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OWNER/DIRECTOR Marta Juhasz is a global entrepreneur who is now sharing her passion for visionary art through her gallery Avran Fine Art. Marta has always been known for her sophisticated taste and ability to re-imagine spaces. Her gallery is no exception; Avran specializes in principal pieces that attract interior designers and wellversed collectors. After spending 25 years in Orange County, Juhasz knew Laguna Beach would be the perfect location to reach an audience that appreciates innovation through art and design.


MARKETING DIRECTOR Margo joins us from Orange County where she earned her Master’s degree in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art & Claremont Graduate University. Margo brings a diverse palate of skills to the Avran team; these include knowledge and experience in fine art and art business, marketing, social media, and the intricacies of the art market. Before earning her MA, Margo received her BA in Art History as well as her Project Management certification.


CURATOR/DIRECTOR OF SALES Robin joins the Avran team with the distinctive perspective of having owned a gallery in Palm Springs, CA as well as a design firm in Indian Wells, CA. Well-versed in the art world, he prides himself on having a unique eye for design, color, composition, and arrangement that keeps the observer captivated. Whether working on residential design projects or in a corporate setting, Robin delights in working closely with his diverse clientele to guide them in creating their dream atmospheres.

BOLD. CONTEMPORARY. DISTINCTIVE. EVOCATIVE. Avran Fine Art distinguishes itself among the vibrant art scene in Laguna Beach by offering its clients a unique perspective on contemporary art for collectors and enthusiasts. The exquisitely edited gallery exhibits museumquality glass sculptures, original paintings, avant-garde photography, and distinctive jewelry. Lovers of both contemporary and traditional art will revel in the exclusive collection. Owner Marta Juhasz and her team specialize in procuring art that serves as a focal point in any space. Her artistic intuition led her to create a gallery that provides her clients with statement pieces that have the ability to transform any space and satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. Juhasz’s experience as a high-end interior designer gives her a greater understanding of the ability art has to establish mood and tone in any room. Avran Fine Art realizes that selecting art for your space is highly personal and focuses on tailoring your experience while insuring the process remains fun. The Avran team remains dedicated to staying current with art world trends while offering a fresh perspective on design.


Big Blue (Deta il)

When eyes behold the glass art of artist Laszlo Lukacsi, a connoisseur journeys through the history of the glass art movement in Hungary. Lukacsi’s structured training in applied arts, dedication to the traditions of the medium and the influences of his predecessors are illuminated in each of the cold-worked laminated glass sculptures. The fluid, organic shapes and optic illusions reveal not only his vision but also the laborious techniques. Lukacsi’s expressions drawn from nature and science, combined with humanity’s industrial and technical revolutions ingeniously transform his meticulous efforts into objects of beauty.





Leonardo (D et ail)

The glass sculptures of Peter Borkovics are consistent in their formal and technical analyses in which the artist enquires into the melting, flowing, and sudden hardening qualities at a certain stage, in any given form. “Glass is an unpredictable material, and my primary interest is in its manipulation and its consequential behavior. My enthusiasm is focused on its mode of existence as a congealed liquid carrying within its internal working forces. These forces are mystical, equal in age with the universe. Gravitation, surface tension, volume, light, pushing and pulling forces‌ Time is indispensable to its operation, which lends a fourth dimension to the material.â€?


Genesis, The First Day

East Philosophy


Latchezar Boyadjiev was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1985, he was admitted to the prestigious Academy of Applied Arts in Prague under the guidance of Professor Libensky, one of the most prominent glass artists of our time and influential source for most glass artists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Em brac e

The artist’s process is: Once a drawing is satisfactory, a clay model is made. The next step is the actual sculpture rendered in clay with perfectly smoothed surfaces and details. Next follows a series of positive and negative molds, a time consuming and detail oriented process that will lead to the final plaster positive that determines the outcome of the sculpture.


Freedom Torso VII

Mas Agua d e Beber (Det ail)

RICK EGGERT New York-born artist Rick Eggert creates dynamic glass sculptures of some of the basic elements of nature - water, wind, and fire - by assembling individual pieces into groups. Each of his colorful sculptures has a sense of movement, whether that be the powerful curl of a wave or a gentle flickering of a flame. Eggert began working in glass in 1992 and received his BFA in Glass Sculpture from the Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York. “We use a glass base that uses high quality sand but is standardized to allow the use of a wide range of colors. All the materials are places in the furnace and heated to 2400 F. Once it cooks, it is cooled down to 2100 F where we gather it onto metal rods and create our masterpieces.�


Nebula Sfumato

Creeping Ivy

Wings (Deta il)

TOM MAROSZ Tom Marosz’s art is the culmination of some of the best and worst times of his life, combined with the mastery of skills, craft, and the attempt to manipulate light in ways that no one expects. The artist’s fascination with light has been a lifelong passion that is evident in every piece created. When he starts a new piece, the desire is to control the light, and therefore the appearance of the piece in a way that beckons the viewer to see more around the comer and surprises at each tum. Much of Tom’s artistic journey stems from his desire to produce pleasing shapes that flow, reflect, and refract the light. Marosz believes glass is one of the most interesting materials in the universe, it is structural yet fragile, transparent or opaque, seemingly unaffected by time.


A Tear for Henry



Zeme Series (D eta il)

Christopher Jeffries’ unique style and distinct designs embody the true beauty of hand blown glass art. Through extensive inter national education and experience with some of today’s most inventive and renowned glass artists, Christopher is able to innovate and execute amazing glass creations for enthusiasts, and private collectors inter nationally. Christopher has worked with master glassblower, Igor Muller, in the Czech Republic, as well as ear ned the recognition of master glass artist, Dale Chihuly. Christopher was also honored with the opportunity to teach at the Cor ning Museum of Glass in New York.


Voda Series Untitled

Inward Attentio n (D et ail)


Steve Perrault’s acrylic landscape paintings are a distinct aesthetic in contemporary metaphoric realism, and speaks the language of our times. Architectural metaphors of light and darkness, containment and expansion, inside and outside, promote a sense of place and hope, while asking questions concerning passages, boundaries and vision. These acrylic paintings express harmonious environments of modesty, honesty, order and calm, allow spontaneous insights and moments of introspection.


Timeline Inner Illumination

Wait ing on the Mo on (Detail)

PAN QIQUN Pan QiQun’s artistic style is unique, he finished a complete and diverse art education and training in an art college in the United States, so that his artistic style was formed by a variety of factors including abstract expressionism, hardedge art, traditional Chinese art, and even extended to the integration of Western and Eastern cultural communication. In addition to these factors, nature deeply affects Pan QiQun’s art. Influenced by traditional Chinese cultural spirit, Pan QiQun applies the concept of the whole while gazing at nature, so that the chaos of the universe, rhythms of upheaval, the forms of material polymerization and elimination, endless changes in space and time… are all indistinctly visible in his work.


Earth’s Gift II Eternal Connection Diptych


Kiss (Detail)

In Baird’s distinct manner, his driptechnique-portraits shift back and forth between highly energized, gestural abstraction to ‘solid’ depictions of his human subjects. Baird’s large, colorful portraits also comprise a subtle use of light and dark values, underscoring their “chaotic” palette. Because his images are defined by value, Andrew Baird is liberated from total gestural abstraction, to proceed with his intriguing ‘portrait drips:’ value-andcolor combinations that tease his imagery/ technique to intriguingly appear and disappear, actively engaging the viewer. “Each time I visit the painting, I drip paint either to lose the image or strengthen it. I build layers of color until I see in the painting that perfect quality that I’m looking for.”






The Day Growing Darker (Detai l)


Father Bill approaches each canvas without a definite plan. Working with mixed media, he lets his ideas flow spontaneously onto the canvas and then adds bits of metal, glass, and other discarded materials to each painting to create a simple piece of artwork with deep autumnal colors and a rich surface texture that is ridged and rippled. Despite their contemporary feel, his canvases exude a timeless and spiritual quality that is almost mystical. Father Bill’s art expresses a love for the physical world, where he encourages his viewers to touch and feel the surfaces of his paintings.


Exploration Diptych


Windsw ept (Detail)

Alison Haley Paul is a contemporary painter of lavishly textured landscapes full of nuanced color. Her work conjures up connotations and geographical memories. The places she paints may not be physically specific, but they are immediately recognizable and designed to trigger nostalgic feelings and memories. Paul also seeks to give a sense of balance and grounding with both balanced yet surprising color, and a sweeping horizon. Paul’s background in ceramics and interior design led her to a love of texture. While studying the weave in fabric and how it influences color, Paul began to paint texture. She begins with a charcoal gray canvas and uses a palate knife to mix oil paint and cold wax to create dynamic lines and intricate textures. This gives her work an energetic feel, leading the viewer further into the journey of memories.





Co pper Layered St rata (Det ail)

Basic, raw, and stretching boundaries, Pat McNabb Martin leaves each composition to the viewer’s discretion. Never over-intellectualizing a painting, she concerns herself with the canvas’s surface, always experimenting to create new and unique marks. Each painting is an emergent field of color often laced with exotic fluorescent and metallic paints. Her intuitive use of the canvas surface, texture, and color saturates the viewer’s eye allowing for personal interpretation. Pat McNabb Martin is an accomplished art educator, filmmaker, graphic designer, and manufacturer/designer of hand painted women’s clothing and accessories. For eighteen years, she designed and built single family homes on spec in Southern CA, where she currently resides. In 2002, she returned to painting full time.


Rhythm & Blues V & VI

Roc ks and Sand (Detail)

JAMES C. LEONARD Leonard’s compositions are entirely nonrepresentational and move the viewer’s eye vertically or horizontally across the space. This basic movement is complicated by layers of dripped, speckled and fragmented colors that infuse not only a rich language of color, but also a visual history left to be discovered by the eye as it moves across the surface. Leonard’s inventive layering process using an “extended palette knife” results in heavy impasto, or textured, surfaces with a glossy, wet shine making them particularly stunning when seen in person. He prefers to call himself a “colorist” and listens to the work as it develops, often carrying an element of smooth transition that he relates to water.


Autumn’s Leaves Great View From Here

Expa nd er 1 (Det ail)

MICHAEL KESSLER Michael Kessler’s work explores the continuum between gesture and geometry. Each work consists of as many as 50 microthin layers of translucent and transparent acrylic. Biomorphic tendrils branch to and fro, while arcs of line and color slip over and under matrices, balancing nature’s sinuous curves with the mindfulness of structure. He likens the gestural freedom in his works to a kind of painterly “tai chi” – a visible expression of a line of energy – and imbues his structural motifs with a sense of play and buoyancy. Like the yin and yang, the organic and geometric elements in his paintings speak not of dichotomy, but of integration. Nature provides the basis upon which his work exists.


New Sea 13 & 14 Diptych


Pixela ted Wo rld (D et ail)

Nina K.’s love of color, design, and texture is what allured her to paint. A burst of passion sweeps over the expanse of canvas with such a sense of color magnetism. She has developed her own technique of applying thick layers of oil paint with a palette knife which allows her to achieve rich textures and dimensions. Each piece takes several weeks to complete, building layers of paint and glossy glazes to finalize the journey until her vision is achieved. Nina was born in Croatia and after completing her education in Switzerland and London, turned her talents to creating art in Southern California. “My oil paintings are an expression of how I see life and its vibrant energy.”


Sunset Sunrise

Beyond Expectations

Ca ly ce (Detail)

JUDIT CSOTSITS Csotsits’ paintings reflect her interest in nature and the creative/destructive forces present throughout the cosmos. Her paintings reflect fractal patterns, or patterns left behind due to unpredictable natural processes. The branching of trees, the veins of a hand, water moving and twisting through canals and riverbeds are a few examples present in her work. The paintings create a tension between the effect of gravity on the paint and the use of controlled intention behind the flow. They are a metaphor for nature’s creative and destructive forces as well as the artist’s reflections on the beauty of planet earth from an aerial perspective and/or a microscopic one. They can be waves, the movement of land masses, or the circulating of blood in an organism.




Without You



Set Sail



R. Charles’ works are expressions of his experiences in the world around him. It is those intimate feelings he transfers onto canvas. He works in abstraction so that the layers, textures, and colors speak to each viewer in their own way. The artist’s hope is that the viewer has a reaction with their emotional being, and not simply their minds. The artist challenges himself each time he paints: Can the initial idea be felt through his creations? In a world oversaturated by media and constant mental stimulation, R. Charles seeks to capture that simple innate concept we can all relate to.



Mixed Emotions


Intert wined w it h the Trees 8

Stratman’s main communicative method is empathy. Her figures are dynamically placed in their surroundings, attempting unification where they are blocked, striving for movement or extension where they are grounded. We recognize their need to maneuver within and gain control over their specific environments as a common human response to adversity. Stratman approaches her work with sparsity of detail; her figures are bare sketches, yet with the subtlest inflections they indicate intense emotions such as love, yearning, loneliness, or kinship. A delicious tension exists between the femininity of her subjects and the masculinity of her techniques.


Somewhere Beyond the Sea Flowering From Within (Detail)

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