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AVSI in Jordan AVSI arrived in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 2001, implementing educational activities through the Distance Support Program, an activity which continues today through the sponsorship of 372 children enrolled in some Schools of Amman, Zarga and Anjara. In 2003 AVSI opened a field office in Amman, in light of a two year program, extended later up to 2009, to improve conditions for people with special needs through information communication and technology (ICT) tools. The project was funded in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and implemented in partnership with local organizations such as Al Hussein Society for Habilitation/ Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged (AHS) and local authorities. Major accomplishments include establishing eleven ICT centres and providing vocational training for People with Disabilities (PWDs). Additional programs were launched in 2009 and 2010, to increase protection and provide educational, recreational, vocational and health care for Iraqi refugees and vulnerable Jordanians. These programs are implemented in partnership with Caritas Jordan and include remedial classes (informal education) and extracurricular activities for

the school age child, vocational training courses (graphic design and sewing among others) for youth and adults, and the provision of basic medication for the families involved in the projects. In 2010, AVSI extended its target group, providing assistance to the Palestinian refugees in Jordan. Renovation of housing units and construction of a Multipurpose Centre in Sukneh camp improved the living conditions of Palestinian residents. Vocational training courses for people with special needs allowed the most vulnerable to launch income-generating activities. To date, more than 2,500 children and adults have benefited from AVSI’s programs in Jordan. By renovating schools and houses, supporting income generation and helping children succeed in school, AVSI is fulfilling its mission to support human development and promote the dignity of every person. These accomplishments were made possible in part, through partnerships with the Jordanian government (AVSI is registered to the Ministry of Social Development since 2006), Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and organizations such as Latin Patriarchate Schools, Caritas Jordan, Mathnasium Centre, AlHussein Society, The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf and The Landmine Survivors Network.

Current and recent project Distance Support Program Location: Amman, Zarqa and Anjara Date: 2001 Present Description: Sponsored children receive educational, medical and psycho-social support through a individualized relationship with an adult and both direct and indirect assistance. Currently 372 children are sponsored. Major Donors: Private donations Implementing Partners: Latin Patriarchate School


Emergency aid to support the integration of the Iraqi guests in Amman and suburbs Location: Amman, Marka Date: 2010-2011 Description: Three pronged intervention in Education, Vocational training and Healthcare. In education: create summer school program and after school program providing recreational activities and remedial courses in English and Math for 120 Iraqi and Jordanian children from 6 to 15 years two schools in Amman and Marka; distribute school supplies, toys and games to beneficiaries. In vocational training: Secretarial training course including computer skills and English language for 12 women. In health care: Outpatient care and medicine provided to 1180 Iraqis at the Caritas Jordan centres in Amman, emergency care for 39 Iraqis at the Italian Hospital in Amman. Major Donors: Private donors Implementing Partner: Caritas Jordan Other Partners: Greek Catholic School, Latin Patriarchate Schools, Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)


Examining humanitarian assistance for displaced Iraqis in Jordan Date: December 2010 – May 2011 Description: ‘Map’ the humanitarian assistance for displaced Iraqis in Jordan during 2010.









More than

2,500 children and adults have benefited from AVSI’s programs in Jordan.

Community Base Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled – Talbieh refugee camp.


Emergency aid to support the integration of the Iraqi guests in the areas of Zarqa and Irbid

Conduct focus groups among Iraqi men and women in Zarqa, Hoson and Amman to deepen understanding of their needs. Conduct interviews with NGOs to determine which services were provided, in what areas of the Country and the number of Iraqis who benefited. Interviews also focused upon the challenges encountered in the process of program implementation. Disaggregate and utilize collected data to develop policy recommendations, to be delivered in a forum to UN agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders in May 2011. Major Donor: Open Society Foundations


Inclusion for persons with special needs into the workplace Location: Amman Date: November 2010 – January 2011 Description: Support Jordan Ice (PepsiCo) in the selection of PWDs for their inclusion into the workplace. Prepare assessment forms to determine PWDs applicant’s strengths and needs for accommodation in the workplace. Support the interviewing of applicants during the job fair and develop a recommendation plan based upon the assessment and information provided by the applicant during the interview. Partners: Jordan Ice and Aerated Water (PepsiCo Jordan), Medal


Improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable people, in particular people with special needs, in Sukneh and Talbieh Palestinian Refugees Camps Location: Sukneh, Talbeih Date: 2010 Description: Improve living conditions in Sukneh Palestinian refugee camp by rehabilitating 22 housing units; vocational training courses for 52 PWDs; provision of 24 wheelchairs for individuals and community rehabilitation centers in the camps; provision of 42 hearing aids; construction and furnishing of multipurpose center in Sukneh camp; 2 awareness campaigns promoting the integration of persons with special needs and the rights of persons with special needs. Major Donors: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Implementing Partners: The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf (HLID); Our Lady of Peace for Individuals with Special Needs (OLOPC);

Location: Zarga and Irbid Date: 2009-2010 Description: Three pronged intervention in Education, Vocational training and Health. In Education renovate or equip 3 school rooms; teacher training in mathematics for 11 teachers; teacher training in approach to vulnerable children for 21 teachers; provision of didactiv and recreational material for 160 Iraqi children; two non formal programs and remedial courses for 289 children; recreational activities for 160 children; scholarships covering school fees provided for16 children. Vocational training courses in computer maintenance, graphic design, sewing and plumbing and carpentry to the benefit of 95 iraqis. In Health fully equip Caritas dental clinic in Hoson allowing more than 1600 Iraqis to receive outpatient care; provision of emergency care for 322 Iraqis; provision of dental care for 138 Iraqis. Conduct awareness campaigns in Zarqa and Hoson on health and dental care for Iraqi families. Major Donors: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Implementing Partners: Caritas Jordan


Improving the living conditions of people with physical disabilities through the use of ICT tools and applications (Phase 1) Location: Amman and around the Country Date: 2003-2005 Description: Creation of fully equipped specialized IT Knowledge Station for people with physical disabilities; training courses for people with physical disabilities on IT skills and basic English language, public awareness campaign on the rights and equal opportunities of people with physical challenges; business skills courses.

Towards better integration of Persons with Disabilities through ICT and networking (Phase 2) Location: Amman and around the Country Date: 2006-2008 Description: Provide staff training for staff of IT Knowledge Station; establish the Information, Education and Communication Unit (IECU) at Al Hussein Society (AHS) to collect information about PWDs who received training courses and find job opportunities; train local partners on: a) the use of assistive tools and software, b) the Knowledge Attitude Practice (KAP) study and c) how to develop an awareness campaign; raise awareness among PWDs and their families on their rights and services available to them through the publication of Erada (the first national newsletter devoted to conditions of PWDs that was first published in the first phase); public awareness campaign promoting equal opportunities in six different cities in cooperation with local partners; training courses for PWDs on mobile phone maintenance, English language and International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Major Donors: UNDP, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Implementing Partners: Al Hussein Society for the Habilitation/Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged (AHS); Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC); Ministry of Social Development(MOSD); Ministry of Education(MoE); Ministry of Health (MoH); Ministry of Labour (MoL); The Holy Land Institute for the Deaf (HLID); The Landmine Survivors Network; The Employment and Development Fund; The Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities; Our Lady of Peace Centre for Individual with Special Needs (OLOPC); The Cerebral Palsy Foundation; The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD)


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AVSI who we are AVSI Foundation is a global non-governmental organization based in Italy. Its mission is to support human development in developing countries according to the social teaching of the Catholic Church: every person, as a unique being, should not be reduced to a number within anonymous categories like “the poor, the sick, the disabled”. Furthermore, any person and any community represent a resource, regardless of their vulnerability. This is why AVSI works to help people in becoming aware of their own value and dignity. AVSI is involved in more than 100 cooperation projects in 38 developing countries worldwide in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. AVSI’s main activity areas are socio-education, urban development, healthcare, labour, agriculture, food security and water, energy and environment, humanitarian emergency and migration, reaching more than 4.000.000 direct beneficiaries. The personnel implementing these activities included around 1.450 persons (100 expatriated staff, 1.300 local staff and 50 inthe headquarters). More than 1.250 are the volunteers supporting AVSI in Italy in awareness and fund raising. In 2011, AVSI received contributions for a total amount of around 28 million euros (around 35 million euros is the amount raised by AVSI-system in the world), both from institutional and private donors. Between its major institutional donors the Italian Government, the European Union, USAID, FAO, UNICEF, the World Bank and ILO. 700 are the partners of AVSI in the world (NGOs, public and local institutions, CBOs, informal groups, enterprises etc.). More than 60 organizations among them set up an informal “AVSI network”, which works systematically on the implementation of projects, sharing methods and experiences, discussing development issues, enhancing capacities in organizational, managing and contents. The network includes the 27 founding members and participating members of AVSI, but also partners. A network bound by operative friendship.

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