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Since 2008 Made in London, UK Price Range: Tops: €170 - €1700 Dress: €569 - €2100 Skirts: €500 - €2200 Jackets: €1600 - €2000 Pants: €550 - €800



I t s u n i q u e d e s i g n a e s t h e t i c o ff e r s a m o d e r n interpretation of masculinity and femininity by creating thought-provoking silhouettes through a conscious cross-pollination between menswear and womenswear elements. 4



Since 2002 Made in New York United States Price Range: Tops: €326 - €4300 Dress: €730 - €4500 Skirts: €2500 - €3900 Pants: €550 - €2350 7


Proenza Schouler is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail with a sense of refined ease. Inspiration drawn from contemporary art and youth culture is combined with an emphasis on tailoring and the use of custom developed fabrics.


Since 2000 Made in Munich Germany Price Range: Tops: €200 - €1200 Dress: €450 - €2000 Skirts: €350 - €1800 Jackets: €600 - €2200 Pants: €650 - €800



“It’s all about knowing where to stop“ - going too far can be as bad as not going far enough. it turns out that this is not only good advice when designing, but has become our Talbot’s philosophy.




Since 1999 Made in Japan Price Range: Tops: €160 - €2400 Dress: €245 - €1600 Skirts: €570 - €5000 Jackets: €1200 - €6000 Pants: €590 - €3000 15

Sacai is all things that are classic and traditional, but juxtaposed with something new and fresh. The drive to create newness, and the ability to maintain a balance between creativity and business.




Since 2005 Made in Antwerp, Belgium Price Range: Tops: €130 - €850 Dress: €600 - €2000 Skirts: €300 - €800 Jackets: €500 - €4000 Pants: €650 - €800


If there should or could be a design philosophy, it would certainly be too individualistic. More of freedom and artistic license based on an individuals personal style and tastes. Garments should express the wearers personality without looking out of place. Subtle and elegant yet unique and beautiful. 20



Since 2013 Made in Milan, Italy Price Range: Tops: €198 - €989 Dress: €400 - €950 Skirts: €365 - €700 Jackets: €450 - €2700 Pants: €395 - €1600



Off white is a fashion label rooted in current culture at a taste-level particular to now. With a specific opinion and not necessarily same with vision seasonal men's and women's collections are offered. The result is to be a young brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manner.




Since 2010 Made in Paris, France Price Range: Tops: €135 - €1100 Dress: €295 - €800 Skirts: €300 - €900 Jackets: €730 - €1100 Pants: €400 - €550 28

His collections have a child-like spirit and sense of freedom, often featuring asymmetrical designs, oversized ‘stiff ’ silhouettes, experimental make up and shoeless or topless models.


Since 2013 Made in Antwerp, Belgium Price Range: Tops: €159 - €1000 Dress: €400 - €1500 Skirts: €295 - €850 Jackets: €450 - €1600



Martens has revisualized the brand with versatile designs that take inspiration from a variety of subcultures and eras. Martens has combined men’s and women’s pieces to create collections that challenge classification.




Since 2008 Made in New York United States Price Range: Tops: €198 - €989 Dress: €295 - €800 Skirts: €395 - €700 Jackets: €535 - €1200 In a constant reaction against the expected, Public School holds a pen in one hand and a sword in the other. We are both teachers and students who continue to critique the culture we help create, resulting in a new vision of constructed garments that focus on fabrication, fit and attitude.





Since 1990 Made in Japan Price Range: Tops: €175 - €1200 Jackets: €1200 - €3100 Pants: €720 - €2000 39


“Clothes have meaning. Otherwise, it’s just cocktail dresses and bags — and that’s not interesting.” The designer insists that, no matter the complexity or price of a garment, he imbues everything he produces with an equal degree of creativity, which appears to flow directly from his mind’s seemingly unbounded capacity for conjuring up a unique universe of intricate and slightly warped fantasies.



Since 2015 Since 2011 Made in London, UK Price Range: Tops: €233 - €1300 Dress: €295 - €1400 Skirts: €306 - €1200 Jackets: €435 - €2700 Pants: €350 - €1000



Trained both in womenswear, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida subscribe to the Helmut Lang school of thought, where ‘fashion is about attitude not hemlines’. While their aesthetic evokes raw effortlessness, the pair’s technical sensibilities are revealed in the construction of each piece.



Since 1974 Made in Spain Price Range: €450 - €9443



Delpozo embraces time-honored couture techniques with a modern sensibility to create unique and feminine pieces for the contemporary woman. A combination of contrasting elements defines the prĂŞt-Ă couture house: Delpozo is traditional and modern, organic and architectural, sumptuous and pure.


Since 2006 Made in Scoland,UK Price Range: €174 - €9450



Developing his highly creative and playful signatures of constant innovation, rebellious femininity and extraordinary skill, his clothes continue to surprise and seduce with their ineffable sense of chic.



Since1922 Made in Switzerland Price Range: €1000 - €2600



Akris is a collection of sleek, refined, and versatile pieces, designed in clear architectural lines, with exceptional fabrics, body conscious tailoring and sophisticated colors. Albert Kriemler has gained a strong following by creating a fashion collection for careeroriented women around the world.[18] Artists and architects have inspired his designs or have collaborated directly with him. 56


Since 2012 Made in Beirut, Lebanon Price Range: Gowns: €3255 - €6040 Coat: €4181 Skirt: €1860 Cashmere top: €1208



The brand is based on a merge of classic and modern fashion. It’s a contrast of feminine and edgy at the same time. Hussein Bazaza Ready-to-wear line is mix of wearable pieces with couture details. Lace collage, geometric cuts and shapes, story telling prints , highly Intricate details and well fitted garments that flatters the woman body are the signature styles. It is a mix of different styles, European and Eastern merged in a one of a kind nouvelle couture outfit. 60


Since 2010 Made in Beirut, Lebanon Price Range: Gowns: €3739 - €4242 Coat: €1839 - €1928




The Sandra Mansour brand currently has two product lines: Bridal and Ready to wear in which are showcased twice a year in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. The collections are constantly radiant with contemporary silhouettes that portray an everlasting feeling of sophistication and femininity. Transparency, modern embroidery techniques, individuality and uniqueness exemplify the brand.


Adidas by Stella McCartney

Since 2016 Made in London, UK Price Range: Leggings: €85 - €110 Backpacks: €122 Shorts: €67 - €73 Tanks: €55 - €85 Sneakers: €201 - €232




2016 has been another big year for the designer, in March she launched the new fragrance POP; in the moment, bold, and irreverent, the scent for a new generation of women. This summer she unveiled her first full swim collection of naturally feminine, naturally confident and modern designs without compromising on functionality and fit.


Since2014 Made in New York Price Range: Bralets: €90 - €110 Shorts: €155 - €160 Tops: €110 - €160 Leggings: €180 - €215



NO KA 'OI means "the best" in Hawaiian and that is what we strive for in terms of design and lifestyle. NO KA 'OI allows women to move seamlessly, confidently and comfortably through life. This collection takes you from the yoga studio to drinks with friends. It is fashion-forward streetwear that also performs. 72



Since2016 Made in New York Price Range: €50 - €750



Rihanna filtered those regal, 18th-century references through a thoroughly modern lens for Spring 2017. As the singer put it, these were clothes that Marie Antoinette might wear in a parallel universe, where state-of-the-art gyms and whale-boned corsets lived side by side. 77

Since2005 Made in British Price Range: Jumpers: €185 - €280 Pochettes: €215 - €225 Shoes: €275 - €310 Defined by Alexander McQueen himself as "younger and more renegade but always signature McQueen," the McQ line offers immaculately crafted clothing with a rebellious twist. With Sarah Burton now at the helm, look out for the label's embellished knitwear, tartan pants and leather skirts.





Since1950 Made in Australia Price Range: Bodysuit: €145 - €165 Shorts: €95 - €98 Jersey slips: €200 The Wolford AG, with its headquarter in Bregenz on Lake Constance in Austria, is a manufacturer of textiles of the top price segment focusing on tights, bodysuits and underwear, as well as women's clothing and accessories



Since1950 Made in Australia Price Range: One piece: €310 - €450 Bikini set: €245 - €310 This iconic Australian brand has stayed true to its original vision: sophisticated femininity, a passion for detail and a love of colour and print. Sisters Nicky and Simone ZIMMERMANN founded their namesake brand in Sydney in 1991. 84


Since2012 Made in New York Price Range: Briefs: €35 - €110 Babydolls: €225 - €285 Bodysuits: €245 - €395


Founded in 2012 by Jennifer Zuccarini, Fleur du Mal is a New York brand that ‘inspires dressing up and undressing.’ Named after the French poet, Charles Baudelaire’s notorious collection of 19th century erotic poems, Fleur du Mal ‘provides pleasure’ with its decadent readyto-wear and provocative luxury lingerie.


Since1990 Made in Belgium Price Range: Bras: €250 - €299 Briefs: €200 - €250 Camisoles: €429 - €677 Pajama set of shirt and pants: €1000 - €1440 Babydolls: €677 - €994 Robes: €1312 - €1629 Inspired by her love of Lyon silk and Chantilly lace, Carine Gilson founded her lingerie label in 1990. The hallmark of this label’s luxuriously




Since2000 Made in England Price Range: Robe: €450 Bras: €90 Briefs: €95 After studying fashion marketing and gaining experience in both the UK and Asia, Fleur Turner launched her Bristol-based lingerie label in 2000. Her delicate yet sexy designs are based on five distinct moods: fiercely feminine, powerful, romantic, playful and luxurious.



Since Made in Venice Price Range: Robes and caftans: â‚Ź1050 - â‚Ź1245 Venice-based Carlotta Danti launched her haute couture lingerie label with the aim of fusing contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship. Rosamosario's collection of Chantilly lace-trimmed camisoles and silk chemises draws its luxury appeal from its fabrics and its artisanal detailing.



Since2009 Made in London Price Range: Turquoise earrings: €2488 Diamond & pearl encrusted earrings: €5230 Ebony earrings: €2460 18 carat grey gold & diamonds earrings: €3490 Beautiful and unexpected materials - from moonstone to rock crystal and rose wood - form the core of her creations. These raw materials are then housed within Noor’s signature love of geometry. Many pieces also bear a protective eye, there to ward off negative influences - an enduring belief from her Lebanese roots.


Since2014 Made in America Price Range: â‚Ź207 - â‚Ź2,261(depending on diamonds) Only high quality, natural gemstones, along with 18 karat gold and vermeil, are used to create the pieces, which are handpicked and ethically sourced by the woman behind the brand herself, Donna Hourani. After sketching her designs, her vision is then brought to life by highly skillful craftsmen with unrivaled artistry and finesse.



Since2013 Made in Amsterdam Price Range: Diamond encrusted wrap heart ring: €4,325 Wrap ring: €4213 Red ring: €560 Black ring: €560

seeme employs women, often single mothers, who have suffered violence and were ostracized from their communities. through training, seeme women learn the craft of jewellery making following ancient tunisian techniques. thus, while fostering their country's traditions they also secure a workplace for themselves and a future for their families. 98


Since2014 Made in Lebanon Price Range: Gold plated earcuff with pearls: €105 Gold plated with crystals: €135 Gold plated with Swarovski: €169 Rose gold plated & Swarovski crystals: €240 Joanna Laura Constantine Fashion Jewelry collections are as diverse as the modern woman. Bold, edgy and stunning, her work covers a wide range of styles. From the feminine Baroque Collection, to the Native American-inspired Americana Collection to the beautifully sensual Fire Starter line, every piece designed engages and inspires.




Since2013 Made in France Prices range-: €130 - €180 Launched in October 2013, DONIA ALLEGUE, is a Parisian House of Haute Couture turbans and headpieces, handmade in France. Donia Allegue founded her eponymous Millinery brand after she had a revelation, when visiting an apartment, in Paris, with her mother. The lady who owned the place was wearing a turban… This was an illumination and she saw the turban as the absolute fashion accessory.


Since2015 Made in England & Italy Prices range-: â‚Ź100 - â‚Ź300


ED is the beautiful, intricate and intimate new label from passionate designer, Erin Donohoe. Currently, ED produces high quality scarves made from ethically-sourced lightweight Habotai silk and are made in England. With each one intended as a limited edition of wearable art, these one-of-a-kind prints are adorned with sumptuous yet delicate colour and contain dreamlike nostalgic imagery from the designers own memories and real-life experiences. The silk squares are versatile in style and colour; they are intended to be worn either draped around the neck, on the head or even as a body garment. (See ‘How To Tie’).


Since2009 Made in Paris & London Prices range-: â‚Ź82 - â‚Ź318


Forget Me Not is a Paris and London based pattern design studio. We specialise in print in the broadest sense and create both commercial and bespoke prints for the global fashion and interior industries.Forget Me Not was founded by art director and designer Coco whose signature style mixes several techniques, combining old-school processes such as painting and hand-drawing with modern digital tools.


Prices range-: €715 - €3000



Prices range-: €845 - €2510



Prices range-: €619 - €3164



Since2012 Made in Lebanon Prices range-: â‚Ź619 - â‚Ź2296


trad’s time spent in two fashion capitals – paris and new york – coupled with the expertise gained through her degrees and her quest to reexamine the foundations of traditional accessory design, helped her forge a unique signature style early on, laying the foundation for her 2013 inaugural collection. indeed, the range – spanning leather handbags, shell clutches and necklaces – is punctuated by chiseled contours, geometric structures and sharp contrasts in color, texture and pattern. 115

Since2015 Made in Italy Prices range-: €250 - €380 Marskinryyppy is a fashion shoe brand, debuted for AW15, created by Texan-born designer Nicole Brundage. The brand, which takes its name after a traditional alcoholic Finnish drink, meaning “The Marshall’s shot,” is the fruit of the designer’s two previous brands — Nicole Brundage and Acrobats of God — united under one umbrella.


Prices range-: €595 - €1520


Since2013 Made in London Prices range-: â‚Ź438 - â‚Ź1280 With nuanced updates to classic shapes, Malone Soulless shoes come in a selected range of styles and colours. Lashings of audacious laces, pencil-sharp stilettos and buttery suede are just a few of the refined features that bestow the Malone Souliers woman with sartorial nous.


Sanayi 313

Since2014 Made in Turkey Prices range-: â‚Ź575 - â‚Ź1375

Atelier of Sanayi 313 is an expression and aesthetic of Serena Uziyel for individual style. Sanayi 313 Collections offer an exquisite and hand crafted range of shoes and bags, which evoke modern attitude with traditional craftsmanship by artisans all around the world.


Since 2011 Made in British Price range: €270 - €450 Sandals: €436 - €486 Shoes: €436 Trainers: €326 - €542 Trained both in womenswear, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida subscribe to the Helmut Lang school of thought, where ‘fashion is about attitude not hemlines’. While their aesthetic evokes raw effortlessness, the pair’s technical sensibilities are revealed in the construction of each piece. 120

Since 1973 Made in London Price range: €540 - €1923 With a career spanning 40 years, Manolo Blahnik has become one of the world’s most influential footwear designers. His shoes have spellbound an international set of adoring and loyal devotees across the globe.


Price range: €395 - €695


Price range: €345 - €1200



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