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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AMERICAN VETERANS TRAVELING TRIBUTE COMING TO GAINESVILLE FOR MEDAL OF HONOR HOST CITY WEEKEND Gainesville, TX American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) will be bringing their Cost of Freedom Tribute to Gainesville, TX from Tuesday April 5th through Saturday April 9th for “Medal of Honor Weekend”. Each year Gainesville welcomes Medal of Honor recipients to their city to pay tribute to these heroes and to share their wisdom and patriotism with others through a variety of events. This year they anticipate 13 recipients will be participating. The Cost of Freedom Tribute will be on display at Gainesville High School (2201 South I-35, Gainesville, TX) as part of the celebration. It will be free and open to the public from noon on Tuesday through Saturday evening. Events will go on throughout the week and weekend throughout the city to include a BBQ dinner on Thursday and both a parade and book signing on Saturday. For more information on Gainesville’s “Medal of Honor Weekend” events and for the entire week’s event schedule, visit . The mission of American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) is to travel the nation to honor, respect, and remember men and women who have served, and to pay specific tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their country. The mobile nature of the AVTT tribute allows people around the country to honor, respect, and remember veterans and active military personnel without having to travel great distances. AVTT presents a comprehensive Cost of Freedom tribute which includes numerous memorials and exhibits. The centerpiece being the Traveling Wall, an 80 percent scale version of the Viet Nam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Across its 370-foot length, the wall lists the name of every American casualty from the war; etched on its surface, just as the original. The memorial is eight-feet tall at its apex and is the largest Wall replica traveling the USA. AVTT is also the only tribute event which includes the one of kind Gold Dog Tag display representing the fallen from the Global War on Terror. Other memorials and displays include a 9/11 memorial, Law Enforcement/Firefighter memorial, Collection of photos and names of all casualties between 1980 -2000, and a variety of other displays honoring American heroes. Remembering, educating, and respect are the main focus of AVTT. The unique combination of exhibits and memorials set AVTT apart as the only comprehensive tribute today whose purpose is to HONOR, RESPECT, and REMEMBER America’s Heroes. For more information or to schedule an AVTT event, visit or contact Leah Gallagher at (903)-7148634.


AVTT will be in Gainesville, TX from April 5-7 2011 celebrating Medal of Honor recepients. Location: Gainesville High School

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