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AVTEX L186DRS | ENTERTAINMENT ON THE MOVE The significant uptake in mobile leisure vehicles has led to a lot of progress in the niche market of mobile vehicle entertainment systems. Portable automatic self-seeking, pop up satellite dishes, satellite domes are all common place in the campsites across the UK and Europe. One such company driving innovation in this sector is Avtex Limited. Established in 1988, Avtex have become a prominent player in this market and have created a range of products that are specifically designed for use in caravans, motorhomes including the compact 18.5-inch Avtex L186DRS. Weighing 3.3kg, the Avtex L186DRS is a lightweight and compact addition to any vehicle, stunning in appearance and loaded with technology, it is easy to see how the Avtex L186DRS has become so popular with consumers. However it’s not just its modern esthetic convincing consumers ,designed specifically for the leisure market the L186DRS has catalogue of market specific features which domestic TV’s just do not have. 

Built in DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 tuners - Avtex L186DRS units are able to receive both HD terrestrial and HD satellite channels without the need for extra equipment such as decoder boxes. The L186DRS has a free to air FTA HD satellite decoder on board with 13 preselected satellites to choose from and the capacity for the consumer to add more if required. FTA satellite coverage is not as restricted regarding the reception foot print as other platforms allowing the users to view the home regional channels even when they are away.

MHEG5 data transmission – a system that provides teletext and interactive services on digital channels. This system also allows for the easy automatic storing of tuned in channel, in a logical order pattern, negating the outdated task of allocating channels.

Common Interfacing – a specific slot in the side of the Avtex L186DRS unit allows for a Conditional Access Module (CAM) to be connected. This will facilitate the watching of a designated list of pay per view channels and events.

The Avtex L186DRS is a comprehensive entertainment unit, specifically designed for the mobile leisure industry. With a niche market product comes a need for a high level of expertise and a commitment to customer needs. The Avtex L186DRS clearly fulfills all of these requirements and more

Avtex L186DRS Entertainment on the Move