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Corneal Reshaping Options Ex pert Des ig n /Con s ultation U s in g Orth o Tools

Myopic Corneal Reshaping Hyperopic Corneal Reshaping Astigmatic Corneal Reshaping Presbyopic Corneal Reshaping

AVT is an Authorized CRT Distributor 303-384-1111

Naturalens ProgressiveTM Emerging to Latent Presbyopes Naturalens Progressive •

Easy to Fit

VIP Technology (Better Comfort)

Front Apshere Progressive ~Fit On or Near K Readings


Naturalens Progressive Simple to use


Distance Zone is Pupil Dependent ~ Measure Pupil Under Normal Room Illumination


Use Hand Held Lenses Only for O/R

Add Powers: +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00


Pupil Zone: 2.5mm to 5.5mm

Document VA for Distance and Near


Verify Eye Dominancy

~4.0mm Standard Advanced Vision Technologies utilizes Laser Interferometry to verify the consistent accuracy of the complex, innovative Multifocal GP contact lens designs available today.

$85 Includes Limited Warranty & Plasma Treatment Advanced Vision Technologies 14828 West 6th Avenue, 15B Golden, CO 80401

303-384-1111 / 888-393-5374

Naturalens Premium GP Lenses Where Wettibility Meets Wearibility Standardizing Simplicity !












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C'63D)*+!E'*=!,945'*'==! $':5)=!F-3=<'6!.3(!! ./!G7'!G4=)'5! C'63D'!.5!G-)@)*4('!! 0!H!I!A(4)*)*+!



,-=.!,R4)-)4:-'!BG&! B 4 ( 3 5 4 - ' * = ! ! P 5 . + 5 ' = = ) R ' ! F5.*(!,=?<'5)DS!J3-()!F.D4-! •

VIP Technology (Better Comfort)

• • •

Easy to Fit, Simple to use Front Apshere Progressive

Fit On or Near Flat K Readings

Add Powers: +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00 •

Pupil Zone: 2.5mm to 5.5mm -- 4.0mm Standard

ADVANCED VISION TECHNOLOGIES 303-384-1111 888-393-5374 E-mail

Diagnostic & Dispensing Systems Fitting Naturalens Takes The "HARD" out of Dispensing Premium GP Lenses

!"#$%&'(")*+"(("%$*,-'(./* 01*2.%'.'* BC range 6.6 to 8.5 mm 9.8, 10.3, 10.8 Diameter Easy to use Fitting Guide Color Fax copier, scanner, printer, included

• • •

!"#$%&'()*+*,-$ .#%$/0123$4°$5&116),$7889:$ #+3;<3$%2&31&=$

• Bell Curve Inventory • Dispense 80% of myopic patients day of exam • Unique Packaging



• • • •

!"'3.%'"%$*4%5.%(&6-* ,-'(./*781*2.%'.'*

• • •

>*<?*213@+&$9&;6,)$ /0'&++&)1$>*2)&3+$A&3+1($ /3;-$B=3C1316*)$

Naturalens Premium GP Lenses, Where Wettibility Meets Wearibility

*,-(!.#(/012314( * *256320178(9276:2;56314(<7(=>5<969("?532(@AA(.B(<8( /012314(:,3(B1325,;,768C(D1006;<4(E23F<720(.1F171325<,7( 274(D,85('63F<;20(<331F6023(;,37128G(

9;3.6(*<&%'?:(#("&%*+&6* !"@@")?:(*<&6%.#'*

!311(/,0,3(!2?(E2;H<71(I<5H(#(D63;H281(,:(5H1( *256320178(/,9>31H178<J1('15K(( /200(LLLMNONMPNQRSNANMNLRM@@@@(!,3(.152<08K( For more information on how you can own your own Naturalens Diagnostic and Dispensing System for Free, Ask Any AVT Customer Representative

ADVANCED VISION TECHNOLOGIES 303-384-1111 888-393-5374 E-mail

9#'":-*+#;*<&:&6*=&3&*>#3'* A#$D47E$B++F")F.)&$>*+*2$G30F#26)1&2F H'3))&2F>*C6&2$


PK LENS For Irregular Corneas

Includes Limited Warranty

Expert Consultation Available

Fitting Sets Available for Loan or for Purchase

ADVANCED VISION TECHNOLOGIES 303-384-1111 888-393-5374

VIP For Keratoconus • Works Best With Central Cones • Larger Optic Zone to Eliminate Halos

Includes Limited Warranty

• VIP (Variable Inverse Periphery) Technology for Greater Comfort

Fitting Sets Available for Loan or for Purchase Expert Consultation Available ADVANCED VISION TECHNOLOGIES

303-384-1111 888-393-5374

Fitting Guide Selection of Cone Design

When looking at the Topography Map, the VIP Cone works best with cones located in the central part of the cornea. The VIP Cone helps eliminate halos/flaring of lights due to the unique optic zone and comfort is increased with the Variable Inverse Periphery Technologyâ&#x201E;˘. If the cone is centered in the lower part of the cornea or is pellucid, the Naturalens 10.8 Diameter lens may be the best design for this type of Keratoconus.

Selection of the Base Curve

The initial selection of the base curve is simple. Take the average of the Sim K Readings. For example: The Flat K Reading is 46:00 and the Steep K Reading is 50:00, the average K Reading would be 48:00. Select the 703 (48:00) Base Curve as your first Trial Lens. A well fitting lens should have minimal apical clearance. The Three Point Touch pattern is acceptable.

Selecting Lens Diameter

The VIP Cone Fitting Set has two diameters, 8.4 and 9.0. The 9.0 diameter is more common but on more advanced cones, the 8.4 diameter may perform best. (The steeper the cone, a smaller lens is the rule.) Custom diameters are available if requested.

RECOMMENDED TRIAL LENS DIAMETER Flat K / Steep K Diameter 47.00> 54.00< 9.0mm

Peripheral Fit Trial lenses have a standard edge lift, but a flatter or steeper edge lift can be ordered. The proper edge lift will show at least .5mm of fluorescein in the periphery of the lens. If the base curve looks good but the periphery looks tight or is biting down, order a flatter edge lift. If the periphery has excess edge lift or a bubble on the edge, order a steeper edge lift.

Acceptable Fit with Fluorescein A properly fit lens should move on the cornea and routinely exhibits a fluorescein pattern with minimal apical clearance or the Three Point Touch rule. Caution should be taken not to have a lens that shows 360 degrees of bearing. This will cause seal off and result in a lens that fits too tight. The lens may lightly touch centrally. If your trial lens shows central touch with 360 degrees of seal off order a lens with a flatter edge lift or fit the same lens in a smaller diameter. If your trial lens shows heavy bearing go to a steeper lens; if it shows heavy central pooling go flatter.

Power Determination The power of the lens should be determined by over refracting a properly fit VIP Cone Trial lens.



Avenue, Suite 15B

888-393-5374 Golden, CO 80401


Presbyopic Products


All AVT Multifocal Designs Are Available Warranted for $85 per Lens



?9@1#4$04)*#1,AB&C1,@!! A!($05%#*-'/5(!2$($/-!05%#$./4*%! $-<$4*#'<!./+!A<<!;/B'+(!/.!CD?EF! /+!%'((?!,#(!6+/=+'(($2'!/6#$4(! 6+/2$<'(!(3*+6!2$($/-!./+! <$(#*-4'8!-'*+!*-<! $-#'+0'<$*#'?!

?>&.1#"D1)D&)E$43)-..@! A!($05%#*-'/5(!2$($/-!05%#$./4*%! $-<$4*#'<!./+!A<<!;/B'+(!.+/0! CD?GE!#/!CH?HE?!,#(!6+/=+'(($2'! /6#$4(!6+/2$<'(!(3*+6!2$($/-!./+! <$(#*-4'8!-'*+!*-<! $-#'+0'<$*#'?!


?8"D10D)*#1,AB&C$');CD$&0,@!A!($05%#*-'/5(!2$($/-!05%#$./4*%!$-<$4*#'<!./+!A<<!;/B'+(!*>/2'! CH?HE?!I3$(!<'($=-!.'*#5+'(!2*+$*>%'!'44'-#+$4$#1!&/-'(!*%%/B$-=!./+!0*7$050!<$(#*-4'!/+!-'*+! +'W5$+'0'-#(!B$#3!$-#'+0'<$*#'!2$($/-?!

5-267-895:)*7;<79::=!9)2>! @9@1#4$04)D&)8"D10D)*#1,AB&C1,@!=00&/"D$/1)F#&0D),+#F"'1) '&@C&+0.)",C31#$')C#&4#1,,$/1!*<<!<'($=-!.$#!*(!'*($%1!*(!*-1!(63'+$4*%!%'-(?!I3'!$06+/2'<! /6#$4(!.'*#5+'<!B$#3!#3'!4/06/5-<!*(63'+$4!.+/-#!(5+.*4'!*%%/B!./+!A<<(!56!#/!CJ?FF!I3'! K*#5+*%'-(!;+/=+'(($2'!.'*#5+'(!6*#'-#'<!L,;!#'43-/%/=18!'-3*-4$-=!4/0./+#!./+!.$+(#!#$0'! 4/-#*4#!%'-(!4*-<$<*#'(?!I3$(!%'-(!$(!.$#!/-!/+!-'*+!.%*#!M!+'*<$-=(?!N/+!>'##'+!+'(5%#(8!0'*(5+'! 656$%!5-<'+!-/+0*%!%$=3#?!

Acuity Plus ?2#"0,("D$04)-,C31#$')>+(D$F&'"(?) • • •



JFJ@JRS@DDDD!!!!!RRR@ JTJ@EJGS! U@0*$%!!$-./V*2#%'-(?4/0! BBB?*2#%'-(?4/0!

O/0>$-*#$/-!P63'+$4*%!A(63'+$4!Q'($=-! A<<!6/B'+(!56!#/!CH?EF! ://<!,-#'+0'<$*#'!+*-='!

-./"0'1.)!$,$&0)21'30&(&4$1,!! "#$%$&'(!)*('+!,-#'+.'+/0'#+1!#/!2'+$.1! #3'!4/-($(#'-#!*445+*41!/.!#3'!4/06%'78! $--/2*#$2'!95%#$./4*%!:;!4/-#*4#!%'-(! <'($=-(!*2*$%*>%'!#/<*1?!!



Distributed GP Products

Dyna Z I nt r a Limba l Dyna Z C o n e D y na Z P lu s Preb yl i te

E s sen t i a l G P E sse n t i a l X t r a G P I , I I, III E ss e n ti a l / E sse n t i a l X t r a C S A E v o l u t i on A s p h e r i c M u lt i

R ose K M en ico n Z Rose K 2 Rose K 2 Po st Gr a f t Rose K I C

Ta ngent S tr e ak Bifoca l ( C o r n e a l

I Kone

CRT R efra cti ve T hera p y)


L if est yle

Un i l en s

AVT Custom GP Prodcuts  

Information about Advanced Vision Technologie's Custom GP Products and how they can help you or a patient.

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