Student Handbook 2021-22

Page 46

with the expectation that the student’s family will continue to share updates and information with the Deans of Students Office and/or Health Center to allow the School to monitor the student’s progress while away from campus. Before a student may be reinstated following a MLOA, the student must be thoroughly evaluated to the satisfaction of the School. In making a decision about reinstatement, the School must be able to determine with confidence that the student has recovered sufficiently, demonstrates a sustained period of wellness prior to return, and that he is able to safely and effectively return to the School community without compromising his health or unduly disrupting the School. Prior to return from a MLOA, the following actions will generally be required to assist the School in making decisions about reinstatement: • • • • •

The School’s physician, psychologist, and/or psychiatrist must be able to communicate directly with the treating physician, psychiatrist, or other professional providing care to confirm that the student is ready and able to return to the boarding school setting (even if a day student). If requested, the School must be provided with further information regarding the nature of the treatment received, any ongoing treatment plan, and clear recommendations regarding any needed accommodations or limitations with respect to his return to full academic and extracurricular activities. The School may also require that the student be evaluated by the School’s own medical professionals if there are any remaining concerns about the student’s ability to return to school. Once all necessary information is received, the Associate Head of School will re-evaluate the student’s situation in consultation with appropriate school personnel and decide whether or not the student is ready to return to the School. If it is determined by the School that a return to school is not in the best interest of the student, or that he requires a more extended period of treatment, the School may require the student to withdraw from school.

VII. Sexual Misconduct and Reporting Concerns

Faculty and employees are expressly prohibited from engaging in any sexual contact and/or romantic relationships with students, whether occurring on or off campus, and regardless of the age of the student. Sexual contact between a school employee and a student is against the law. If a student believes that he has been subjected to any form of sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct from an adult in our school community, including serious offenses such as sexual assault, he should report the incident immediately to any trusted adult, Health Center personnel, advisor, or an administrator. If the allegation involves a school employee and the student wishes to report outside of the School, the student can report to the School’s attorney: Attorney Morgan Rueckert at Shipman & Goodwin LLP, (860) 2515821, Given the nature of such reports, the School will take steps to maintain the confidentiality of any information that is shared to the extent possible.