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Avrion Improves Customer Service at RI3K with CRM

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• More efficient information flow, saving time Business Challenges infocustomer here •Some New insight by consolidating information Solution in one central location Maximizer Enterprise 9 CRM SQL • Service improvement felt by clients with improved Business Benefits retention and renewal • One ratescentral database for all information • Less time spent updating • 100% reliability customer records • Increased efficiency in • More accurate with managing Day ofdata Champion remote access for all ticket sales system users • Significant time saving when • New insights led to sending monthly email newsletter improved product offering •• Ability track all of events, plus Trendtoanalysis incoming grant sponsorship calls,and enables better applications service set up and faster • Quick and easy in-depth call resolution searches

“Avrion is an extremely customer focused solution provider and  their   service   has   been   excellent,   they   helped   us   get   the   right  solution in place and on schedule.” - Mitul Patel, Infrastructure Director, RI3K

Company background RI3K specialises in providing technology solutions for the insurance and reinsurance sectors. The company has been established since 2000 and has built an electronic trading service to support all types and classes of reinsurance business. The company has offices in London and Singapore, plus a support centre in Toronto, and serves a community of more than 150 companies. More than 2,000 reinsurance professionals in 42 nations have used the RI3K trading service over the last four renewal seasons.

Managing data flow With offices located in London, Toronto and Singapore, RI3K initially looked for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to support the helpdesk, which is managed from all three locations in order for the company to provide 24-hour support to its customers. The company used email to send updates to relevant contacts in each office and used Microsoft Excel to record all information locally. RI3K wanted to make the flow of this information more efficient by linking all three offices to a central database. Having considered a number of CRM solutions, RI3K realised that integration with Microsoft Outlook was essential to improve efficiency. They selected avrion to implement the solution based on their extensive knowledge of integrating systems and their partnership approach which provided RI3K with the confidence that the solution would be implemented to meet their business requirements. Infrastructure Director, Mitul Patel comments: “Avrion’s knowledge of CRM is fantastic, enabling all our offices to work much more efficiently.” Avrion’s clearly communicated business processes gave total project visibility at every stage, ensuring that their work was right not only first time, but on time.

More efficient use of time One of the main benefits the CRM solution and avrion have brought to RI3K is a significant reduction in the time spent updating information and contacts. RI3K staff who are not in the office are able to access and update information remotely to ensure that company and contact information is accurate at all times; giving users the confidence to manage their clients effectively and efficiently at all times. While the main reason for investing in a CRM solution was to provide support to the helpdesk, the solution has also provided RI3K with additional benefits that have enabled them to improve their products. Analysing all incoming calls has allowed RI3K to react to potential problems with applications much faster than before and, through resolving these issues sooner, RI3K has improved service levels to the company’s entire customer base. The company has also been able to get a greater insight into individual customers through running queries on customer service cases and looking back on customer records.

“Avrion is an extremely customer focused solution provider and their service has been excellent, they helped us get the right solution in place and on schedule” comments Mitul Patel. “Their ability to connect remotely to our workstations when required is particularly impressive and has allowed them to fix problems quickly. They are totally focused on responding to our business needs.”

Company Name RI3K

Industry Other Community, Social and Personal Service Activities


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More efficient information flow, saving time New customer insight by consolidating information in one central location Service improvement felt by clients with improved retention and renewal rates Less time spent updating customer records More accurate data with remote access for all system users New insights led to improved product offering Trend analysis of incoming calls, enables better service set up and faster call resolution

W hy avrion?

“Avrion’s knowledge of CRM is fantastic, enabling all our offices  to work much more efficiently.” - Mitul Patel, Infrastructure Director, RI3K

With avrion, you will attain a prospect and customer management system that can make your business more efficient. We support you in line with your business needs, so that you gain a robust, cost-effective solution. We are clear about how we work as team, with our suppliers and with you, our clients. We only recommend CRM applications that we have evaluated and approve of. Assisted by our avrion client care process, our teams deliver the right results across a wide variety of industries and organisations. Our avrion client care process has been designed so that the work is as simple and painless as possible for you ensuring our responses are perfectly aligned to the complexity of your needs, making certain that nothing is overlooked and that every CRM solution is a success. Please visit our web site ( to understand more about how we work, and why we are consistently recognised as a leader in our industry.


Having considered a number of CRM solutions, RI3K realised that integration with Microsoft Outlook was essential to improve efficiency. They...

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