their first day of university and since their names were next to each other on the register they were paired together for one of the first projects. They began working together more during first year and formed the studio a few years later.

Creative Journey and Key Points

Key Projects - 365 Days of Collage This was a personal project for DR.ME who decided to set themselves the task of producing a collage every day for a year.

Every day once the collage was made it was put for sale online - each one was sold for ÂŁ10

Key Projects - Cut That Out Cut That Out is a book about contemporary collage in graphic design, curated by DR.ME. It includes work from 50 prominent contemporary collage artists.

Key Projects - Fin? Fin is a monthly zine composed of surplus, unfinished and rejected work

The zines are sold online and also released as free PDFs for people to print themselves at home.

Where did they begin/get commissions? They began by just working hard to find projects and just used simple intuition to notice as many opportunities as they could. They strongly advocate always having personal projects on the go regardless of whether there is a definite outcome or commercial reason since it “keeps their instruments sharp� and keeps them busy.

Creative Process and Sources of Inspiration Since they are a design duo, their creative process is bound to be slightly different to individual artists. When beginning on a brief or project, they usually discuss initially ideas and then work separately and regroup later to decide which ideas are working best before presenting them to a client. In terms of inspiration, they said that inspiration is mainly everywhere, but they have a theory there’s only a certain amount of times you can return to a particular place to find it.

What sort of projects do they do most frequently? They work a lot with the music industry since they have a lot of friends who are musicians and are often asked to design record sleeves, t-shirts, posters etc. They are big music fans and said that they imagine their enthusiasm for creating artwork for music has always shone through. As a result, this has allowed them to work with a lot of different people from around the world and made their work reach a much wider audience.

Where does their creative practice currently situated? This is hard to determine considering their work spans so many different types of media, and the wealth of personal projects they also produce. I think their creative practice is leaning mostly towards the music industry and creating artwork to record sleeves/t-shirts posters etc. However, considering Cut That Out, Fin? and lots of zines they’ve made, I think that another key part of their practice would be within publications.

Studio Brief 2 - Contact Report LAUIL502 Abigail Woolley  
Studio Brief 2 - Contact Report LAUIL502 Abigail Woolley