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Thursday 1 November 2012 Tena Koutou. Ka nui te mihi kia koutou. Nau mai haere mai. Talofa Lava, Merhaba, Malo e lelei, Namaste, Kia Orana, Fakalofa lahi atu, Ni Sa Bula Vinaka, Sawade, Salam Greetings to the Avondale Intermediate School Community

Welcome Back to Mrs. Georgina Milford. Mrs. Milford has been attending Auckland University on a Study Award this year. We are very pleased to welcome her back, as I know you all will be too. Mrs. Milford will be taking some classes and getting to know the Y8 students again before they transition to secondary school as well as providing learning support classes. We also welcome back Mr. Allan Moran who will be supporting our Foods and Home Economics classes while Ms Taylor is away.


to Mr. Jonathon MacDonald, a student teacher from USA who will be in Room 13 for much of this term. Our school works with AUT to support this student exchange initiative and have had several of these students this year.

A reminder: this term we farewell Mrs. Gaye Mannion. This will be her last year at Avondale Intermediate. We are sad to see such a long-serving teacher leave our school. We will officially farewell Gaye on Wednesday 5 December at 10.30am. This ceremony will be followed by a light luncheon and will be open to any of our school community who would like to attend. We simply ask that you let us know if you are coming so that we can adequately prepare. You can do this by calling the office and registering your name and numbers attending. Miss Sophia Schuster and Mrs. Sandra Kelland have kindly offered to coordinate any gifts and presentations for Gaye. If you would like to contact them, this can be done through the school office. Confirmation of dates and organisation along with official invitations will be sent out later in the term.

Notices Summer Uniform – ALL students must wear the school hat whenever they are outside during Terms1 and 4. Other hats are not acceptable. These can be purchased for $10 from PostiePlus or the school office. These will be checked from next week and students without hats will be confined to the shaded areas of our school during breaks. Leave of Absence for students: Written permission from the principal is required to maintain an enrolment for a sustained period. It is also required for students who travel overseas especially if the absence will be during both the end of 2012 and the start of 2013. Please make sure that you apply for leave before you decide to purchase tickets to travel overseas. Our school has a rapidly growing roll and we cannot promise to be able to save spaces for students, especially those who are out of zone, if we do not have an application for leave. We encourage this application to be made at least a week in advance of your requirement. It must also be noted that leave is not automatically provided. The principal is required to ascertain that the child’s education will not be adversely affected by a long absence. Notification is provided to the Ministry of Education, through our electronic attendance register that notes reason for absence. Therefore dates and reasons must be exact. Absences: Please make sure that you call the school early in the morning if your child is going to be away. This includes absences for religious reasons. Lateness: there is a growing group of students coming to school late (some as late as 9.30 or 10am!!! This is not acceptable and our school is required to report such lateness as ‘truancy’. Please make sure that YOUR child is at school by 8.30am.


Swimming: our swimming pool will be open during this week. Children will be able to swim during lunch times. Swimming this term is not compulsory but is in Term 1. Please make sure that Year 7 students have appropriate swimming clothing for Term 1 2013 – ONLY swimming pool fabrics can be worn in our pool NO cotton shirts or shorts in our precious swimming pool please. Swimming Pool Keys: these are available for sale from the office for the price of $130.00 which includes a $20.00 bond to be refunded once the key is returned. The pool is open all through the Christmas holidays and until the end of Term 1 after school hours for those that purchase a key. Please contact the school office and speak to Mrs. Sandra Kelland for further information. Turkey Trip Applications for 2013 – places are open for both Year 7 and Year 8 students. Compulsory payments - please note that activity fees for specialist subjects must be paid and outstanding accounts will be sent out in the next two weeks. Please be proactive in making these payments rather than waiting for our busy office ladies to contact you. Enrolments – we are now accepting enrolments for Y7. All enrolments are taken with the Principal, Ms Pauline Cornwell. Prospectus and enrolment packs as well as appointments for enrolment can be made by coming to or calling our school office on 09 8287883. Y9 Enrolments – all Year 8 students must be enrolled at the secondary school for which they are in zone for. Please note that copies of reports are available but we are not able to supply verification of birth certificates and passports; original must be produced to enroll at another school.

THANK YOU Cultural Performance Nights: We can confirm that over the three nights we raised $3683.02. The total of money in the ‘Cultural Project Fund’ is now $8818.02.

Response to the Western Leader I do hope that you all received the letter I sent home of Friday 26 October. In addition to that letter and in response to the article please note that I have received an apology from the Ministry of Education for releasing any information about our school in regards to disciplinary action, especially as it was used in such a misleading way. Our school is very successful in engaging with students and their families in order to create a successful and peaceful learning environment. Please also note that while there are problems with drugs many Auckland communities our school is especially successful in identifying children at risk and addressing these concerns without taking negative and punitive actions against children that results in them being out of school and unsupported or unsupervised. My hope is that our Avondale Community stands together against people who wish to give us an undeserved bad name and ask who are these people? and why would they do that?

The health and safety of our students and staff members is of the utmost importance.

PLEASE DO NOT enter the school grounds to drop off or pick up your child. Please arrange a place to meet your child after school in a safe place away from the school gate.


Remember everyone is welcome to our whole school Assemblies held every Friday at 11.50am TERM 4 Week 4

Date Monday 5 November

Thursday 8 November 5

Wednesday 14 November Thursday 15 November


Friday 17 November Saturday 17 November Thursday 22 November


Monday 26 November Wednesday 28 November Thursday 29 November


Friday 30 November Monday 3 December Tuesday 4 December Wednesday 5 December


Thursday 13 December


Friday 14 December Monday 17 December Tuesday 18 December


Event details 6.30pm BoT Meeting in the Board Room. If you have anything you would like to bring to the meeting please contact the Board Chair; Mrs Stella Gibbons via the school office. 6.30 Reading Together APPA Choir Practice Whanau Project Day Interschool Girls Football Comp @ Kelston Girls’ Community Cultural Meetings 6.30pm Athletics Field Day at Eastdale Reserve Community Awareness Day Arts Academy Trip to the Art Gallery 9am-2.30pm 6.30pm Reading Together Invitations to prize winning students family to Prize Giving Whanau Project Presentation Day APPA Choir Practice Day APPA Choir Night 6.30pm Reading Together 11.15am VIP Morning Tea 6.30pm BoT Meeting Student Leaders Big Day Out 9am Prize Giving Practice 10.30am Mrs Gaye Mannion’s farewell 12pm Farewell luncheon 9am Prize Giving End of Year Reports are sent home 6pm Year 8 Graduation and Social Picnic Day Last Day of school – Mufti Day Students wearing mufti can bring their old uniforms to school to donate

Friday 21 December

12.00 Assembly 12.30 Farewell to Year 8 students 1.30 school closes for the year Office Closes

Monday 21 January

Office re-opens

Wednesday 30 January

Day 1 Term 1 2013


Winning Whanau: each week the ‘winning Whanau’ is announced at assembly. The winning Whanau for Week1 T4 was: Kauri The winning Whanau for Week2 T4 was: Kauri ‘STaR’ of the week: Each week two names are drawn from the ‘STaR’ box. T4 week 2 winners are: Haiping Wu of Rm12 for his hard work and desire to improve resulting in excellent progress in Maths. Vaietu Goodwin Rm 10 for being a good student for the peer mediators. STaR = Safe, Tolerant and Responsible

Thank you all for your continued support. Sincerely

Pauline Cornwell Principal Email: Ph: 09 8287883 ………………………………………………………………………………

Whanau Point for ____________________Whanau

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Please snip and return for a Whanau Point.


Newsletter 1 November 2012  
Newsletter 1 November 2012