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Thursday 31 January 2013 Tena Koutou. Ka nui te mihi kia koutou. Nau mai haere mai. Talofa Lava, Merhaba, Malo e lelei, Namaste, Kia Orana, Fakalofa lahi atu, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Sawade, Salam Greetings to the Avondale Intermediate School Community Welcome to all of our new students and their families. We hope you will enjoy your time with us at Avondale Intermediate School. Parents and Whanau: Our school is committed to ensuring excellent educational outcomes for your child. This is best achieved when the school and family work together. Therefore we have an ‘open door’ policy and encourage you to contact your child’s classroom teacher if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns. If you need any other support you can contact your child’s Dean, or Pip Blakey (Director of Guidance and Support). Of course you are always welcome to speak with Kathryn Eltringham or me and can call the school office to make an appointment or ask us to call you. Emails are the most reliable way of communication and the contact details for all teachers are listed later in the Newsletter. Students: I am sure that you have met your teachers and classmates. You should have a copy of your timetables and know what you need for each day. Make sure you have enough sleep. Get up early to make sure you are at school by 8.30am every day. Bring your PE and swimming gear, your hat and sunblock and a ‘get up and go’ attitude. Bring healthy food and water to drink. Remember to get fully involved, turn up for activities and keep your families ‘in the loop’. A special welcome back to our wonderful Year 8 students. This is your year to ‘SHINE’. CHANGES SINCE 2013 Farewell: Mr. Gareth Fletcher, Associate Principal. We are sad to announce that Mr. Gareth Fletcher has taken a job at Panama Road Primary School. Mr. Fletcher has been at our school since 2008 as our PE and Sports teacher. The position at Panama Road School suits his current requirements: closer to home, back in a classroom, and a promotion! Although we are sad to see him go we wish him all the best for the future. We will officially farewell Mr. Fletcher on Friday 8 February at Assembly at 11.30am, everyone is welcome to attend. PE will be taken by classroom teachers. Mr. Nabete will oversee all of these programmes. Our Sport Academy and Teams will be led by Ms. Kieni Simona, who has accepted the position of Sports Coordinator and she will be supported by Ms. Janice Taylor. If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of these people. Welcome to Miss Laura Dower, Teacher Room 5, Year 7. Laura has just completed a postgraduate in Education. I know that you will welcome and support her introduction to our school.

Welcome to Mrs. Charlene Lowe, Teacher Room 15, Year 8. Charli has three children and has recently returned from leave. She has taught in South Auckland and just moved to live locally. Welcome back to Mrs. Gaye Mannion who will be providing release to Mr Nabete on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Uniforms: Students must wear their summer uniforms this term. A school hat is compulsory. Other hats are not allowed. ONLY black, leather lace-up shoes or Roman Sandals are allowed, no other footwear is permitted. Students are all expected to swim. Only swim fabric is allowed in the pool – no cotton. If you wish your child to wear a shirt it must be made from swimwear fabric. Swimming Pool Keys: Pool keys are available by appointment for the school office. Year 8 Camp: Week 9 T1. All students are required to return the information sheet indicating whether or not they will be attending. All attending students must pay the entire $180 fees prior to leaving for camp. All Year 8 students not attending camp must attend school for the week. Alternate programmes will be provided for those students. Year 7 EOTC Week: Week 9 T1. All students are required to return the permission sheet. All attending students must pay the entire $60 fees prior to the start of the week. All Year 7 students not participating must attend school for the week. Alternate programmes will be provided for those students. School Fees and Donations: All students’ families are required to pay the $100 compulsory Activity Fee each year. These are ‘consumable’ costs that children use over the course of the year and are not included in the $80 recommended donated school fees. Arrangements must be made, prior to leaving for EOTC or Camp, for these compulsory fees to be paid. Automatic payments are the best way for this to happen. Year 8 students will receive a reminder notice, Year 7 students had one included in their enrolment pack and this payment was discussed at the enrolment interview. Year 7 students must pay $100 on starting school. Year 8 student’s families must pay the full amount prior to the end of Term 2. Please do not drive into the school grounds to drop off or pick up your child. Please arrange to meet your child outside of the school grounds. HOMEWORK CENTRE: Enrolments are now being taken for the Homework Centre. An Enrolment form is included with this Newsletter. Please note: We can only accept enrolments for students from our school. No child can attend Homework Centre without being enrolled. We have a limited number of spaces and it will be a case of ‘first in first served’. For further information please contact The Homework Centre Coordinator; Mrs Annaliza Catral.

To contact the school: Office – 09 8287883 Email- Deans Office x709 Staff List and contact details R1 x701 R2 x702 R3 x703 R4 x704 R5 x705 R6 x706 R7 x707 R12 x712 R13 x713 R14 x714 R15 x715 R16 x716 R17 x717

Learning Support

Naleshni Kumar

Learning Support

Mills Mafileo YEAR 7 Elena Figota

Year 7, Totara Whanau Leader, East Asian Culture Group Co-Leader Dean Year 7, Maths Enrichment, Niuean Culture Group Leader, Maths Curriculum Leader Year 7

Tuliloa Fa’amamafa

Lynn Pavihi

Laura Dower

Year 7, (Acting School Leader), Cultural Groups Coordinator, Fijian Culture Group Leader Year 7, Samoan Cultural Group Leader

Nuku Nabete

Sophia Schuster

YEAR 8 Doug Calwell

Diana Matagi

Timena Muna

Charlene Lowe

Year 8

Toby Kite

Year 8

Regina Tovia

Year 7, Rimu Whanau Leader

Year 8, Tongan Cultural Group Leader, Kauri Whanau Leader Dean Year 8, Maths Enrichment, English Curriculum Leader Year 8, Kapahaka Leader, Kowhai Whanau Leader Year 8

SPECIALIST TEACHERS Rebekah Stemson Grace Ikenasio Janice Taylor Nuku Nabete SENIOR LEADERSHIP STAFF Kathryn Eltringham

Visual Art x735 Music x736 Foods x734 Technology - Hard Materials Deputy Principal x723 Acting Principal T1 Director Guidance and Support x729 Homework Centre Coordinator, Library Manager and Learning Support x731 Sports Coordinator and Learning Support Attendance Officer and Learning Support Receptionist x700 Administration Assistant x719 Executive Officer x721 Caretaker x810

Pip Blakey SUPPORT STAFF Annaliza Catral

Kieni Simona Fea Lyons ADMINISTRATION STAFF Chrisse Paige-Johnson Ann Witchman Sandra Kelland Jacob Williams Oaklynn Special School Satellite Class See R6

MUSIC CENTRE: Enrolment forms for the music centre can be collected from the school office. Enrolments are taken during the week 11th to 14th February from 3pm to 4.30pm. Enrolments will only be accepted with payment. For more information contact Grace Ikenasio. TURKEY TRIP: An opportunity of a lifetime for 8 students from the school. Applications are open till Friday 8th Feb. Successful applicants will be announced on 28th Feb. SPORTS NOTICES: The Swimming Carnival will take place on Week 4 Wednesday 19th Feb at 10am. Come along and support your child and meet other parents and staff on this day. Please remember that correct swimming attire MUST be worn at all times in the pool (no cotton). Please make sure that you child brings a healthy lunch to school; fruit and something healthy for lunch and a large drink of water in a suitable container (no sweetened drinks). We have a Canteen that sells healthy lunch and snacks. Reminder: Ms Cornwell will be leaving our school to take up the position of Principal at Papatoetoe Intermediate School. Her farewell will be on Monday 25 February. Culture Groups; our school has seven student culture groups. The Teacher leaders are listed below. We would love to support the starting of other groups. If you have the passion and expertise that would enable that please contact Nuku Nabete or me as soon as possible. If you would like to come and join in on Fridays please simply turn up, or contact the teachers involved. We welcome any involvement and help. Cultural Group Coordinator – Nuku Nabete Fijian: Nuku Nabete and Laura Dower Niuean: Lynn Pavihi and Toby Kite Indian: Naleshni Kumar and Pip Blakey Samoan: Sophia Schuster, Regina Tovia, Elena Figota Kapahaka Maori: Timena Muna and Charli Lowe Tongan: Doug Calwell and Diana Matagi East Asian: Annaliza Catral and Tuliloa Fa’amamafa In addition (and at the same time as Cultural Groups) we have our Enrichment Academies. The teachers responsible for these groups are as follows. Sports Academy: Kieni Simona and Janice Taylor Arts Academy: Rebekah Stemson We also have two other groups to cater for various talents within our school: Film Academy: Kathryn Eltringham School Arts Projects: Rebekah Stemson (Friday afternoons) If you want to know more about these activities please contact the teachers involved.

Whole School Assemblies are held every Friday at 11.25am. All of our community is invited to attend. Term 1 Calendar: Please note these events in your diaries. Some dates do change so you will need to keep checking this calendar. Dates T1W1 28/1 – 1/2 2 4/2 – 8/2 3 11/2 – 15/2

4 18/2 – 22/2

5 25/2 – 1/3

6 4/3 – 8/3 7 11/3 – 15/3 8 18/3 – 22/3 9 25/3 – 29/3 10 1/4 – 5/4

Timetable Events Monday 28/1 – Auckland Anniversary Day Wednesday 30/1 – First Day of School, 10am Powhiri, Introductions Friday 1/2 10am Cultural Groups, 11.25am Assembly, Whanau Groups finalised and letters home re PE uniforms Spec Monday 4/2 6.30pm BoT Meeting Classes Wednesday 6/2 Waitangi Day start Y7 Friday 8/2 Cultural Groups, 11.25 Whole School Assembly: Mr Fletcher’s and Y8 Farewell Learning Selection of Student Leaders completed by end of week – Librarians, Sports Support Leaders, Student Councillors, Peer Mediators starts Thursday 14/2 School Newsletter, 6.30pm Year 8 Performance Night and Camp Evening Friday 15/2 10am Cultural Groups & Academy trials, 11.50 Whole School Assembly. Final day for Turkey trip application Jade Khutze in for HPV and Boostrix talks Monday 18/2 School Photo Day Wednesday 20/2 Swimming Carnival Thursday 6.30pm Year 7 Performance Night and EOTC info night: Lynn Friday 22/2 10am Cultural Groups, 11.50 Whole School Assembly, Final day for Confirmed Culture Group and Academy lists Monday 25/2 1.30pm Poroporoaki for Principal followed by afternoon tea Tuesday 26/2 9.30am- 12.30pm Powhiri for Pauline Cornwell at Papatoetoe Intermediate School Wednesday 27/2 Students going to Turkey parents contacted Thursday 28/2 School Newsletter Friday 1/3 10am Cultural Groups, 11.25 Whole School Assembly- Turkey students introduced to school Monday 4/3 6.30pm BoT Meeting Tuesday 5/3 CENSUS DAY Friday 8/3 10am Cultural Groups, 11.25 Whole School Assembly Thursday 28/3 School Newsletter Y7 EOTC/Y8 Camp Costs paid in full by 18 March and numbers confirmed IEP’s- Year 8, IEP’s- Year 7 TBC Friday 22/3 10am Cultural Groups, 11.25 Whole School Assembly, EOTC Year 8 Camp – $180 Week – Year 7 EOTC - $60 Y8 Camp Thursday – NO Newsletter Friday GOOD FRIDAY – school holiday No Monday EASTER MONDAY School/ Tuesday SCHOOL HOLIDAY No Spec School holiday – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Thursday IZ Swimming Central - Diocesan 11 7’s Rugby Competition 8/4Monday 6.30pm BoT Meeting 12/4 Wednesday Whanau Project Day Thursday School Newsletter, 6.30pm Community Meeting Friday 10am Cultural Groups, 11.25 Whole School Assembly 12 Cycle 1 15/5 Monday 8am Staff Meeting, 3.15pm – Staff Meeting AFL, Trip for 15/4 AIS Y8 Turkey leaves, (TBC) Returns 1 May 19/4 Wednesday Ethnic Day Friday 10am Cultural Groups, 11.25 Whole School Assembly, Call for Nominations for BOT election, Swimming Pools Keys back by the end of the holidays Holidays Friday 19/4 until Sunday 5/5 Anzac Day Saturday 25 April, Turkey Trip scheduled for Monday 15 April – 1 May Office closed first week, open second week 10-2pm T2 W1 Cycle 2 Monday, 6.30pm BoT meeting 6/5 – 10/5 starts for Thursday School Newsletter AIS Y8 Friday 10am Cultural Groups, 11.25 Whole School Assembly Thank you all for your continued support. Sincerely

Pauline Cornwell Principal Email:

Ph: 09 8287883

……………………………………………………………………………… Please snip and return for a Whanau Point. Whanau Point for ____________________Whanau Name ___________________________________________ Room_____

COMMUNITY NOTICES: if you would like to add your notice please contact the office. We ask for a $20 donation that goes towards the publication of our Newsletter.

31 January AIS Newsletter  

AIS Newsletter

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