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Community Event - American Heroes Air Show Event date: October 9th 2010 Release date: September 1st, 2010

American Heroes Air Show welcomes the American Veterans’ Traveling Tribute to St. Louis. Be sure to land your entire family at the admission-free American Heroes Air Show when the American Veterans Traveling Tribute [ AVTT ] rolls into Spirit of St. Louis Airport where the Cost of Freedom Tribute will be open to the public. The American Veterans Traveling Tribute ( is a veteran-owned project that travels the USA to provide a forum for members of the community to come together to HONOR - RESPECT - REMEMBER those whom we have asked to stand in harms way to protect and defend our great country and way of life.

Don Allen is the CEO of the AVTT organization and a retired Special

Forces Colonel with the U.S. Army. “The tribute honors those who are the true American Heroes,” Allen explains. “And we have the obligation to pay tribute to them by celebrating the freedoms they fought for and stand to insure.” The visually compelling centerpiece of the Cost of Freedom Tribute is the Traveling Vietnam Wall – an 80% replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.

The "wall" stretches over 380 ft long from end to end and

contains all 58,253 names. The "wall" is current through 2009 and is constantly being updated to accurately pay tribute to those who died during the Vietnam war. The











Enforcement and Firefighters, a pictorial memorial of the casualties at the Fort Hood 2009 shooting and a very special 9/11 tribute with the names of all 2,984 casualties organized by where they were located at the time of death.


“It was especially important for us to provide the Cost of Freedom Tribute as the backdrop for members of the military that have brought in aircraft for the air show”, explained Don Anderson, Event Director of the St. Louis American Heroes Air Show.

"This will be a memorable way to recognize those serving in

our military and we’re honored the American Veterans Traveling Tribute can be with us to visually underscore the critical work these heroes from local law enforcement, public safety and the military are doing for us,” Anderson added. The American Veterans Traveling Tribute is just one element of the exciting American Heroes Air Show. Both the Veterans’ Tribute and American Heroes Air Show are admission free for the public at Chesterfield’s historic Spirit of St. Louis Airport. The tribute will open for the public on Friday, October 8th and will be available for viewing by guests during the American Heroes Air Show on Saturday, October 9th. The American Heroes Air Show is the nation’s premier all-helicopter, admissionfree aviation experience and is produced at sites from coast-to-coast by volunteers with a passion for public safety and aviation. The mission of the Heroes event is to educate the community, the media and elected officials as to the unique capabilities and dynamic role of helicopters in law enforcement, fire service, public / private EMS, homeland defense and national security. Produced by the American Heroes Aviation Network, the event also includes the CODE3 Career Fair which features recruiting teams from law enforcement, public safety, government service, volunteer agencies and the military who are on-scene to profile their mission and provide information on their hiring, training and application processes. The American Heroes Air Show is one day only on Saturday, October 9th . The American Veterans’ Traveling Tribute is open to the public Friday through Saturday October 9th. Location:

Spirit of St. Louis Airport - North Field 18580 Olive Street Road Chesterfield, MO. 63005 FREE ADMISSION and PARKING



More event details are available on our website: w . h e r o e s - a i r s h o w . c o m -- 30 --


Contacts for media follow up: Don Anderson

Volunteer – Event Producer


(314) 584-0869


Jim Paules Volunteer – USA Producer American Heroes Air Show Network Cell

(818) 631-8132


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