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Editors Note In this issue, we invited you to tell your stories: where you visited, who you met, what you took from it. This is a recollection of travels to the lesser known places of the world, of our lives, of others lives as we mysteriously touch each other's hearts for the splashes of time we enter into them. As you read through and interact with the extra links, I invite dare you to continue sharing your stories with the people you meet. It's our oldest form of art ­ embrace your inner story­teller. Create your journey. ­ The Squad behind the zine

The Best Thing About Journeys The best thing about journeys is change. Things not staying the same Things being different. Old things passing Encountering New things. Old things staying, sticking around but changing So that they are kind of new in a way. Going through new phases which give you a sense of a new beginning. New seasons. If you want, you can choose to have a new perspective. A new outlook In this next part of the journey Be more optimistic Be more pessimistic.

You can change with the journey You can let the journey change you You can change the journey itself. Change the direction you're heading in. You can try new things Explore new places Meet new people Or you can resist change Even as time passes Keep things the same. Don't try anything new Things are perfectly fine the way they are Why would you want things to be different? What’s wrong with how things are! Change is the worst thing about journeys

Logan Charles


Glitter By Tyler the Creator

Anyone Else By PVRIS

Window Seat by Fuse ODG

Plastic 100 by Sampha

How Far I'll Go by Auli'i Cravalho

Through the Fire by Newday

Wonderwall by Oasis

Gooey by Glass Animals

Amsterdam by Nothing But Thieves


"Remember" is a photo-series that represents people who, for one reason or another,

disappear from our lives when Summer is gone....

If you could travel anywhere right now, with no limits, where would you go? I'd work my way around the globe, not sticking to one place but trying to get as much experience as I could before my time ran out.

Iceland or Ecuador Japan

I'd love to travel around Nepal and Asia - just soak in the culture. The Moon

Somewhere with lots of mountains and rivers and interesting buildings and nice people.

Colombia or Cuba maybe India. I just want to travel, man but I don't want it to be comfortable and easy.

The Amazon Rainforest (Brazil), The Himalayan Mountains (Nepal), Machu Pichu (Peru), The Great Barrier Reef (Australia), or to see the Northern Lights, maybe Egypt or Italy.

Illustration By Skye Kember



A Journey in Faith with Fusion

"'God's called you all here for a reason.' Am I making the most of it?"

"If you're not enjoying evangelism. The person you're evangelising to won't enjoy it either."

Bare C Clu

An Interview with

Clothes ub

"'Why don't you just throw it on a t�shirt? Someone will buy it.'"

"I definitely have a London snobbery...people would ask me where I'm from and I'll be like, 'London � you better know!'"

"Stop talking about it and just do it!"

Sebastian Schub

"I remember [when I first started] listening to him and that kind of changed everything.�

Describe your perfect plac A long train journey by myself through cities and countryside eventually ending up somewhere green and peaceful.


ce, journey or destination Zero gravity. 'Nuff said

Somewhere that is like no where else. I'm weird, I love a busy city but I also love the silence that the countryside brings. It's why when I learn to drive, all my time is gunna be spent on road trips to a city to get coffee then the countryside to enjoy it.

A place that offers adventure so that I can live to the fullest and a place that is rich in history and culture allowing me to explore. A place where I can feel at one with nature would be amazing, because I am a huge nature lover.

No Place Like Home

Contributors Katie Drake - @katie_drakee Otko - @_otko Logan Charles - @jackofalltrxdes Danae Trecastro - @danaetres Lara Antoine - @lxrajklmnop David Rodriguez - @davidofficialclub Skye Kember - @sxph_k_illustration Seigar - @jseigar Natalie Claro - @natalieclaro Fusion - @fusion.urf Max - @hax.mall Jon - @jon_hart1999 Pete - @peterhart97 Laina Deene - @lainadeene Bare Clothes Club - @bareclothesclub Sebastian Schub - @sebastian.schub James Goldsworthy - @james_goldsworthy

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AVRA | Journeys | Issue #6  

Stories are an important aspect of people's lives and especially being able to share them with others. The main aim of this issue, was to sh...

AVRA | Journeys | Issue #6  

Stories are an important aspect of people's lives and especially being able to share them with others. The main aim of this issue, was to sh...

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