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A woman may feel highly uncomfortable if she has a vaginal odor problem. This is a common problem seen in women and happens due to poor hygiene, sexual diseases, bacterial growth and yeast infections. If you have such a problem, then you might be dealing with certain situations, such as itching and redness around the vaginal area.

To enjoy a heavenly experience during sex and to avoid this fishy smell, you must use the following tips:

1. Safe Sex You should have always have a safe sex. No matter that you are having sex with a partner or using adult sex toys available online; you must wash your vagina after sex.

2. Go for Cotton Panties Silk and Saton panties may help you feel sexier, but they may trap sweat and urine in it. Thus, you must wear cotton panties and change them regularly.

3. Alum Alum can be used to manage the odor. Just take a quarter tsp. of the powder of alum with one glass of water. If you consume this solution twice daily, then this will cure leucorrhoea, due to which the vaginal odor worsens.

4.Vitamin C Rich Foods Foods rich in vitamin C help our body to fight from the bacterial infections.

5. Have a Yogurt Bath Having a bath with yogurt can greatly help as it is known to restore the normal pH level of the vagina. You can say goodbye to the vaginal odor, once the vaginal pH level gets balanced.

Conclusion You do not want yourself to be trapped in the fishy smell of the vagina. Right? To be self-confident and avoid shameful moments while having sex, you must seriously consider these tips to try at home.

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5 trusted tricks to avoid vaginal odor quickly at home